Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Antei Weeks after the events Disorder

Fremoc stood next to Ma`ar as their Sergeants ran through the drills, created by the Prelate and Battlelord. The Iron Throne's army was recuperating after the Vendetta that had fell upon Antei. Trevarus had released the Prelate from his exile, but Fremoc remained to help the Fist of the Brotherhood as his Praetor as the rest of the Brotherhood returned to their home systems.

"The need more work," Fremoc finally said. The Sith only nodded as they watched. The silence between the two was broken once more as Fremoc's comlink went off. The Elder Pepoi moved away from Ma`ar to gain some privacy before activating it. "Pepoi, here."

"Stand by for a message from the Quaestor," stated a droid.

"Fremoc?" Tsainetomo's voice came through the link. Fremoc was shocked to hear Sai's voice, thinking that it would have been Macron.

"Yes, Lord Quaestor?"

"I need you to return to Sepros. I am in need of your assistance."

"I will be there as soon as I can Sai." Fremoc put his comlink back on his belt and moved back to Ma`ar. "They need me back on Sepros."

"So I heard. Go. Help them." Fremoc nodded and left, heading towards the shuttles.


The shuttle had landed just outside the New Sadow Palace, mere meters from where Sai was standing. The ramp lowered, and exiting the shuttle Fremoc extended his hand to the Quaestor of Naga Sadow. The Keibatsu grasped the open hand with his own, and shook it once before letting go. "Welcome home, Fremoc."

"Thanks. You said you needed some assistance?"

"Yes, I do. I need you to be my Aedile."

Its a report ain't it?

This is slightly overdue, but never the less its happenin'. First, I'll go over a few things with you about myself. As you all know, and those of you that don't know, I'm Fremoc Pepoi. I've been here since January 10, 2009, and been in a bunch of leadership positions throughout the last 2 years. I've just became a driver's helper with UPS for the holiday season, and ya'll might hear me complain about it in the future. :P I've got an open door policy so if anyone has any questions or comments or concerns, feel free to email me or PM on IRC.

Anyways, enough about me, its time for business. As some of you might have noticed, we've severely cut down on our battleteams and only left one active. Kano was chosen to remain as the BTL for the new team, known as The Regulators, as many of you saw his report the other day. The reason we shut down the other three teams was based on the numbers that we received in terms of participation during the RoS. Sai also deemed this as a way for leadership spots to have more value in Naga Sadow, because applications for RM and AED were very low. If I remember correctly he only got 6 to 8 applications between the two jobs which is pretty low. With less leadership spots open, it'll mean that when a job does open, more applications should be put in.

Secondly, after much deliberation with Trev, Goat, Mac, and Sai, we've created a newer version of Naga Sadow's inner order. Click here to find out more. The fun thing about this inner order, is that those who have earned to be in the Inner Order, are allowed to sit on the monthly Conclaves. There's also so other fun stuff that I'm working on. ;)

Operation Doom Train: Everyone remembers this right? No? Well here's the deal. For whatever you do over the course of this month, you earn points. The more points you earn, the higher the rewards will be. So... get crackin' on those SA exams, or game, or work on some acc battles, so you can earn those points!

Also speaking about competitions, whenever you submit an entry to a competition, make sure you CC Sai, Teu, and myself (and if you're on The Regulator's CC Kano as well), so that you will earn Doom Train points for at least your entry, and we can keep track of who is doing what.

The most fun part of my day. Making links! :D

Chess Month! Ends 11/30 - Mac Gave Smoke and myself the idea for it, so kudos to Mac. Unrest in the City, Month 7 Ends 11/30 Operation Doom train Ends 11/30 Reviews! Ends 11/30 Load the Cannons! Ends 11/30 Jedi Tracker, Ends 11/30 Hym of Victory Ends 11/30 Markosian City Rebuild ends 11/27 LEGO DJB ends 11/27 RC Bag ‘em and Tag ‘em 11/16 - 11/30 Slice em with a saber 11/17 - 11/26 Console Gaming: MOH 11/17 - 11/23 BF2 Week 11/23 - 11/30 Console Gaming: Black Ops11/24 - 11/30 BF2 Week 11/27 - 11/28

Lots of comps!

If you all want to take a look at what's happening next month for Gaming Competitions, go take a look at the competition listing. ;)

I've had crescent, after cluster of fire, after merit award hit my inbox this month, as well as promotions and SA exams. Oh and a lot of Seals of Defiance where Korras nearly broke my blackberry....

People who've earned Crescents: Kano Venator Vishuss Dirk Rang Macron Dragoon Sai Araxis

People who earned Anteian Crosses: Araxis Raistlin Jade Methyas

People who earned Dark Crosses: Dyrra Manji Lan Dragoon Vishuss Faeril Kalei Devani Vladek Horus Trev Morrigan Sarconn

People who've earned a Scroll of some sort: Macron - earned a Scroll of Foundation

People who earned Seals: Kano - Loyalty and Defiance Keia - Loyalty and Defiance Macron - Loyalty and Defiance Jade Malik Raistlin Morrigan Goat Manji Sai Horus Macron Devani Dyrra Vladek Bob aka Kharon Teu Kalei Fremoc Faeril Roxas Methyas Araxis Lan Venator Trev Vishuss

People who passed SA courses: Venator Zeak Ekeia Vishuss Aleksandr Roxas

Promotions: Venator to DJK Vishuss to PRT Zeak to ACO Dirk to PRT

So from the gaming realm, I bring you some tid bits. Kano was given the job as Magistrate to the Fist this past weekend. Those of you that applied for the job as well, don't be discouraged. Smoke and I might decide to give someone else M:FIST as well, but that's at our discretion. Smoke's internet has been cut out the last week or so due to a tree cutting service cutting open the cable line to his house, so I've been running the show over there. The competitions for gaming next month will be interesting due to the fact that you may earn a 1st level crescent. :)

So since this is a long report...

-Hi! I'm your aedile -New Inner Order -Lots of competitions -Nice activity for this month so far -Gaming = awesome

Until next time...

Prelate Fremoc Pepoi Aedile of Naga Sadow Praetor to the Fist Wiki Staff

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