Consul Report


Consul Report


JANUARY 27, 2009


As you are all aware the main website is still down. As the Grand Master stated in his message the problem is being taken care of and the site will be back up soon. It’s not an easy task to fix, so I thank you all for your patient while this is ongoing as I understand everyone’s frustration.


With the slight delay of the Great Jedi War and the website issues things have slowed down in Naga Sadow understandably. However, never fear as your Summits are still working on things behind the scenes for a few small quick events before the War and a couple of nice big events for the months following the War. Some nice ideas have been thrown around and they should be fun for all.

As always, any concerns, comments, or suggestions; feel free to contact your Consul. My door is always open.


Just a reminder, the brand new CNS History course was unleashed. Once the site is back up; take the course.


Another portion of the Clan Development project in which our drive is to expand and update all of our lore and structure has been completed. Darth Vexatus has written a nice article about one of our Clan’s past enemies.

Check it out:

Also, Sith Warrior Joseem has created a nice image of Sith Lord Urias Orian.

If you would like to help out with any of the Clan Development tasks, just contact your Consul.


With the website down we don’t have any new members to welcome or promotions/medals to announce. I have a list of a few things though, so once again, thanks for all of your patients.

Just a reminder, the Wiki and Message Boards are still operational; so check them out and use them. Nice job to Demonic on the new Wiki Article; looks good.

I think we can all see a theme involved in my report with the website. However, that doesn’t mean our Clan comes to a stop. Marka Ragnos has a few small competitions going on right now along with a House Run On and Ludo Kressh is currently working on some House Development projects. In the next few days I will start a Clan wide competition and hopefully a new Clan Training Run On that will be a prologue towards the Great Jedi War.

If you’re ever sure what you can do to keep active, contact your Summit. They will be happy to assist you and point you in the right direction of the activities.

Our Clan has a very good roster of individuals whom are hard workers and very talented. I am very honored to be your Consul and really look forward to leading each and every one of you into the Ninth Great Jedi War of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

That is all.

Sith Warlord Robert Sadow

Clan Naga Sadow Consul

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