Consul Report


Consul Report


RSD Final Way

one day after the conclusion of the battle of Lehon

The Final Way spun slowly, pregnant with the weary and wounded warriors of Sadow. It would be a short jump from here to the Orion system, and everyone was looking forward to a week or so of recuperation. The events of Lehon screamed violently in all of their minds, forcing each of them to reconsider where their true loyalties lie. So many were wooed by the power of the Heart of the Force.

If even those stalwart defenders of the Sadow name like Vexatus and Trev were traitors and only concerned with their own power, who could they trust among their regular members?

Tsainemoto sat quietly in the cantina, fingers closing around a small glass of liquor, his eyes mere slits at he raised the glass. "To those who have fallen, to those who have bled in shadow."

Alector joined in, his short glass raised among the others in the sullen cantina. "To those who have stood strong, in the name of Sadow."

The murmured agreement rose from the packed hall, and then drowned itself in the sweet booze. Astronicus himself looked on from his corner booth, eyes watering in a combination of pride for those who still stood with him, and in the rage he felt at the loss of those who were strong. For every one that was lost in the battle, he knew that there would be two others who would leave once they returned. Even the strongest member could find their resolve tested in combat. Not everyone was built for war, despite the training that they could give them. Maybe it was time to revisit some of the ancient strength of the clan, bring back some of the power of the long-dead dread lord that they were named for.

Tron leaned back, realizing that the months ahead would be as difficult for the clan as the Exogorth war was.


RSD Final Way

Ashia stared off into the miasma of hyperspace, quietly contemplating what lay in store for the clan. With Trevarus and Vexatus lost, there was again an imbalance between Naga Sadow and the other clans in the number of potent elders. Not only did she have to consider how to rebuild the clan after their defection, but also present their strength in such a way that the other clans would not take attacks of opportunity on her weakened houses.

Ashia slammed a fist against the control console in front of her, cursing the selfishness that delving too deeply into the Dark Side created. She knew that more of her allies would defect when they returned, leaving her with even less manpower to make the clan strong again. She pounded the durosteel again.

Alarms rang from the speakers in front of her, and the Consul started a moment, wondering if they had been damaged by her wrath.


Simonetti glowered at the readouts that flashed across his datapad, carefully considering the situation before speaking up. The reports were staticky and garbled from the hyperspace reception, but there was enough that it could only be one thing.

"Orion is under siege..."

Ashia's eyes widened her mind racing as she subconsciously cursed her bad luck. "Under siege? From who, the 'True Brotherhood'?"

"No ma'am. It looks like rebellion..."

Coming soon... More than just a run-on. More than just games.

The Orion Uprising

Soon, it will be time to prove your loyalty.

Soon, your name will become legend.

Following the conclusion of the Lehon runon, we will have a small clan wide competition with a number of events. The winner will be named the Champion of Sadow and awards will be given. Further details to follow.

In recent news, the rumor surrounding Bob’s mysterious pregnancy has been found to be falsified when by his own admission, the lovable drunken bastard took a swim in the Seng Karash river, the same river that the waste department uses to expel waste from countless restrooms all over the city. He was later found passed out in the lobby of the Marakith Skyhook where he was promptly thrown into the HuttPitt by non other then the Consul herself, who was visiting at the time.

Ashia ordered his release the following day after being hosed off. He was then escorted back to his quarters to sleep off what was left of his night of binge drinking.

The Battle Team Leader was then heard to complain about queasiness and fatigue for a week straight which started the rumors when it was learned he had spent a night in the HuttPitt prior to this. Bob finally expelled the source of his problem when one morning, he vomited several large brownish lumps. After careful examination it was determined he had swallowed some of the water during his drunken swimming excursion which had made him ill.

Consul’s Black Guard – All the entries were good ones, from Bob getting pregnant by Mad Mac’s alchemy to being too sober to fight off the she-devils of CNS; I laughed at them all! So without further adieu, the winners of my BG comp are as follows:

Trevarus Caerick – 1st place

Kaelin Ring – 2nd place

Jades Atema – 3rd place

Seeing as Trev already has a place on the Conclave and it wouldn’t make sense for the Consul of the clan to have her back guarded by one who is currently betraying the clan, I will be appointing Kaelin Ring as my BG.

Congrats to you all, medals are in the mail!

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