Consul Report


Consul Report


DECEMBER 30, 2008

Greetings Naga Sadowers,

Hope you are all having a safe and enjoyable Holiday season, from what I can remember I am. It is nearly time for “Amateur Night” where all the rookies decide to invade my hallowed sanctuary and try their best to imitate us professionals, which they completely and utterly fail to do; with my help.


It is nearly here. Check out the nice Teaser our very own Naga Sadow Production team put together, everyone get ready to have some fun.


A couple of nice promotions over the Holiday season, congrats to the following:

Sith Battlelord Ashura


Dark Jedi Knight Kalei


As everyone should well be aware of now, Grand Master Paladin has been appointed as the new Quaestor of Marka Ragnos and Archpriest Jade Atema has taken the position of Aedile.

Both have lots of experience and I’m sure will do a great job.


With the Holidays coming to an end, it means back to business for Naga Sadow as usual. Lots of things coming up in the future that should provide everyone with some cool things to do while having some fun along the way.

Make sure to check out the next Headmaster report as it will have a little something for us members of Naga Sadow. Ashura and I are beginning the initial planning stages of both the Annual Clan Artisan’s Competition as well as a Clan Feud for later this year. Along with these we also have all the little projects currently taking place among the membership of our Clan. It should be a good year.

Everyone is doing a great job and I am very proud of each of you. All of your hard work is noticed and very appreciated; you guys make my job as Consul very easy. And in my normal state of inebriation, easy is good.

That is all.

Sith Warlord Robert Sadow

Clan Naga Sadow Consul

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