Consul Report


Consul Report

And so, an era ends.

I don’t mean the end of Tarentum. Neither is it the end of the Brotherhood. I am talking about a very rich and colorful history coming to close. Three Houses that helped to transform House Tarentum into Clan Tarentum have been closed for the last time. The door is locked. The windows shuttered. The keys are in the mailbox for the landlord. And it has been a good run. Tridens. Gladius. Cestus. Each of them gave us leaders and personalities to be remembered, cherished and praised. From the benevolent to the villainous, the people who have made up each of those three elder Houses has worked and served to define not only our Clan, but the Brotherhood as a whole. Each House has its history, and has fought and jockeyed with the other two for dominance within the Clan.

Still, change was inevitable, and a most elegant solution was presented to help facilitate this change. The weight of history is heavy in Tarentum, we are a Clan rich in it. But, history can be just as much a curse as it is a benefit. Too often have we attempted to move forward, but made no action simply because of history. With these changes to our structure, I hope the Clan will be better able to make its way. For once, the weight of history will not exist, as neither House Kaerner or Reinthaler have any direct history. Instead, they are blank slates, given names plucked out of the past. I knew both men well. Kaerner would probably balk at having something named after him, it was damned difficult to give him a promotion. Still, I can think of no better way to give us a tie to the past than to give these new Houses nothing than their names. History now belongs to their members, you get to write it and make it as rich as those of Cestus, Gladius and Tridens. And if time allows, and the Brotherhood continues, then perhaps in another thirteen years one of you will be the ones writing about how Houses Kaerner and Reinthaler were formed, then closed, and two new Houses rose to take its place.

Kir wrote something about salty language in reports. Read it if you wish. I’m not sure who is using salty language in their reports, but I definitely won’t be enforcing the rule in #Tarentum. At all. If you find yourself banned or whatever in there, because of it, let me know.

Two new positions opened on the DC. The deadline passed for applications. This part is just filler.

The GMRG has been reformed and will be supplicant to one of the new positions. The Fist, I think.

A little clarification may be in order. I’ve been asked about this change quite a bit. The Rollmasters are no longer in charge of greeting new members or anything of the sort. They have instead become our mini-T:F/G. That is, Frosty is in charge of coordinating gaming between the two Houses and coming up with gaming events for the entire Clan. The same goes for Raiju and writing. In addition, both have become responsible for promoting their respective area, and coming up with training events, regimens and the like. If someone needs help with JA, you point them at Frosty and he’ll either set them up with whatever schedule he has concocted for training or if JA isn’t his cup of tea (this is an example, Frosty), then he finds someone who can train that person. Same for Raiju.

It should be interesting, in light of everything to see how these Houses grow, especially as I will be doing so as a member of this Clan. Effective immediately, I retake my baton and position as Marshal of the Armies of Tarentum. I announce my resignation as Consul and abdicate the Throne as Prince of Yridia in favor of Ronovi Tavisaen Tarentae.

The Consulship was not something I ever sought, but necessity required me to do so. Tarentum now stands ready with strong leadership in place, and future leaders ready to be trained. I leave my office stronger. And I leave you all in very capable hands.

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