Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

-> Quaestor Report #2 <- </b

Hello everyone! This has been an eventful couple of weeks for both me, and my schedule, so I apologize for the late(er) report. So, without further delay, here we go!

Please welcome Novice RianAslar to our great house of Ektrosis! RianAslar has already begun his journey to higher ranks, so congratulate him on his promotion and welcome to Tal!

-Dark Jedi Master Alanna Taldrya snagged a nice Crescent with an Emerald star for placing first in a flash game! You all should be ashamed of yourself, letting a women beat you like that. <3 Lannie

-Krath Epis Bubbles Taldrya got herself a Crescent with Topaz for placing second in the flash game. Woot.

- Krath Priest Lokasena “Sena” Corvinus earned himself a Crescent with a Quartz star for third place in the house competition. Cheers!

-Obelisk Templar Shaz’air “Sidarace” Rathden (Me) got a Sapphire Blade… I am still speechless.

- Halcyon Rokir is Taldryan’s new Consul! Shad has resigned, and Halcyon has taken the big step of Consul of our great Clan once more! Great things will happen, so be ready!

- “Dark jedi brotherhood” radio is back and kicking! So far the lineup has been fairly well, considering that it is run by a bunch of nerds at computers all day. =P Anyways, check it out at: DB Radio

*- Sarin and Raken are pushing for their “Independent House Revan”. * It is an interesting concept that they have going, so take a look should you feel the need.

*- A member known as “Androc” was banned from the DB after numerous amounts of cloning. * Word of advice, don’t clone. You will ALWAYS get caught, and the results are never good for you, or for your clan/house.

- The Master At Arms has put out a new policy regarding clan/name titles in the Brotherhood. Click here to read said policy.

- Applications for Ektrosis’s Battle Team Leader in Phoenix are open and are awaiting applicants to apply. Send all applications to Vodo and Myself no later than the 8th of July at 11:59 PM EST. Requirements are:

  • Must be the rank of Guardian or higher (If you are a Protector or lower, there will be a next time)

  • Must be willing to be active and take orders from your House Summit

  • Must be able to run at least one (1) small scale competition per month, along with issuing monthly reports to your Battle Team

  • Able to manage your members with a reasonable email/IRC turn around

- Changes are will be made clan wide, so keep your eyes open.

House Ektrosis Competitions


*Medallion Restoration. * Specifics: Graphics competition for house Ektrosis to restore the Medallion of Phoenix. 4th level Crescents are awarded to the top three (3) placers. The competition runs until the 6th of July (Next Monday). Click here for competition details.

Project Balvarine. Specifics: Members of Phoenix will add to the story of attacking Balvarines to the home planet of Ektrosis, Taruma. This is a short Run-On for the members to delve further into the fictional aspect of our house, and bring their creative ideas to paper. Click here for competition details.

There have been some minor changes in the way things have been flowing lately on all platforms, from the DJB as a whole, to Taldryan, all of the way to Ektrosis.

For starters, Halcyon is our newest Consul! If you have been on the sidelines, it is not hard to notice that Shadow had not been around and as active as he used to, and thus this put a damper on things. To put things bluntly, Shadow has resigned, and Halc is back, and has already started to move things along.

On the DB side of things, there have been all sorts of new policy’s, guidelines, and even new Independent Houses on the horizon. Muz’s reign thus far has brought a lot of new things to our plate, and I for one and happy with most of the changes.

In regards to Ektrosis, I have been panning out all sorts of ideas and ways to better get you (The members) active and more engaged in DJB. Ranging from the open Battle Team position, to running monthly competitions, to running RO’s, and working on various other projects. All of this and more adds to your overall activity record which then allows us to promote and award you guys with your rightful rewards. This stuff does not go un-noticed, so never stop pursuing greatness.

Regarding my Sapphire Blade… I am so happy right now, I am like a pig in mud. I can only thank you guys for giving me something to push for during the GJW, which in the end earned me this wonderful award. So, thank you to you guys so much for all of your hard work and effort, and again, making GJW9 the closest and toughest GJW we have ever had.

Dark Jedi Brotherhood | DJB Wiki | DJB Message Boards | DJB Competitions Page

Clan Taldryan Website | Promotion Guidelines | Taldryan Competitions | Ektrosis Roster

-Consul Halcyon Rokir – [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

-Proconsul Hel-Pa Sklib – [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

-House Ektrosis Quaestor Shaz’air “Sidarace” Rathden – [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

-House Ektrosis Aedile Vodo Biask – [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

-Battleteam Leader Phoenix Phyle Bubbles Taldrya – [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

Until then,

Obelisk Templar Shaz’air “Sidarace” Rathden

Quaestor of House Ektrosis of Clan Taldran PIN# 9193

_ House Ektrosis shall be an open threshold for those who pursue excellence in leadership and activity. With the banner of Taldryan before us we will prove our strength and ingenuity throughout the Brotherhood upon every platform that creates this great club, reciting our motto: Descendants of Darkness, Heirs to Hate_

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