Consul Report


Consul Report


Hey there, Tarenti, and welcome to another Consul report. We have a lot to talk about, so let's get to it.


AWOL Check


The AWOL check ended last week and the rosters have been modified. In total, we now have around 45 members, meaning over 70 members were cut from the clan roster. The other clans have also been hit hard by this check, and it's unclear as to whether or not our clan status is safe. According to this evidence, it's obvious that changes are crucial to keeping the club alive, and even if they're big, I stand by them if they're beneficial and you should, too.

If you're stressed by the news of the AWOL check, I'm not surprised. This is a big blow. We lost 70 members to this check, and some of them were notable members. Goes to show that if you're not active or can't respond to an AWOL check e-mail, you will get booted from the clan.

Still active?

If you were recently removed from the clan and moved to the Rogues, chances are you're still on the Tarentum mailing list, reading this report. Some of you reported to me that you were active, but you failed to respond to the e-mail even though it should have only taken thirty seconds out of your life to do so. However, that doesn't mean you can never come back. If you are active and truly want to return to the clan, submit a transfer request and I'm sure the MAA Office will make you a Tarenti again. If you can do this task, it only proves further that you want to stick around.

Again, if you don't respond to an important e-mail like that, there are consequences. Lesson learned, right?


Theocracy of the Unwilling

The King and the Gods

The run-on "The King and the Gods" was started last week and is off to a slow start. Please be sure to participate, as we believe it's a great story and we'd love to see it have an awesome conclusion. The link to the run-on is below:

The link to the run-on discussion thread is below. We highly recommend you use this thread for any questions you may have:

If you want to catch up on any of the chapters, go to the link below where you will find all chapters of "Theocracy" on the Tarentum forums:


Summit Changes

With the results of the AWOL check and shuffles in leadership, there is a possibility that some positions will be cut. Nothing is set in stone, however, and as far as we are concerned, the battle teams are safe. However, with fewer numbers and only one application for the Rollmaster of Fiction position, the Rollmaster positions may be in a bit of trouble. Now, with the clan reformation a few months back, the Rollmaster concept was a bit of a experiment, and we're glad it worked for a while. However, discussions are still underway for the future of the positions, so they will not be updated for some time.

In the meantime, battle team Spectre in House Kaerner is in need of a new leader. With Jagen Phoenix becoming Reinthaler's new Aedile, applications are now open for the BTL position. E-mail all applications to Scion Altera and Tyyravvis Nami Dantes by tonight. This is a solid team, primarily a gaming team, and even if you are not a strong gamer, it's a great way to serve as a leader.



  • Sarin has released a Deputy Grand Master report on the main DB website and is looking for a Praetor and Magistrate who will primarily focus on bringing the upcoming TOR game into DB activities. He also mentions a lot of needed changes in the Brotherhood, so I highly recommend that you read it.

  • Headmaster Taigikori is looking for a Professor of Coding Practices. Read his report on the main DB website for more information on how you can apply.

  • Halcyon will be running a DB-wide run-on, and you are invited to participate. E-mail him if you are interested by tomorrow, July 10th.

  • The following competitions are relevant to Tarentum, starting with the earliest deadline. You are encouraged to participate:

-> RC Bash - STARTS: July 10th ENDS: July 11th Talk it up! - DEADLINE: July 14th EaW Slaughter - DEADLINE: July 18th Back to School - 2010 - DEADLINE: July 19th RC Ladder Match - DEADLINE: July 21st [Tarentum] Killing Him Softly With His Pen - DEADLINE: July 25th [Voice] The Bounty - DEADLINE: July 31st [Voice] The Battleplan - DEADLINE: July 31st [Voice] Past Imperfect - DEADLINE: July 31st The King and the Gods (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) - DEADLINE: September 2nd (TENTATIVE) <-

And that concludes this report's edition of Tidbits.


Biweekly Awesomeness

Unfortunately, no dose of Biweekly Awesomeness this time around, guys. Nothing was awesome enough to garner my attention these past two weeks. Maybe next time.



  • Still active but moved to the Rogues? Submit a transfer request back to Tarentum
  • The King and the Gods: PARTICIPATE IN THE RUN-ON
  • Future of RM positions being discussed
  • Spectre BTL needed
  • Tidbits: Read Sarin's report; read Taig's report; sign up for DB-wide run-on (e-mail Halc); participate in competitions
  • Biweekly Awesomeness: N/A.

Until next Consul report, Tarenti, keep on rockin'.


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