Proconsul Report


Proconsul Report

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Hail, Naga Sadow! Short but sweet informational report. Lots of appointments to announce, as well as what’s going on in the Brotherhood you all need to know about. Thanksgiving is over, and the Christmas season has arrived. Many of us will be getting time off from school (not likely work for me) to spend more time with our families.

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-After careful consideration, and a lot of awesome applications, Manji and I have chosen Bob Sadow to take reign as the new Clan Rollmaster! Congratulations Bob!

-This leaves a vacant QUA position in House Marka Ragnos. Rather than hold another lengthy application process, we’ve decided to place Fremoc Pepoi as the new HMR QUA. Congratulations Fremoc!

-With this, we felt that Bal had the most gumption out of the RM applications, and we decided that he will fill the role of HMR Aedile. Congrats Bal!

-Malisane and Dyrra held their applications for BTL of The Bastion, and have decided that Kano Verda shall lead the team on. Congratulations Kano!

-Welcome to the house **Gavin Pollan</b from the Shadow Academy! Gavin I believe holds the record for the fastest grind from APP-PRT in the history of the DB, having been promoted three times in less than 24 hours. Keep up the good work Gavin.

-Nix and Martumal have left us for Arcona. We wish them luck in their new Clan.

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<b>Naga Sadow-wide</b>

The Second Sadow Dueling Championship

<b>Marka Ragnos</b>

HMR Quaestor's Challenge - NOV

Weapons of the Disciples

[HMR] Attack the Aedile

Operation Black Train 3.0

<b>Ludo Kressh</b>

Ludo Kressh Anniversary Pizza Comp

Ludo Kressh-Out on the town

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Keep your eyes open for Manji’s CON report!

His Honor,

Taigikori Aybara Dupar

Proconsul of Clan Naga Sadow

Praetor to the Headmaster

Right Hand of Justice


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