Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

House Galeres Quaestor Report

Report #4 27.12.08

Drinking season still isn't over; prepare for New Years Eve and me cracking open the rum. And it's also nearly my two year anniversary of joining the DB, I'm still here, and not sure if this is a good thing or not.

Galeres News

Remember to fill out the ATR on the Arcona website when you do anything – this'll help us out when it comes to seeing what people have done in regards to promotions and rewards, link is at the end of the report.

I'd still like constructive criticism on how I'm doing as QUA from you guys, since no one's done sent me anything so far

Orv got promoted to Archpriest, and Seneschal leaving the position of Aedile open for a few days, Tirna was appointed as his replacement, congrats to her!

The new Imperator and Executor are brought about next week – let's see who can replace JS and Talos

Tirna is LoA for a couple of days while she moves, and may be up to a week if there are complications

Zandro released a Soulfire Report

JS released two Blue Mist Reports

DB and Arcona News

Keep on venturing onto Ventrilo

First proconsul report went out this morning by Vorion, go read

Even more robes and sabers out from the Christmas period from the Herald

Rho was made Clan Rollmaster


DB wide

There can only be one

Gaming Nights

Trivia for Everyone


Arcona Trivia MK.V

Motivational Poster

Dark Visions: Grand Mastery

Dark Visions: Mastery

Dark Visions: The Third Rite

Dark Visions: The Second Rite

Dark Visions: The First Rite


Black Hand – Imperator

Black Hand – Executor

Shadows of the Soul

New Tactics

Blue Mist

Ace of the Blue Mist

New Year Party


(Excuse the list, a lot went through since my last report)

Aiorus got promoted to JH

Dathka got promoted to JH

Archer Merchant joins us from the Deneba Campus

Tirna passed Training Saber Basics, ACC initiates

Androc passed Pre-republic History

Dathka passed Krath Core, Leadership Fundamentals

Tirano passed Krath Poetry

Archer passed ACC Initiates, Dark Brotherhood Basics, Sith Core, Weapons Basics, Lightsaber studies, Hand to Hand Combat

Zandro was awarded: Dark Side Scroll

Angelo was awarded: Cr-2Q

Dathka was awarded: Cr-2T, Cr-1S, 4 CF, Dark Cross

Lyncoln was awarded: Cr-1E, Cr-1T, 1 CF

JS was awarded: 95 CF, Cr-2R

Tirna was awarded: 4 CF

Raith was awarded: Cr-2E

Marakesh lost in qualification

Eclipse and Zandro drew

Wolvie and Zandro drew

Real Life

Er, not a huge change in real life, I just like adding this section on my reports. I'm still at my parents until Friday, until I go back to my place.

Important Links






Just a reminder really, if you need anything, have any comments, thoughts, ideas etc or want a chat, me and Tirna are here to help. And someone needs to give me a hand with html please!


Quaestor of House Galeres

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