Proconsul Report


Proconsul Report

The Overlord strolled through the hallowed halls of Sadow Palace, walking past statues and busts of the Clan's past leaders. He had known them all, whether by circumstance or by interaction, and had seen them all come and go - some more than once. They were icons of bygone eras, leaders of times past but not forgotten. At the end of the hall was a statue of himself. He never did care for it, always critiquing the mistakes made by the artist and disagreeing with the complete appearance. He bypassed the statue, not wanting to waste time with it yet again, he was late for an important date of sorts.

He turned left down the next hall, at the end were two large ornately carved doors. They lead to the Grand Audience chamber where Consul, or himself, would address the Clan on important matters. Two guards stationed at either side opened the doors and allowed him entrance. Inside awaited the entire congregation of Clan Naga Sadow, eagerly in anticipation of Ashia Keibatsu's important announcement of the next Proconsul.

Astronicus was late for the meeting, he was not expected to be on time, as Overlord he merely watched over the happenings of his clan. Ashia took her place up on the stage and motioned for silence.

"The time has come," she began, "for a new awakening. Master Caerick has decided to move on and so now we must fill the void left in his wake. As a suitable replacement for him, I have discussed with the matter with the Overlord and we have decided that he, Astronicus Sadow, shall hold the office for the time being until we deem it necessary for another to fill the role. Congratulations, Master Sadow, our new Proconsul."

Greetings Clan Naga Sadow,

Thats right, I'm the new PCON. Believe it or not, that is the one position within CNS that I have never held. I have been a PCON before though, many many years ago in a clan far far away (cough Alvaak). Well as many know, this is not my first time on the Clan Summit - I've served two terms previously as CON of CNS. My history is up on the Wiki, so I won't bore you with my past. I'll still be serving as the Wiki Tribune so my time will be divided between both you and it, but fret not my clansmen I will not forsake you. Well let's get down to business shall we.

We are currently at 89 members - 40 of whom have not graduated from the Shadow Academy - 21 of which are Apprentices.

This tells me, we need teachers/masters that can help encourage and train these ones to progress toward the rank of Guardian and beyond.

We are currently in an AWOL check, which means the numbers will go down a bit - hopefully not much. But the urgency of getting new members welcomed and off to a good start is always there. We can all have a share in this work. If you are not sure what to do, ask the Quaestor or Aedile of your respective house.

Notable Mentions

SBL Robert Atema Daragon promoted to Sith Warlord (SWL)

DJK Jades "Imperial" Atema to Krath Priestess (KP)

APP Zett to Novice (NOV)

New Arrivals (since I was made PCON)

APP Kantor in HMR

APP Zett to HLK


Bob - Crescent with Topaz star

Ashura - Crescent with Quartz star

Tsingtao - Crescent with Emerald star and a Dark Cross


Gaming Nights

By: Shadow Taldrya [DJM]

For: Entire DJB

From: 1/1/2007 to 12/31/2008

T:SWG Star Wars trivia

Yeldarb Vohokou [DJK]

Entire DJB

1/1/2008 to 12/31/2008

CNS Rollmaster's Trivia Challenge

Mononoke "Macron" Keibatsu Sadow [SWL]

Clan Naga Sadow

5/5/2008 to 5/27/2008

HLK Quaestor Black Guard Competition

Faeril Munlear [DJK]

Clan Naga Sadow

4/28/2008 to 5/16/2008

Pregnancy Mystery League 3

Ashia Kagan Keibatsu [KE]

Clan Naga Sadow

5/9/2008 to 5/23/2008

HLK House Development- Structure

Faeril Munlear [DJK]

House Ludo Kressh

5/6/2008 to 5/23/2008

Tales of Sapphire Squadron 2

Robert Atema Daragon [SWL]

Battle Team Sapphire Squadron

3/3/2008 to 7/1/2008

Enter the Progeny of Ragnos

Zaxen Dauketrenal [JH]

House Marka Ragnos

4/19/2008 to 5/19/2008

I will have a comp coming out soon for the position of my Black Guard - which is a double bonus for anyone that earns it, they not only will be protecting the Proconsul but the Overlord as well.

Keep in mind also that we have the Independence Games taking place currently. Participate in that if you can.

Remember to reply to the AWOL check and if you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me (or if you actually catch me on IRC you can ask, but don't bother if my nick is Tron|AFK).

Thanks for your continued support of the Clan

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