Consul Report


Consul Report

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“I heard a rumour that you’re an idiot, is there any truth to that?”

-Owyn (Oblivion)

Greetings all,

It has been awhile since I’ve done a full edition of the clan notes, for better or for worse. So, let’s dive right into things here, though I’ll try to keep it short:

Tridens QUA

Elols has decided to step down due to real life circumstances. We wish him the best and hope he can return some day. Raiju has accepted the position of quaestor.

Clan Story Arc

Cestus’ run-on has begun, and it does include events that will start off the story arc. So, I would encourage everyone to read it, though we will provide recaps of events so that anyone, especially newer members, can get involved quickly.

The story arc is starting off slow, but it will pick up speed as we progress. I am currently working on the next update to the fiction.

In the interest of sparking more involvement, and getting some conspiracy theories flying (all for fun, I promise ;P ), I will let you all in on a little secret. There will come a time in the story arc where you will have to literally choose who and what in the clan you support. The trailer was not being poetic when it said you would have to choose; it was being serious.

As a reminder, here are two links:

-The trailer:

-The fiction:

Also related to this topic is the fact that the Arcona summit has expressed an interest in getting involved for a joint event or two when the time comes.

Titles, Grants, Etc.

I was planning on releasing these a bit earlier, but the Cestus run-on has given me an idea, so I will hold off on releasing them right now. Much of what is contained in these documents is not all that new or earth shattering, but it does lay down some ground rules on these things will work for the clan.

Fictional Update

[Each section of my report will contain a fictional section, where I will update you on things as they relate to the clan storyline. This will only be a brief summary; full details will be in the clan fiction, run-ons, etc.]

-Cestus is currently exploring Eden, but initial reports indicate that a freighter has crashed in the city. No more details are present at this time.

-Gladius continues to maintain a strict isolation from the rest of the clan, though communications are still open at this time.

End fictional update

Final Notes

Because I am now included on every promotion and medal, I haven’t sorted out the clan members from everyone else. So, I can’t really list these things right now. I’m going to set up some Gmail sorting rules to rectify that.

Also, I am currently on call for strike duty as one of my company’s divisions renegotiates their contract with the union. If there is a strike, it is very possible that I will be sent to help keep the stores open until the strike is resolved. At this point, they’ve extended the contract until July 15th or, but that’s all I’ve heard as of right now. If I do have to go, there is a good chance that I will have very little warning.

That’s it for now. Keep up the good work, get ready for some serious stuff to start going down in the clan, and let’s all work to make this the best clan in the DB.

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