Consul Report


Consul Report


JUNE 30, 2009


Overall Particpation and Placement Points

  1. Manji Sadow (35 Points)

  2. Tron Sadow (19 Points)

  3. Valorian (17 Points)

  4. Vladek (14 Points)

  5. Bal Demona(11 Points)

  6. Dyrra Skye (8 Points)

  7. TIE Macron/Sai Sadow (7 Points)

  8. TIE Ekeia Iclo/Kalei Basai (6 Points)

  9. TIE Raven/Xanos Sadow (4 Points)

  10. TIE Jade Sadow/Malisane de Ath/Fremoc Pepoi (3 Points)

Great job by all those that participated, thanks for all the hard work and effort on helping make this a successful and enjoyable event.


Anteian Cross – Manji Sadow

Anteian Cross – Tron Sadow

Dark Cross – Valorian

Dark Cross - Vladek

Dark Cross – Bal Demona

Along with these merit awards, the Summits have decided to award some members with the title of Prefect. The title of Prefect is held by military governors of the Dlarit Special Operations Group. Prefects are placed in charge of assets not controlled by one of the corporation's main governors.

Prefect of Sadow Palace: DJK Valorian

Prefect of Gamuslag: KP Vladek

Prefect of Amphor: JH Bal Demona

Congratulations to all on their medals and titles!


Battlemaster Tsingtao Ming resigned as Quaestor of House Ludo Kressh due to Real Life keeping him busy. I would like to personally thank him for all the hard work he has done for Ludo Kressh and he was awarded a Dark Cross for his work as AED and QUA over the last eight months. Thanks Tsing.

Stepping up from Aedile and taking the open position is Krath Epis Tsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow. Sai is a long time member of Naga Sadow and I know he will do a great job in continuing what Tsingtao has started. Congrats Sai!


Battleteams are the basic organization unit within the Dark Brotherhood and fall under the command of a Battleteam Leader. These teams are grouped within a particular House, and can either be aligned to the same Order or consist of members from multiple orders.. The teams can consist of up to twelve (12) members. Further ranks and awards can be gained by active participation in the team.

Currently Clan Naga Sadow has four Battleteams, two in each house.

The Night Hawks, Jade Serpents, Sapphire Squadron, and the CONSUL’S OWN Night Raptors.

These teams need your help. If you are not a member of a Batttlteam…..Join now.

Simply email your Quaestor, Aedile, or Rollmaster and let them know you wish to join a team. It’s that simple and you won’t regret it.


When your Consul has ideas to do stuff and is too lazy to actually do them, he just runs a comp. :P

Check them out and help me out. 

Moving On Up,%20Queue_Comp.EndDate&sort=desc&filter=upcoming&ID=4322

A Sadow Welcome,%20Queue_Comp.EndDate&sort=desc&filter=upcoming&ID=4323


1.The Brotherhood recognizes and acknowledges that, first and foremost, the organization is an amalgamation of its members. The most important aspect, as well as the most valuable resource is the membership. The first goal of the Brotherhood’s leadership should always be to protect and serve the members, followed closely by a drive to meet their needs and wants as much as possible.

2.Every member is valuable, and has a right to be treated as such, free of undue bias and disregard. So long as they desire to remain a valuable addition to the organization and do not abuse the right, then every member has the right to be here.

3.All members regardless of rank or position shall be held accountable under the same standards of conduct. All indictments, trials and subsequent punishments will make no distinction between members based on rank, position or tenure within the Brotherhood, except in such cases that the Covenant has special provisions outlined for certain ranks, positions or tenures.

4.Members of the Brotherhood have a right to free speech and expression, but must also have respect for and protect the rights of other members and members who are minors.

5.Every member shall be free to choose which Clan they wish to belong to, except in cases where members have been banned from a Clan for disreputable conduct or behavior.

6.Any member may approach his superiors with issues and complaints he is currently facing without harm. Complaints can always be sent to the direct superior of the member. If the complaint involves that superior, the complaint should follow the chain of command.

7.Every member has the right to a fair and impartial system of justice.

8.Every member has the right to be adequately acknowledged and rewarded for time, activity and efforts, and shall not be denied adequate and timely recognition based on personal bias and prejudice of their superiors. All rewards and recognitions are given according to merit.

9.Any member regardless of position, rank, class, or tenure within the Brotherhood has the power to recommend another for elevation, orders, awards or other honors. All recommendations must be made to the proper authority, but will not be considered as would a request by one appointed the power to make a request for the specific honor.

With some recent posts on the mailing lists and message boards I thought I would just include these rights in my report for us all to read and remember what is expected of us as members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and how we should treat one another.

My motto has always been, “If you can’t say something nice about someone, say it about Fred the Seal.”


Congrats to the following:

Dark Jedi Knight Fremoc “Demonic” Pepoi

Dark Jedi Knight Ekeia Iclo

Guardian Angral

Acolyte Ryuk

Novice Mar’Kai

Novice Jai Nari

Novice xgmx


Welcome to the newest members:

Valer Detarr

Jai Nari




And a big welcome BACK to :

SBM Ylith

DJK Konus Auryus Sadou

ACO Brutis


“My name is Bob. If lost, please return to site 1490.”

That’s the sticker I wore on my hat for my five day celebration of the many wonders of drinking games. Wandering around the campsite that held over 7000 sites, each with some deranged and unique game in which to kill what few brain cells I have, I realized that I am very old. Not that it mattered or slowed me down, but I had a few show me a thing or too while I got to pass along some things I’ve learned through the years. All in all, I held my own. Now as BTL, I would give you all a “detailed” explanation of what my last week entailed. As CON, and an example to all members young and old, I just get to say I had a good time. ;)

Now, onto Clan business. With the Fractured Mirror event over, the Clan Summit is taking a step back for a short time and allowing the House Summits to work on some projects and run some House comps and Battleteam comps. So look forward to that and help them out.

Currently I am starting a few new projects and getting them going. A new CNS website is in its beginning phases, I’ve got a basic idea to expand the Order of the Black Guard, and my new Clan comps will be expanded into a nice and unique setup for our Clan’s new members and promotions. On top of these, the Clan Summit continues to develop the upcoming Clan Feud which is looking to be launched in mid August. This is coming along nicely.

So, that’s about all I can think of right now. As always, any questions, issues, or problems; I’m here to help. Thanks all and keep up the great work.

Sith Warlord Robert Sadow

Clan Naga Sadow Consul

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