Consul Report


Consul Report


JANUARY 8, 2009

Imperial Star Destroyer II Harbinger


Consul’s Chambers

Consul Robert Sadow sat alone in his chambers pouring himself a drink from the bottle on his desk. The ice clinking in the glass brought a calmness to the Sith as he slowly savored every last drop of his tasty beverage. He quickly poured another and began looking over the papers on his desk.

Briefly scanning over everything, his eyes settled on an encrypted file from Warlord Macron Sadow that said INOS 42 - FOR CONSULS EYES ONLY. Carefully reading all the details from his fellow Son of Sadow, the Consul finished his drink and sat back in his chair.

What had begun as a mundane public relations trip had rather quickly turned into a disaster that left numerous questions to be answered. If not for the quick thinking of Battlemaster Malisane, the Consul might not have had the chance to seek out those responsible for the events of the last few days.

Something sinister was hiding behind the shadows plotting against the Disciples of Sadow and Robert Sadow would do whatever it took to flush it out and destroy it. As the Consul took another drink, he heard a faint whisper in his ear, “The Sword must be appeased.”

Before the Sith could react, a phantom of flame flashed before his eyes and a rush of pain surged through his body which caused him to clench his grasp shattering the glass in his hand into pieces. As quick as it came it was gone and if not for the shards of glass in his hand the Sith might have questioned if it even happened. Slowly he pushed the bottle on his desk away and made a mental note to switch his brand of liquor.


Currently both our Houses are running an AWOL check. All members are required to send an email to their current House Summits. Please do so if you already haven’t.


Lots of work continues on updating, creating, and further developing our Clan. Numerous projects are being worked on such as our Order of Battle, the history of our Clan Events, the Orian system, and much more. If you are interested in helping develop your Clan, just contact Consul Bob and I will work with you to assign you a task.

With the DB Wiki currently down we are having some delays in the progress, but never fear, they are working on fixing the Wiki and it should be back up soon.


IRC is a very important form of communication in the Dark Brotherhood. mIRC is the program that we use to communicate on IRC. I highly encourage all members of Naga Sadow to join us in our Clan channel, #naga_sadow on the Undernet. If you need any assistance at all, do not be afraid to ask.

To download mIRC, go to:

Along with our main Clan channel, we also have a private channel available for members of Clan Naga Sadow only. This channel is password protected so if you wish to join, just contact your Clan Summit and we will give you the information you need to join.

SORROW SALOON BAR BRAWL,%20Queue_Comp.EndDate&sort=desc&ID=4102

Currently we have a nice competition going on for those Gamers out there that wish to get warmed up for the upcoming Great Jedi War or for those whom wish to learn and get comfortable with the process of Gaming. Get out there and set up some matches.


Just a reminder for those members who wish to Qualify for the ACC, you currently can set up a match with a fellow Clansman too complete your qualification. We have quite a few qualified people who are willing to help out. If you’re interested, just contact Consul Bob and I will help you set up a match.


A very big congratulation to newly promoted Sith Battlemaster Tsingtao Ming; thanks for all your hard work.

A big Naga Sadow welcome to Apprentice Belisarius and Jedi Hunter Narad Na Lexu.

We are slowly building towards the Ninth Great Jedi War and Clan Naga Sadow will be ready. So be prepared to have some fun, cause remember; Clan Naga Sadow puts the F U in FUN.

That is all.

Sith Warlord Robert Sadow

Clan Naga Sadow Consul

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