Wiki Tribune Report


Wiki Tribune Report


The wiki staff need your help to identify three things:

DJBWikipedians - Nominate here!

Featured Articles - Nominate here!

Quotes - Nominate here!

If you know of anyone (or anything) to nominate, feel free to do so via the links above. As always, if you need help ask a staffer.


Image Deletion

A little over 70 images were deleted from the wiki earlier this week. If you feel yours was deleted in error and would like it back email me at [Log in to view e-mail addresses] and we will see about restoring it for you.

Dark Brotherhood Memorial

What once was a page hidden deep on the Dark Brotherhood's main site has now been moved to a new home on the DJBWiki. The Dark Brotherhood Memorial is a place to commemorate our Brothers and Sisters who have lost their lives.

If you know of a fallen member and are able to write a section for them, please do.

April Fools'!

Do you remember any of the April Fools' Day pranks that have been played on the Brotherhood? Or better yet, did you have the foresight to take a screenshot of the mayhem? If so I would like to hear from you! Ood Bnar Sythe'rae has come up with the idea of creating a wiki article featuring past pranks and we need your help in gathering information and images.

-> Awards <-

Manji Keibatsu Sadow received a DSS for writing this month's featured article.

Fremoc Pepoi received a DSS for being selected as this month's DJBWikipedian of the Month.

Mei Ryoko received a DSS for making the first edit of substance after I made my 20,000th wiki edit.

No wiki awards were given out this week, see the article for information about earning a wiki award for yourself.


This week the wiki staff are running another competition, [[DJBWiki]] Connect the Dots: Extreme Edition. It appears however that the competition page still hates me so the specifics are as follows:

In the spirit of post RoS Brotherhood unity your mission is to navigate between the wiki articles of each clan and Independent House of the Brotherhood.

Using only the links present in each article's content (not the categories down the bottom or the search box, etc) - never visiting the same article twice and taking note of each article you navigate to on your journey - find your way through each of these articles in the specified order:

  1. START Clan Arcona

  2. Clan Naga Sadow

  3. Clan Plagueis

  4. Clan Scholae Palatinae

  5. Clan Taldryan

  6. Clan Tarentum

  7. END Independent House Revan

Your entry will be a list of articles that you had to "pass" in order to get to each destination. The shortest list will win and in the case of a tie the person who got in first will win.

Third Level Crescents will be awarded (or Second Level, if 10 or more entries are received) and you have until this time next week to get your entries in.

Send entries to [Log in to view e-mail addresses]


Articles: 2,341 (+32 on the last report)

Registered users: 403 (+3 on the last report)

Active users: 41 (+2 on the last report)

Tip of the Report

Sometimes it is necessary to refer to a specific section of a page when linking, rather than the whole page.

You can create a link to any subheading on any page in Wikipedia by including a <tt>#</tt> character followed by the subheading at the end of a link. For example:

DJBWiki:Community Portal#Wiki Projects.

In all section links, be sure to use a piped link for readability, like this:

<tt><nowiki>[[DJBWiki:Community Portal#Wiki Projects|Wiki Projects]]</nowiki></tt>

which looks like this:

Wiki Projects

If a section title changes, rather than go red/inactive, the link will lead to the top of the linked page. Keep in mind that redirects do not follow section links, making it useless to include them there.

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