Consul Report


Consul Report

Ad impossibilia nemo tenetur.

Ill be keeping this report fairly short since were in the midst of the RoS, but with that said- I would like to thank everybody for getting involved. Im quite proud of the level of participation that weve had, and while its a little disappointing that we missed getting into the final by such a narrow margin (congratulations to Revan on a round well-fought!), well still be fighting for third place- so keep your battle pants firmly on, we`re not finished yet! :D

On that note, Im intending to sort something out once the RoS is finished thatll thank everybody who helped out for their hard work, so look out for that.

Our monthly Conclave the other night came up with some great ideas for the projects that weve got ongoing, so once the RoS is done and dusted we can come back to the projects list and really blitz out some of the ideas weve got. So, there should definitely be some awesome stuff for us to reveal once we`re not all in war mode!

Ive a couple of people in particular to congratulate today; three of our members were given field promotions by Muz as a reward for their outstanding performance during the Rite of Supremacy. So, Id like everyone to join me in congratulating Obelisk Templar Fremoc Pepoi, Obelisk Templar Dyrra Skye, and Krath Priest Kalei Basai. Congratulations, all of you! And keep up the great work, there`s still another round for us to dominate in!

Also, one last thing about the RoS before I stop going on about it- I just wanted to say that its been great leading you guys in this Vendetta. The atmospheres been very laid-back and chilled, which is exactly the way I wanted it to be; theres no point getting hugely worked up over something on the internet. Remember, if youre getting too bothered by something DB-related; to steal a phrase from Dyrra, what were doing here is essentially the same as putting on a binsack, pretending to have asthma and waving a drainpipe around in mock fights with your mate who was dressed as Obi-Wan. Just remember that and how fun it was, then go away from the computer and relax with something else until youve calmed down. :D

Well, Im thoroughly back at University in a week or two; before then, Ive had some work to sort out. Thankfully, I managed to finish off my 6000 word paper earlier today (6000 words on whether the importance of Canossa in 1077 has been exaggerated by historians; Im actually still quite fond of the topic despite having written so many words on it!). Tomorrow will be spent proofreading it, checking everythings in the right place and that I have enough references and sources, then sitting back with a sigh, a glass of milk and a spanking new copy of Mass Effect 2 that I can play without feeling guilty about how I should be doing my essay!

Like I said above, Im keeping it short, so thats all for this month. Keep up the great work in the RoS- Taig and I appreciate everything that you`re all doing for the Clan!

KPN Manji Keibatsu Sadow (Krath)/CON-PROF/Naga Sadow Consul of Clan Naga Sadow

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