Proconsul Report


Proconsul Report

Greetings and Salutations,

For those of you that didn’t know, I was in Maui after Christmas until after the start of the New Year. Temperatures ranged from 75-79F, with only 2 days of rain. And the rain was incredibly warm. You could stand outside in the rain and it was like being in the hotel pool. That’s how warm it was. Those of you who were in the Northern Hemisphere, especially the extremes of, are now plotting to kill me. For those, I can say only “neener neener neener.”

As many of you know by now, the DB site has been hit by more fun SQL injectors. Please avoid until further notice. But, as far as I know, the GJW will go on as scheduled. Hopefully. If there are any delays, Anshar and I will try to keep you all informed.

Oberst projects:

Clan Tarentum Military Intelligence – I’m almost done with this, actually. I’m in the process of condensing all my legal pads (yes, I work on legal pads and folders, because my thoughts flow better from a pen) and sending the outline to Anshar for his review.

Clan Tarentum Civilian Intelligence – Same as above.

Notes on Intel: These aren’t going to work out as James Bond or Jason Bourne. I’m using real life models for intel. Which means many agents will be analysts, working with information to figure out what’s going on. This means the use of dead drops, diplomatic liaisons that are actually spies and the like. Not a whole lot in the way of a single agent being inserted into the enemy consulate, to kung fu chop and ninja strike everyone into submission. My apologies to anyone who wanted this, but be on the look out for opportunities to open up to start writing your character into the intel service branches.

Dec08-Jan09 Wargame Results

What the participants of the wargame have been salivating over. This is the last chance, until the conclusion of the GJW to earn ranks and positions within the Clan’s military. Not everyone who signed up participated, as such, I had to rework the pairings otherwise there would have been a lot of walkovers. While that would have been awesome for some of the participants, it wouldn’t have been so awesome for the others.

Match 1:

Korras vs Windos – Windos took up a strong defensive position, but unfortunately would have been hampered by the distance in the way he deployed his men. Korras, proposed the execution of a complex maneuver. Even barely competent subordinates should be able to use their fixed mass to pin enemy units while the rest of his forces maneuver around in a double envelopment. Winner: Korras

Kaz vs Ronovi – This was a tough one to call. Ronovi didn’t realize cavalry meant horses and Kaz broke up his detachments in a way that would have exposed them to artillery fire. However, Ronovi had the more sound plan overall. Winner: Ronovi

Archean vs Huldrych – Archean gave me a broad plan. With exceptional Division commanders, it could happen. Give them an objective and let the commander complete that objective. Huldrych realized he was in a desperate situation (almost 3:1), and sought to use the terrain to his advantage. Winner : Huldrych

Scion vs Frey vs Hades – This one was a little bit harder to judge. Hades, while detailed, you started to micromanage and tried to even dictate what the enemy response would definitively be. Frey, went as detailed, but chose to give general orders and directives. Scion was flexible and bold, but his forces could afford it. Maybe too bold. Winners : Scion & Frey.

All 5 of the Winners have earned promotions or 1st choice in the OOB, depending on where you are. All 5 are also offered spots on my command staff if there is a wargame for the GJW. This doesn’t mean they’re it. I may extend offers to any of you, or you may even earn a spot depending on where the wargame falls in the GJW. Everyone who has a rank/position, has earned a 1 rank promotion. Huldrych and scion, please e-mail me about new assignments.

Closing Thoughts

The Hawaiians have a huge hospitality culture. It’s big on what they call “o’hana.” Anyone who’s been to the islands or watched Lilo & Stitch know that the hard and fast translation is “family.” But, it’s a really big thing. You may fight with your brother or cousins or uncles, but if you consider themselves your family you’ll still stick by them with them when the shit goes down. And you see just how much O’hana permeates their culture. It extends to the point where you’re Hawaiian just for being there. Not necessarily for being brown, or knowing how to eat poi. Everything who adds to the islands and brings something new to each family is O’hana.

In many ways, that’s what I like to feel is going on with our Clan. Not necessarily family, but that we’d be close enough to at least not leave one of our own hanging when they’re beset by outsiders.


Maxamillian von Oberst-Tarentae,

Marshal of the Armies of Tarentum,

Proconsul of Clan Tarentum,

Death Dealer

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