Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report


<div align="left"> Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, although this isn't the designated date for a new report but I saw the needing of writing one, so here it is.

General News

<div align="left"> Lots of news have been posted and you can read all of them here


<div align="left"> Also there are a lot of competitions up to participate in, see: Competitions

Member Activity

<div align="left"> Alright now it comes to the true reason why I wanted to put up a report today. Today ALL of you have gotten an e-mail with the topic "[Phoenix] Inactivity warning" hopefully you have read it, because this is not a joke, like I have said in my last report and even via e-mail: All of you who wish to stay in Phoenix are required to show a significant amount of activity every month and it will make me really sad if I have to ask Sid or Anubis to remove you from the Battleteam roster.


<div align="left"> That's all for the moment. Remember to show the true Heart of Phoenix and get in some action but above all have fun, seeya.

<div align="left"><dl> <dt>DJK RianAslar </dt> <dt>Tetrach of Phoenix of House Taldryan</dt> <dt>Dossier #10701</dt> </dl>


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