Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report


_In the warm lighting of one of the many bars in the Mirage, proprietor Dralin Fortea, alias Kaiman Sal, waited. His fingers delicately caressed the stem of his glass, disturbing the Sullustan gin within it. A minute or so had passed since his arrival, and he was not someone who approved of a new leader being late to a meeting.

He debated going after the man himself when the Umbaran suddenly appeared, weaving his way through various patrons and sitting down across from Dralin without a word. He was dressed formally, as expected from someone who had been raised as an aristocrat, and smiled coolly as a waiter stopped by and took his order.

"So, 'Kaiman,'" the Umbaran said to his fellow Dark Jedi. "Am I given your blessing?"

Dralin's lips turned up slightly at the mafia reference, then raised his glass. "The Reckoners are yours to command, Nichos Rhade."

"You want what?"

Ronovi stared blankly at the holographic image in front of her. The silhouette of Zandro Savric Erinos Arconae stared similarly back at her, albeit with a grin.

"You heard me, Tarentae," he said. "We saved your asses on Yridia IV, so you knew already that you owed us. Now it's time for you guys to return the favor."

"I understand that, but...why in the world would you need us to help raid an ordinary cruise liner?"

"Simple," the Arconan Quaestor replied. "Because it's not ordinary. I think what's on that ship will interest you greatly."

Ronovi raised her eyebrows. She gazed at the hologram coolly, calmly.

"I'm listening." _


Arcona-Tarentum Competition

That's right, folks - coming in December, Tarentum will be hosting a two week event alongside Arcona, our steadfast ally! This will be a fairly simple event, with three competitions per house a week, to be judged by our marvelous Headmaster, Taigikori Aybara Dupar. The storyline is also straightforward, albeit with a couple of twists. Expect some unconventional rules in this event once it starts.

While the dates are tentative (December 5th to December 20th), you can expect the event to begin in about two weeks' time. That should give you guys plenty of time to prepare. Those who are in battle teams have numerous opportunities to submit to competitions or work on run-ons, depending on which sub-unit you are in. Zandro and I are very excited about this competition and we hope you all enjoy it!

Taldryan and Naga Sadow, Too?!

In an effort to help strengthen alliances and put aside past tensions, I have been discussing a possible feud with Taldryan and Naga Sadow leaders. If it goes according to plan, this feud will occur after New Year's Day, giving you guys ample time to recover from the last event and enjoy the holidays. Most likely the duration will be about a month to a month and a half at most, and the structure will have each house leader judging events that do not involve their houses in particular. You'll see the specific structure once we've finalized things.

While a storyline is still in the works, we are very excited about this opportunity to work with other houses. I think Tarentum has spent more than enough time in the past few years on Yridia proceedings, and we don't want to risk our storylines becoming tired and formulaic. Don't worry - we'll have our inner conflicts and opportunities to grow as a unit. It's just that this will provide a nice chance to work with other houses, especially before the next Great Jedi War (which is going to be awesome).


Battle Team Updates

Last week, we appointed a brand new commander of the Reckoners. Please congratulate Nichos Rhade on being selected as sergeant if you haven't done so already. Nichos has already begun a competition, edited wiki pages, and sent me storyline ideas for the team, so you Reckoners better get excited!

Rite of Sin is currently working on a run-on idea with the help of Raimi Mistwalker, one of our prized Sinners. Bloodfyre is working hard to make his team an intimate unit, full of great material geared toward the dark, macabre, and taboo.

Remember, if you are interested in joining either of our battle teams, e-mail me and the BTL of the team you wish to become a member of.


Anything else?

Be on the look out for more updates! Until next time, Tarentum.


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