Proconsul Report


Proconsul Report

My friends,

Sorry the report is a few days overdue, I’ve recently been taken out by a bad case of the manflu and am writing to you dosed up on painkillers, sedatives and Sweeney Todd music =P

We’ve had a busy month. The Quaestor changeover was pretty much seamless and both are working hard on their respective houses – to see details of their work check their reports.

We’ve also just concluded an inter-clan RO with CNS that I’m very proud of: Arcona held her own and didn’t let the darker than thou Machiavelli leanings of some of CNS’s more jaded members get her down. Kudos! I’m still working on the conclusion, and will post it shortly following the final scores for the Arcona segment soon. However, this does leave Arcona fictionally homeless – basically we lost Dajorra but were able to keep our fleet which is now hermit.

As it’s the DB’s 5 year anniversary from splitting from Astatee (think Manatee, but Australian and an uncompromising micro-manager with a penchant for little underage girls that dislike reality checks) we’ve been doling out Seals of Loyalty. As such, congrats go to Malidir, Rho, Zandro and our very own Mejas!

Also, the Independence Games have struck with lukewarm vigour and I want you guys participating. Don’t burn yourselves out though – there’s shit lined up for after this as well.


The big one is the IG. The URLs are plastered all over the DB site, so I won’t burden you with sticking ‘em here too.

There are also a few house level ones – again see the Arcona mailing list announcements for them (incidentally, guys running the comps – if you haven’t announced em the members won’t know, so don’t be afraid to give ‘em a shoutout on the Arcona mailing list).


My main bag this month has been working on the inter-clan RO, which was set up in an incredibly short amount of time and as such stress on legs =P

I’ll hopefully be concentrating on the IG sometime over the next week or so.


I’ve had a pretty classy RL time as the easter holidays rolled in but I’m back at college now and essay deadlines have started piling up – expect me to drop off the map mid-may and not resurface properly until early june :P

Anecdote for this week: if chris claims he’s anything more than 5’6, respond only with “of course you are, little guy!”

That’s an executive order :P

As always, if you have any comments or questions, get back to me on IRC or via [Log in to view e-mail addresses].

Thanks Arcona,


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