Proconsul Report


Proconsul Report

Greetings Tarentum,

Another month had close to a close and it seems as though time is flying fast. In continuing with my goal to keep reports brief, but information, I'm going to give a quick run-down of the month and touch on the status of a few items from last month.

Project-X - At the end of this month, Raiju decided to scrap a project he had been working on to reform the management of House Tridens. Unfortunately, this is how things work out sometimes; they sound better in design then they are in practice. Still, I'd like to commend Raiju and the various leaders of House Tridens that have worked with him on Project X and their willingness to think outside the box and try something new.

Clan powers - Anshar has refined and expanded to the work we had done previously and then submitted it to a larger party for discussion.

*Being Different *- The idea that I had work with Doni on has made its way to the clan leadership for discussion. The focus of his proposal, as I mentioned last time, is to do something different and exiting so that the Clan stands out as more than just another Clan.

There have been a few other items and some new ideas that haven't gone anywhere because there hasn't been any response by other the parties involved. This includes the DSS rewards, Independence Games, the RS co-op, and a few other items regarding the site.

By the numbers - Back in the day, I use to include longs lists of who was promoted, who got what medal, etc. I don't know about anyone else, but I actually find number a little more helpful in seeing the big picture. So here are some numbers to help you measure the month of May:


Last Month: 74


10 in

1 out

10 new

Total Members: 93


Competition: 19


Total: 25

Promotions: 5

Shadow Academy: 27

Yridia Day - At the beginning of the month, I ran the Yridia Day competition. The first part involved voting on the names of the islands of Yridia II. The second part involved coming up with one of the natural threats of Yridia's ecology and winners were Smoke, Huldrych, and Blufire in that order. Hopefully, I'll continue to come up with a little competition each month to give you a chance to be involved and do something different as long as it doesn't interfere with the other competitions that have been planned.

Clan Competition- Anshar has begun a three-part Clan competition. Be sure to do those events. Hopefully, we'll be able to work in some of those run-on improvements I mentioned last time.

*Leadership stuff * - Apollo is now the QUA of Gladius, Dralin has replaced him as AED and Scion has become RM. Congratulations and good luck to them all. Cestus has set up a battleteam and Tridens is shifting gears from Project X to some new ideas. In addition, your leaders are continuing to discuss such topics as leader development, communication, improving clan fiction, etc.

Other stuff - Honestly, everything else is going on in RL. May is a busy month for most; with final exams, graduation, etc. spread throughout late spring, the DB usually gets a little quite this time of year. Anshar and I are no exception. The important thing is, we're all still here and working hard to make Tarentum and the DB a better place for you.

As I did last time, I'd like to open up the floor to any questions, comments, idea about the topics I covered or anything else on your mind. Despite how it may seem, the main purpose of reports is communication and itÂ’s no fun when the dialogue is one-way. So feel free to speak your mind.


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