Consul Report


Consul Report

Clan Notes

Random Quote

“I’d rather know the whole truth if I have to dance around it.”

-Lina Inverse (Slayers)

This is a short report, but important nonetheless.

Independence Games

They’re still going on, through May 14th. I’ve done several events, and if I can do them, I know you can. I say this because I did it while putting in plenty of extra hours at work. There are fun events, serious events, so get out there and have some fun. They have also removed the blank on the form for your password.

Investigations Results

I only got three submissions, which is disappointing. Still, I appreciate those that did participate and their ideas will be incorporated into future clan story lines. So, without further ado, the winners are:

1st place: Martumal

2nd place: Evant

3rd place: Sato

Yridia Day

Rekio is running the current competition:

In celebration of Earth Day, I wanted to do something special to highlight our fictional world: Yridia II. Everyone knows that the habitable planets in Star Wars are Earth-like, but we also know that just being like Earth doesn't mean that the planet is necessarily safe/forgiving/inviting. Suggest one of the perils of the tropical paradise that is Yridia - e.g. acute allergic reaction to the spores of a certain plant; a docile looking rodent that is actually a ferocious pack hunter; etc.

There are no limits or length requirements, so use your imaginations to their fullest. Entires will be judged based on creativity and realism (remember, aquatic world!). Outstanding entires may appear on the wiki or in Clan fiction.

DB Wide Polls

Grand Master Sarin has released several polls (found in the polling center, which can be accessed when you login to the DB site).

Clan Arrivals

I’d like to publicly welcome Zero Raven, Quaronor Willis, and Blufire. All of them are brand new members. Dessan also transferred to the clan from the Rogues.


Severon to Protector

Blufire to Novice

Vecna to Novice

Consul LoA

Tomorrow (Saturday) through Tuesday, I will be out of town, and unlikely to have much, if any, internet access. Rekio will be in charge while I’m gone.

Clan Direction and Leadership Issues

I wanted to close this week’s notes with a few comments about the clan direction. The goal is to have an active clan that does well in DB wide events. Why? Because this is where the fun part of the DB comes in. Sure, talking on IRC with people is fun (Oberst and I got to make fun of Sarin just last night because of something Sarin did).

This can’t be done, however, without the average member. It doesn’t matter who the leaders are if you don’t have anyone to lead. I’ll admit that leadership can get tough in the DB, but ultimately, we took these jobs to provide fun stuff for you to do. Sure, we benefit with medals and promos, but honestly, I like recommending rewards more than receiving them for myself.

The clan is headed in the right direction, but we need your help, starting with being active. Also, we need people to be willing to give leadership positions a shot. My job, as Consul, is to select the people I think are best for the job, but who also have potential. Just because you don’t get a position the first time you ask, doesn’t mean you won’t get it in the future. You want some examples?

I myself missed two battleteam leader positions back when I was trying to get started. Sith chose Rekio over me to be his Proconsul during his first tenure as Consul. Pyralis once told me I was “overqualified” to be his praetor (he was HM at the time). Mind you, this was a few years before Spears selected me to be his praetor, and the person Pyralis chose to be his praetor was, at the time, more qualified than I was.

Leadership in the DB is nothing to be afraid of. Muz noted the political crap that goes on, and I’ll admit that it does, but here’s the deal: you can avoid the majority of it (sometimes you get dragged into it) simply by ignoring it. When I was HM, I was left alone to do my thing.

This clan is awesome and it is awesome because of the members. But, no matter how awesome the clan is, there is always room to grow and improve.

Have a good weekend, a safe week, and go kick ass in the name of Tarentum.


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