Proconsul Report


Proconsul Report

We interrupt your average routine to bring you a special clan summit report:


Hello, Tarentum. Proconsul Ronovi Tavisaen here, bringing you a special update on clan proceedings. Now, this report was intended to be written by your Consul, Oberst...but he doesn't like doing reports, as we all know. So I'm going to take the burden for him. :P

As you all know, we have a project going on called "Project Fisting." And here's what it entails: As of the next few weeks, we will be closing all three houses and opening two new houses. I know, right? Pretty intense change. But Gladius, Tridens, and Cestus will have well-earned demises. After the Cestus RO, the former house summits of the three houses will be writing five chapters of fiction on each house's closure, to add to the fiction. No retrofitting, plzkthnx. We will be keeping Gladius, Tridens, and Cestus as relics of Tarentum's history.

That means, of course, that we will have two new houses: House Kaerner and House Reinthaler. Each house will have two battle teams (one gaming-oriented and one fiction-oriented), one Quaestor and one Aedile. Officially, Rollmasters will still reside in houses but will now be working on a clan-wide level as our own mini-Gaming Tribune and mini-Fiction Tribune. The summits have been picked, new locations for house bases have been discussed, and fiction developments have started for both houses. The new house summits are:

House Kaerner QUA: Scion Altera AED: Tier-Avis Nami RM (Fiction): Raiju Kang BTL (Gaming): Jagen Phoenix BTL (Fiction): Teia Coran

House Reinthaler QUA: Saitou Tarentae AED: Raimi Mistwalker RM (Gaming): Frosty Romanae Tarentae BTL (Gaming): Dox Romanae BTL (Fiction): Severon Vercingetorix

However, for anything to move forward, we need to...obviously...make the big change. All members of Tarentum have two weeks, starting today, to send a separate e-mail to Oberst and myself, detailing your house preference. However, we will add the disclaimer that you may be shuffled to the other house in order to keep the houses balanced in terms of rank distribution and overall numbers. If you do not respond in two weeks' time, Oberst and I will take it as an indifferent response and will place you in the house we choose.

As I said earlier, this is a massive change for Tarentum, and a very exciting one. This could provide us a fresh start in terms of our status quo work in the Brotherhood. Oberst and my mission is to make Tarentum a stronger and better clan for every Tarenti, no matter what sacrifices we may have to make. So I look forward to having you all working with us in these new houses and subsequently this new course of history and lore. We will need volunteers and helpers soon, so keep that in mind over the next few weeks.

Ronovi Tavisaen Proconsul of Tarentum Brig. General of the Clan Tarentum I Corps

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