Praetor to the Seneschal Report


Praetor to the Seneschal Report

<div class="header">## Office of the Seneschal Report

December 1, 2010

</div> <div class="divider">### News </div>

It's Been A While

Heya folks. You guys haven't heard from the Seneschal's Office in quite a long time so I figured you all deserve an update.


As many of you have (hopefully) noticed, the dossier has been given a bit of a makeover. One tab - History Outline - was renamed to "DJB History." Three tabs - News, Reports, and Competitions - were merged into a single tab called "Activity" as a way to conserve space. Three tabs were removed outright with no plans for their return:

  1. Skills Tab: This tab was dated and often forgotten. The Wiki User Pages should take the the place of this tab. If you feel you want to say you are ballsy at coding or an unstoppable force in minesweeper, you can do so there without being restrained to a 5 star rating system.

  2. Relationships Tab: This tab was nifty in that you could declare relationships with other members. Its use wasn't very prevalent and it was felt that there was a lot of duplication between what was declared on the tab with data within the Wiki's character pages. This tab was removed and relationships can be declared and detailed out on your character wiki page.

  3. History Tab: This is gone. The character sheet and wiki pages should be sufficient to communicate your character's history.

Aside from the tab re-organization, all tabs (save for the Character Sheet) have been recoded in PHP with the codebase being quite a bit more efficient. Oh. And the Admin page has been moved into your dossier. Side note: There is currently a bug on the DJB History tab that is causing those bastard events to expand then immediately collapse. I'm working on it :)

Character Sheets

I'm working on porting the Character Sheet code to PHP. This will be a long and painful process as the sheets are horribly complex (not in a bad way...complex because of their capabilities).

Reporting Problems

New and old code - when modified/launched - can bless us with bugginess from time to time. If you stumble upon a busted page, let Arion and me know and I'll make sure it gets addressed. Thank you to everyone that have reported problems recently! When you happen upon a bug and you want to report it, please be sure to provide:

  • The URL of the page you are on

  • The error you are receiving (and/or the oddity you are experiencing)

  • What you were doing when the error ocurred.


In an effort to be more transparent with what the SCL Office is working on so that you can see there is stuff going on (even though it may not be obvious), I've created a Changelog page that you can get to via a link in the "Communication" drop-down links in the site's header. This changelog page lists the bugs, mods, new code, and php migrations that are going on. If you are curious what the SCL Office is up to, you can look there.

<div class="divider">### Closing Remarks </div>

Thank you. That is all. Bork, bork, bork!

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