Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

House Galeres Quaestor Report

Report #4 09.1.09

Back to normality now or something like that. The GJW is coming up soon – so get practising on everything and anything going.

Galeres News

Remember to fill out the ATR on the Arcona website when you do anything – this'll help us out when it comes to seeing what people have done in regards to promotions and rewards, link is at the end of the report.

The new Imperator and Executor are JS and Dathka – congratulate them when you see them

JS released a Blue Mist Report

If you have any ideas, thoughts, comments, concerns etc, chat or email me and Tirna and we'll get back to you about it

Get participating in competitions! They're there for you to do

Tirna released her first report

DB and Arcona News

Orv took down the wiki – and put it back up

Raken put out a fiction tribune report

Tirna is going to be running some role playing sessions – get in contact with her if you're interested

Dash changed his email, so update it


DB wide

New Year's Console Comp

Gaming Nights

Trivia for Everyone


Arcona Trivia MK.V

EaW Training

Dark Visions: Grand Mastery

Dark Visions: Mastery

Dark Visions: The Third Rite

Dark Visions: The Second Rite

Dark Visions: The First Rite



Black Hand – Imperator

Black Hand – Executor

Face Your Death

New Tactics

Blue Mist

Ace of the Blue Mist


Vexra joins us from the Deneba Campus

Archer passed General Leadership, IRC basics

Vexra passed Pre-republic history

JS was awarded: Cr-1E, 11 CFs

Dathka was awarded: Cr-1T, Cr-1S, Cr-1E

Aiorus was awarded: Cr-1E

Talos was awarded: Cr-2T

Raith was awarded: Cr-1Q

Vorion timed out against Xathia for qualification

Lyncoln timed out against Tsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow for qualification

Real Life

RL is back to biting my rear end. It's assignment term basically, so I get all the fun of group presentations and essays galore for the next couple of months. My house is also experiencing extreme problems with electricity currently, it's been out twice this week already, and I'm having problems getting onto IRC so if you need me, drop me an email.

Important Links






Email me and Tirna if you need help with anything, we both operate an open door policy. Have a good week.


Quaestor of House Galeres

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