Consul Report


Consul Report

Per aspera ad astra – Through hardship to the stars

**_New Sepros Palace


Orian System_**

The cantina of the Sepros Palace was packed full of people, all drinking as much as they could take. The warriors of Naga Sadow had gathered here to celebrate their victory over the Peace Brigade and the invading Yuuzhan Vong, carousing into the early hours of the morning in the finest traditions of the Clan.

Suddenly there was a drop in the level of conversation as the holographic Bith band in the corner of the room struck up a lively tune. In front of them on the small stage stood Manji and Tsainetomo, both of them swaying from the sheer volume of alcohol pumping through their veins, clutching microphones. In true Kyataran tradition, the two Keibatsu began to drunkenly warble their way through the lyrics to the song, inciting winces and barely-concealed laughter from the other Dark Jedi in the room.

As the music drew to a close, both Keibatsu collapsed, falling from the stage and onto the floor to uproarious laughter and applause. Unfazed, both crawled towards the bar, determined to imbibe even more booze. The revelry continued unabated as Clan Naga Sadow celebrated her supremacy over those who had sought to destroy her.


Well, it’s certainly been a busy month- the previous Consul Bob was forced to step down due to his laptop malfunctioning horribly on him, leaving me with the duty of stepping into his very large shoes. I’d just like to publicly thank Bob again for all the hard work that he’s done for this Clan and to say that I will endeavour to carry on his legacy to the best of my ability.

We’ve also had quite a lot going on over the past month; the Clan Feud that Bob, Ashura and Xanos had been working on concluded a little while ago, and the results were released in the last couple of days. Congratulations to HMR on taking the win, but congratulations also to HLK for putting up a great fight. Again, thanks to Bob, Ashura and Xanos for all their hard work on the Feud; Xanos in particular took on a lot of extra responsibility when Bob’s laptop died, and despite it not really being his job to do so, had a large role in the running of the feud, for which he deserves credit. Ashura also did a great job with grading the events in good time and getting all the medals requested and awarded, so very well done to him.

Now, with the Feud over, I’m going to be looking at what’s on the horizon for Clan Naga Sadow.

On The List

Our most immediate priority following the Clan Feud is to give everybody a bit of a rest; it’s been a pretty long slog, so we’re going to be stepping back and allowing the two Houses to work on their own plans for a while.

With that said, both Houses have just concluded some routine AWOL checks; we’ll be seeing the results of those soon.

•Both House Summits have some good stuff in the works with the intention of making sure our younger members feel welcome and know exactly what they’re doing.

•In addition, both House Summits will be working on adding to their fictional development, since it’s one of the things that makes this Clan so unique; we have a strong back-story and a rich history that sets us apart from other Clans in the DB.

•I have some plans of my own that I intend to work on in this period of relative rest and relaxation, aimed at trying to give our younger members a greater sense of belonging to the Clan while also providing something fresh and new for our older members. I’ll be revealing more about those plans once I’ve made some progress on them.

•To that end, we should be holding a Sadow Conclave at some point soon; the idea of that is for both of the Summits to meet up and discuss their plans and generally work out what they should be doing to improve things for you, the members, and to give you plenty of fun stuff to do.

The Buzz

The House Summits will be sending out their own detailed lists of medals and promotions earned from the Feud and Shadow Academy courses passed, so all I’ll say on this is that I’m very, very impressed with the level of participation in the Clan Feud. I got 114 medal recommendation emails in my inbox once Ashura was finished with them, which is amazing. We saw quite a few people getting involved with the events and participating in the story, which was good. Everybody involved in the Feud deserves a commendation for their participation, but in particular I want to thank Fremoc, Ylith, Dyrra and Malisane for their contributions to the Feud and for helping to create such a memorable story.

The other piece of news that bears mentioning here is the recent departure of Jade from the position of HMR Quaestor. I’m aware that there’ll be rumours and misinformation flying around about this, so to set the record straight; I made the decision because the leadership standards that we prize in CNS weren’t being met, and I felt that HMR would benefit from a different kind of leadership. That’s the long and short of it; if anybody has any questions or concerns, feel more than welcome to come to me and discuss them.

In Conclusion

That’s about all for this time; as always, any thoughts you have, I’m more than willing to hear them. Just find me on IRC or drop me an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

As far as that thing we call real life goes; I’m now registered at my University as a Postgraduate student, doing a Masters Degree in Medieval History. Which means that I’m going to be learning Latin, starting on Monday. Ooh-er. It’s going to be a hectic couple of weeks, but nothing I can’t handle, I reckon.

Also, if anybody particularly fancies listening to some epic classical music- I wrote a theme tune for Naga Sadow a little while ago, which can be found here: Heirs to the Empire


Until next time!

**KE Manji Keibatsu Sadow (Krath)/CON-PROF/Naga Sadow

Consul of Clan Naga Sadow**

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