Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

Inos Moon 42 Orian System Near Tombs of Orian Approaching Nachzerer Landing Site

Lan Orsalan hadn’t seen anything, weather-wise, like what he currently trudged through on the far-flung moon that lazily orbited at the periphery of the Sadowan holdings. One moment, all was calm, the air still and coldly comforting as it filled his laboring lungs; the next, his face felt as it would be scoured off of his skull, so sharp were the ice-crystals that the wind blasted unmercifully into his path. Sharply-angled pieces of permafrost threatened to pierce his booted soles, and his eyes struggled to focus on the handheld tracking device’s display, but Lan pressed on, lest he face the wrath of the one who followed him, and who’s tolerance for failure was negligible, at best.

As if summoned by his fleeting thought, the rich-baritone that belonged to his Master floated, unhindered by the howling winds, to his ear. “That’s enough, Lan; make for the ridge ahead, and we’ll stop so you can catch your breath, boy.”

“Ye..yes…Mas..Master.” The cold and wind threatened to choke the response from his frost-touched lips, but he soldiered on anyway. The man at his back would expect no less. What he’d learned in the months since being accepted as an Apprentice was that, for every offered kindness, there was the unspoken promise of an exacted payment. Lan’s Master was a hard, but fair, man, and it seemed the Protector’s workload increased the more focused he was on a particular task. Such was the cost of being apprenticed to Naga Sadow’s Quaestor, and as both men reached the aforementioned ridge and peered over its edge, Lan suspected that he might have to pay with his very life by the time his Master saw this latest crisis through to its end. Besides, Lan thought without the slightest trace of irony, that’s how these sorts of things worked with the man with the tripartite gaze: a Life for a Life…and Tsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow was charged with finding the one who’d killed one of his own.

Greetings! This marks my first report as Quaestor and I have to tell you that I couldn’t be more proud, and humbled, by this singular honor. You folks are more influential than you realize and to have been named your leader is something I will not take lightly. I firmly believe that with the group of folks we have runnin’ ‘round, we are at the cusp of a new era in Sadowan History…and I’ll be right there beside you guys, writing it every day.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m known as Tsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow, aka ‘afrojedi’, and I’ve been kicking around here fairly consistently for the past 4 years. I’ve had the good fortune of having some great people bring me up, and the opportunity to learn from other’s mistakes. Now, I’ve been given the chance to apply my knowledge and willingness to learn towards the ultimate goal of Sadowan greatness, and I’m more than confident that we can get the job done. I have an open-door policy, so if you have any questions, comments, snide remarks or recipe ideas, get@me!

If you’ve been keeping your eyes on the main news page, you’ll note that there’s a GM Report that’s been posted with some great info regarding the upcoming GJW…and that there’s a Tri-House Feud in the works betwixt us, Taldryan and Tarentum. I’m especially excited about this project as it will expose you guys to two other Houses, and they’ll get to see what you guys can do. They say that ‘Steel sharpens Steel’, so if all goes as I think it will, we’ll have two other Houses that we’ll really need to watch out for come War-time! ;)


One-hundred and forty-one. That’s how many Seals you guys earned in the Vendetta, and each one was well-earned. Outstanding effort, my Beloveds…the Novae and Promo’s are to follow, so keep your eyes open for those, please an’ thankee!

Further, the Summit and some trusted advisors have been diligently re-working some of the perks that make our House unique, so as to give you Journeymen among us more ownership in this, our home, and a louder ‘voice’ in influencing our direction: the Prefects and the Black Guard! Details on those projects will be forthcoming, so get ready to earn your place among the Sadowan elite!

Also, now that the Vendetta is, for all intents and purposes, wrapped up, be sure to go back to the ‘Unrest In The City’ House Run-On. Some interesting things are afoot, as alluded to in my intro, and if you haven’t made an appearance as yet, there are plenty of things happening, or about to happen, in our li’l corner of the DB-verse…so get stuck in!!

I’d like to recognize the following folks for staying active and reaping the rewards thereof:

Recent Crescent Winners: Kano Venator Vishuss Dirk Rang Macron Dragoon Araxis

Anteian Cross: Araxis Raistlin Jade Methyas

Dark Cross: Dyrra Manji Lan Dragoon Vishuss Faeril Kalei Devani Vladek Horus Trev Morrigan Sarconn

Macron - earned a Scroll of Foundation

People who earned Seals: Kano - Loyalty and Defiance Keia - Loyalty and Defiance Macron - Loyalty and Defiance Jade Malik Raistlin Morrigan Goat Manji Horus Macron Devani Dyrra Vladek Bob aka Kharon Teu Kalei Fremoc Faeril Roxas Methyas Araxis Lan Venator Trev Vishuss

People who passed SA courses: Venator Zeak Ekeia Vishuss Aleksandr Roxas Fremoc

Promotions: Venator to DJK Vishuss to PRT Zeak to ACO Dirk to PRT

Kudo’s to all of you; your work is what makes my job worthwhile, so please, keep it up!!

Here’s some of the tasty goodness out there designed to let you get your name in the above section! ;) Chess Month! Ends 11/30 Unrest in the City, Month 7 Ends 11/30 Operation Doom train Ends 11/30 Reviews! Ends 11/30 Load the Cannons! Ends 11/30 Jedi Tracker, Ends 11/30 Hymn of Victory Ends 11/30 Markosian City Rebuild ends 11/27 LEGO DJB ends 11/27 RC Bag ‘em and Tag ‘em 11/16 - 11/30 Slice ‘em with a saber 11/17 - 11/26 Console Gaming: MOH 11/17 - 11/23 BF2 Week 11/23 - 11/30 Console Gaming: Black Ops11/24 - 11/30 BF2 Week 11/27 - 11/28

Make sure you go to the main page to see EVERYTHING out there…I’m not gonna just give ya everything, guys! ;)

Ok, that’s it for now. Get out there, get stuff done, and above all else, enjoy yourselves!

In service, EVER for Sadow...

p.s.: I HATE html.

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