Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Heyaz, friends and family.

Please don't be misled by the subject line...I was simply throwing around some thoughts after reading through a not-so-recent discussion the Sons (and Daughter) had...and I am encouraged!

I won't bore you with the details of the discussion, but a particularly poignant line stuck out, and I quote: "When we act like we own the DB, we finally will.... because our attitude and our skill will be forced to a point of reacting to meet the challenges of the fight. When you talk enough $#!t, someone's gonna make you throw either beat up, or get beat down. Choose, CNS."

I'd like you all to read, then re-read that line. Go ahead; I'll wait.

All done? Good! Still here? Great! Why is that great? Because, if you've stuck around for the rest of this message, it means that you and I are on the same page.

THIS is the attitude I'm going to take on for the next month or so (read: Vendetta-time). I've seen this House go through what arguably could be named it's lowest time. There were shouts of gloom and doom, brimstone rained down, cats and dogs lived together in short, the world was about 5 minutes past ending. But you know what?

It didn't. We're still here.

Fast forward a few months...and we were recast, reinvented, remade into a House. Your histories were picked apart. Some of you even questioned the worth of spending your time here. Again, came the gloom, followed by the doom...the weatherman called for cloudy skies with a chance of brimstone once more, and the domesticated pets bought timeshares together. The Armaggedon snooze button refused to be pushed again...

And, again, we prevailed. We're. Still. Here.

We are as strong now as I can remember ever being. We are 77 members deep. We have the richest EQ and Journeyman class in the whole of the DB; HNS alone is responsible for more than 15% of the Club's total Journeyman promotions over the last 4 months...and 25% of the DJK promos over the same time period. How does a House that's 'failing' lay claim to that? I've seen fictions that are as good as anyone's in this club, and participation and creativity at an unprecedented level. We've carved out a more-than-respectable niche in what was once considered to be our weakest link (thx, Fre and Co.!), and from what I understand, we've got some graphics folks floating around, too. Are you kidding me? Why SHOULDN'T we take this thing handily?

As this Vendetta ramps up in about a week or so, I'd like you all to think about why you're here. To have fun, yes, but really think about why we are HNS. There is some reason we've all been thrown together, each of us as different as the next man or woman, yet we make this stuff work. And WELL. There is no such thing as coincedence, people.

When this thing is over, I'd like the whole of the DB to have no choice but to say that they were handily beaten by the best, the classiest, most talented, most SW-lovin'-est group of folks the DB has ever seen.

And, they'll be late in that realization, as this is something we already know.

So, my beloved House...the time approaches. When things begin, fight.

Fight well. Fight hard. And know that I will be there, fighting right beside you, 'til the glorious end.

In service, ever for Sadow...

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