Consul Report


Consul Report


MARCH 29, 2009



The war continues with Week Three!

More events released and other events continue. Those who are taking part are doing a great job and, as Consul, I thank you all for your hard work and effort. Your dedication is greatly appreciated and I can’t wait to have the honor to reward you all for your contributions to the war.

Week Two results should be announced in the next few days as the Judges are doing an extremely nice job on grading the events in a timely manner.

Special thanks to Darth Vexatus on his updates on the storyline of the War. These are very important for all to read and he does a very nice job in summarizing what is happening and where we are headed.

A big Naga Sadow welcome to Apprentice Merak H’darr!

And Big Sadow congrats go out to newly promoted Jedi Hunter Valorian!

Participate, participate, participate!

I cannot stress this enough. Just by taking part you are helping your Clan greatly. While CNS has never been one of the most skilled Clans in the Dark Brotherhood, we have always been highly active and show great participation in events. This is a tradition I want to see continue and I can’t do this alone. I need each and every member of Naga Sadow to help me out.

So let’s all do our part and help Clan Naga Sadow succeed.

Sith Warlord Robert Sadow

Clan Naga Sadow Consul

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