Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report

Rollmaster report 12/6/2010 (sorry for the lack of luster )

Anyways its report time! Look below for lots of RM goodness

Included in Report -Announcements -Black Guard Announcement -Current MSP Pairings


-There have been several promotions these last few weeks among the Journeymen including Roxas earning his saber with his recent promotion to Dark Jedi Knight. Kudos to our most recent Knight. - Masika recently got promoted to Protector. Great Job!

Black Guard Announcement

One of my duties of Rollmaster is the blackguard, recently I set out about revamping this reward. Which is have done so. Now the BG is a Journeymen only perk, this meaning those only under the rank of DJK are eligible for this reward. Many things come from earning this reward, one is those members who are Black Guard members are allowed to sit in on the Conclave for those months. This is now a two month term, every two months the top journeymen in the Doomtrain competition are selected to serve the summit members.

Current MSP Pairings -Methyas, Masika -Dyrra, Glorin -Fremoc, Zeak -Macron, John Witwalker -Sai, Lan -Kano, Rang -Venator, Dirk -Jade, Vishuss

Above is the current MSP pairings there are currently 8 master paired up and in regular communication with me. This is a great sign! I look forward to this number becoming higher as i work with the incoming and current Journeymen on finding that perfect Mentor to help them through to the rank of DJK. What makes it better is the Knight are more then willing to assist with the teachings of the newer members as they come in. This makes me greatly pleased.

Closing I am extremely pleased with where i stand in everything. I would like to congratulate anyone who recently got an award or a promotion as you are showing that Naga Sadow is a force to be rifled with. My presence in the coming week might be less as i have a couple of finals in my future, math and sociology are my biggest concerns. I look forward to a Christmas break however to relax and now worry about any miniscule assignment.

In Darkness, Teu Pepoi

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