The Fist to the Dark Jedi #2Brotherhood


The Fist to the Dark Jedi #2Brotherhood

The Fist of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood Report

Whats going on in DJB Land

Clan Emailing Lists

Clan Plagueis (Done) Clan Tarentum (Done) Clan Taldryan (Done) Clan Arcona (Done) Clan Scholae Palatinae (Done) Clan Naga Sadow (Still waiting) Independent House Revan (Still waiting) I asked in a previous report, as this is a reminder please add ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) to your lists as this will better allow me to communicate with your members for the gaming aspect of this club. Thanks

Competitions for July 2010

In case you've been under a rock, you haven't gotten a email from your clan summit, or you don't check the DJB news page or competitions page. July is a busy month for gaming. All the servers are active, and I'm trying to get everything arranged so everyone no longer has excuse to not play something. Empire at War: July 5, 2010 to July 18, 2010 Details here Halo3 for the Console: July 11, 2010 to July 17, 2010 Details here Battle Front 2: July 17, 2010 to July 18, 2010 Details here Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy: July 18, 2010 to July 31, 2010 JO Details here and JA Details here

Whats coming Next for Competitions going in August 2010

  • We will be doing the same as July, some with slight spin offs.
  • One thought I'm looking for is a Clan vs Clan Team matches (very small scale).
  • Allegiance: We have used this a few years ago, and I'm kicking around the possibility of using this once again. What is Allegiance? Sci-Fi flight simulator, and a free program to boot.
  • Jedi Outcast Bryars and everything else
  • Jedi Academy anything and everything
  • Republic Commando anything and everything
  • X-Wing Alliance in both Single Player and Multiplayer
  • Console Gaming if the Halo 3 goes over well. Not sure what the platform will be yet.
  • Maybe a few times of Gaming Trivia?

-> Jedi Academy Server Thanks goes out to Muz for supplying use with a server, Thanks bro greatly appreciated. Anyway, the server is set-up for Pure right now. The debate has always come down to what mod do we use? Well as I speak now I have narrowed it down to 2, JAE or JA+. I will give each one of you the chance to make my mind up for me. Email me why you want one or the other ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) I will give people until Friday, July 16, 2010 at Noon. My feelings are it doesn't matter I have played on both. But you now a way to sway my opinion one way or to another regarding the mods. It has also be a known fact, either way we go. Someone wants to start another server up and submit it for approval, guess what? Not any longer. No servers will be approved from either myself or Muz as of this writing. Problem solved, quit whinnying.

<Jedi Outcast, Republic Commando Servers

Republic Commando has gone over with a few new maps, including the map pack. Please see my news post about the matter Here I have two new map packs ready to go to eliminate the need for 6 downloads. One is for the Steam users of Republic Commando, and the other is for Disk owners of Republic Commando. You can find the IP address either in #DBGaming via the lookup feature, or on the wiki page.

Jedi Outcast is up and running just like the Taldryan serve of before. You can find the IP address either in #DBGaming via the lookup feature, or on the wiki page. No custom maps at this time.

#DBGaming and #Outerrim

Well I figured that I would say this now rather than later. DBGaming if you don't know is where you need to be for gaming in our club, I will no longer accept matches from people just by popping into the channel and leaving afterwards. What I do expect is that if you cannot run both at the same time you need to be in the channel before your matches, and after the match concludes. This makes it fair for anyone that would happen to want to game you. Since trolling the servers usually ends up to myself or Kir dealing with the incident. I've heard that dealing with Kir can be rather unpleasant. But dealing with me with ruffled feathers is much worse. So go and read the Rites of Combat as it has a section in there regarding this. Also with the current ICTE channel becoming a dead zone, I will be looking into reworking the policy for ICTE in the very near future. Along with those changes we will also see a new channel for the matter. I'm not a fan of trying to hunt people down to gain ops access or have people that are not on my staff to have the same access as well. The same rules will apply there as does DBGaming. I would like to add also that in the recent past that people keep your drama issues with a private channel. Also with every Vendetta I have ever seen or been associated with, some drama always comes up. My policy is very simple: Read the rules, understand the rules, and keep drama out of the channel. I've been around long enough before that I always get the same conversations about the rules "I didn't know we had rules" or "I'm sorry, I was unaware of them" and my favorite has always been "oooops, sorry" Well no longer will these fly, your clan summits and rollmaster should be on top of this, so not knowing about them wont fly with me so here they are. If you have a issue, bring it up to them directly...if it can not be resolved then come to me. If you act improperly in the channel expect a boot, if you continue you get a small vacation from gaming for the day. At worst case you get to sit down and try to convince certain people why the ban will need to be lifted. I'm not bias, never have been, and never will be. Below is a rather good detail of my policy in hand.

Lookup Feature in DBGaming

Both myself and Fremoc have the same script. So below is the lookup commands you can use. - !lookup RC server - !lookup JO server - !lookup JA server - !lookup Rules - !lookup Gaming Competitions - !lookup Patches - !lookup RC Maps - !lookup CF Stats - !lookup PoB Stats Please pay close attention to these, if you need help it never hurts to ask.

I.C.T.E and the future

We will be starting this up once again after the Vendetta in the fall is over. The issue in the past was that became another gaming day. We already have these going on now, so the only benefit was a fictional title "All Star" that became mundane to say the least. Some thoughts were to make this a true Training event, where we competed only against other clubs and not allow DB vs DB players to submit games. Or just do away with the whole medal aspect of this and make it just DB vs Other club event. I'm all for getting other clubs involved with gaming in our club, let alone do we have plenty of people that are in multiple clubs as well. If anyone has some ideas for this please email me, and we can talk about the issue, so I can start communicating with the other clubs and get their thoughts and ideas as well. New channel for the event.

Grand Masters Royal Guard

This is still under construction and I'm unsure of where it stands at the moment. What I have heard is late 2010 to 2011 for all the coding to be done. What I have seen so far is really interesting. There will be a Shadow Academy exam associated with this. That as of the writing of this is under creation. The system just for the Royal Guard is totally automated, your activity in the gaming spectrum is based largely on how high or low you will go. Some nice extra features will be added in, but one I cannot comment of them, nor can even mention without a chance of being abused by the Grand Master.


What we are seeing is a good trend of people getting active once again, and I do hope this trend continues through the summer and into the Vendetta in the fall. I will be away starting July 23, 2010 in the evening till sometime late July 25, 2010. Taking the wife for a weekend get-a-way. Most likely back to Colorado Springs, but with me you never know. I will have my laptop with me, and will be checking email and mIRC to make sure things don't completely explode. So Fremoc will be in total control, any questions can be sent to him via pm or email to ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]). Server issues, and what not will need to be sent to him first hand if its not resolved at that point, then come to me in a email.

Oh god.. me in control? :P

A challenge worth taking. :)

Added to Clan Arcona Google Group 7/11/2010 -Thanks Celahir

very nice report and pretty Graphics :)

very nice report and pretty Graphics :)

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