Consul Report


Consul Report


MAY 29, 2009

“Please have mercy,” were the last words spoken as the man was sliced across the midsection by a crimson blade. The man squeamishly tried to keep his insides from dropping to his feet, but was quickly spared the hopeless effort as a last strike removed his head. The man’s wife and young son watched as their beloved husband and father’s life was ended years before his time by a man dressed in white.

Despite the white attire, everything else about the man represented the darkness that he brought to others. The woman, in a rage over the death of her lover, recklessly charged the white cowboy. With the strength of fifty men he easily grabbed a hold of the woman’s neck. She was so close she could smell the stench of whiskey and death. With barely any effort or thought, he snapped the woman’s neck. Dropping the lifeless corpse, the man turned his attention on the small boy. In complete terror, the child turned and ran for his life. With a slight twist, the man in white unholstered his blaster and sent one bolt straight for the child’s head. The bolt closed in closer and closer until it was just about to hit…..and Robert Daragon sprung awake from his nightmare.

Drenched in sweat from the same nightmare he had been having for some six nights in a row, he slowly got up and headed for the refresher. Throwing some cold water on his face, he looked in the mirror. Daragon saw the same face he was used to except slightly older. For a man of his years he had aged very well. Years of a healthy diet, exercise, and a body pure of the toxins of drugs and alcohol; Discipline had been a major factor in his life and the benefits of such a lifestyle had paid off.

But the dreams were revealing another side of him, one he had buried deep inside never giving into those temptations or feeding the anger. Robert Daragon thought he had defeated those demons years ago, but it appeared if he was to survive the coming days, he might just have to meet his fate. Daragon had been finishing up his supercommando training on Raxus Prime when the Mandalore had decided to ally them with the Republic and Jedi in the war. Various commandoes were assigned as protectors to the Jedi Masters and Urias Orian had received Robert Daragon as his personal guard. The Mandalorian picked up his crimson helmet, “Time to see what these Jedi are made of.”


Week One will begin Sunday May 31st.

The time has just about come. ;)

At that time the official storyline will begin with all new events such as fiction, graphics, trivia, and a brand new Run On. Proconsul Ashura has done a great job with this and it should be fun.


The Combat Master is opening applications for the position of Clan Trainer. Your primary duties will be to conduct training battles with new Initiates (qualification will be handled by the CM, DCM and) ACC Operators and to serve as a coach to ACC participants of all levels in your Clan.

Details of the position and application requirements are on the blog,

Applications will be open until June 4, one week from today, and should be sent to CM Erinyes and Tsainetomo. Please include "Application for Clan Trainer" in the subject line.

I encourage all to apply.


After some discussion among the Clan Conclave, I have allocated our awarded points from the Great Jedi War and we have received the following:

1 x XJ3 X-Wing squad (12 ships)

3 x Bantha shuttles

Some nice new additions to our fleet, I already put a dent in one of the XJ3s. :P


This week we some a couple of nice high level promotions:

Congrats to Krath Epis Tsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow!


Krath Archpriest Raven!

Both very well deserved promotions, thanks for all your hard work guys.


A lot of positions were filled this week.

Krath Priest Zaxen Isradia is the new Aedile of House Marka Ragnos.

Krath Epis Manji Keibatsu Sadow is the new Rollmaster of House Marka Ragnos.

Protector Angral is the new Commander of Sapphire Squadron.

Guardian Dyrra Skye is the new Sergeant of the Jades Serpents.

Congrats to all and I’m sure you will all do a great job.


A big Naga Sadow welcome to Shydus, Jimmy Destroyer, and Ryuk!

Some Big Sadow congrats goes out to newly promoted Acolyte Strigoi Ahriman!

Props to Darth Vexatus for earning a Grand Cross for his hard work and effort on the Clan WIKI articles.

And finally, another shout out to all those who are receiving there Seals of Unity, thanks for all the hard work.

Sith Warlord Robert Sadow

Clan Naga Sadow Consul

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