Consul Report


Consul Report


AUGUST 2, 2009


Ok, been some time since I sent out a report as I have been busy with a few things from the upcoming Feud to moving into a new home. The move went well and I am slowly getting settled back in my usual routine and am now back online as well.

But enough about me, let’s move on too things you actually care about. :P


The upcoming Clan Feud is nearly upon us. Keep reading all the updates as a storm approaches and Clan Naga Sadow will need all of you to survive the treachery that surrounds it.

The title of First House of Clan Naga Sadow will once again be up for grabs come August 16th.

Can House Marka Ragnos defend their title?

Or will House Ludo Kressh regain the honor?

Soon those questions and more will be answered.


I have lots and lots of emails to read and answer from my week Leave of Absence, so please be patient and I will get back to you shortly. I also have a few competitions to judge and will get those medal requests out shortly as well.

The storyline for the Clan Feud is slowly unfolding and I hope you all are enjoying it so far. A lot of hard work has gone into this upcoming event with numerous opportunities for all to help their Houses achieve the title of First House, as well as make their mark in the history of Clan Naga Sadow.

We have a variety of event types from the usual run on and fiction to a gaming and ACC ladder. A nice crossword, loads of trivia, and a few graphic comps are included as well. And those who love the ACC, think about finding a fellow member of your House to team up with, as we have a nice Co-op mission for you to take part in. These events and more will begin in two weeks, get ready for some fun.

Sith Warlord Robert Sadow

Clan Naga Sadow Consul

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