Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Governor Tiberius Ma' Nacohh unveils further work at future site of Kar Alabrek as rumours mount of Alabrek Castle completion. 34 ABY, Lugar Da Forca; Following the surpression of the unknown invaders, Governor Ma' Nacohh alongside Prefect L'eonheart have ensured complete protection of Markosian and the surrounding settlements. However news of contractors and construction teams being sent to the ruins of Kar Alabrek have rose some questions as to the Governor's focus away from the city. While the Prefect has announced his intentions to expand and restore Tarthos to its former glory, the Governor's stance on this project has remained largely in question. While the Prefect has been off-world pursuing other Dlarit ventures, Dlarit Corporation as a whole has returned queries about the project and movements as "No Comment."

While the clock slowly ticks forward, the Prefect's work on Tarthos has been felt as Markosian saw complete restoration and expansion in the months that followed and now, as we grow closer and closer to the one year anniversary of that heinous attack, we look towards the ruins of our planet's once crowning jewel as the Governor announces a need for workers at the ruins in what has been his first "formal" announcement pertaining the restoration of the former city. While blueprints are still highly classified and all forms of traffic (air, land and sea) have been restricted by a rather large security cordon, our attention turns towards rumours of the former landmark Alabrek Castle. Will the fabled Castle be restored to its former glory yet another time or has it finally been declared a lost cause? Only time will tell.

== Contents == i) News and Updates ii) House Activity iii) Competitions iv) Conclusion

== News and Updates == Alright, welcome and hello to my first report as Aedile of Naga Sadow. I'm happy to have worked with you all during the past two weeks of the Tri-Feud and intend to keep working with you all as much as I can. For those of you who don't know me, I have acted as BTL of the Night Raptors and Aedile of Marka Ragnos during their operation. I've had some fairly big shoes to fill since accepting this position but I know I have all of you to back me up as well. I maintain an open door policy, same as Sai, and am always available through email though I try and maintain a healthy IRC presence for everyone there.

As for the House, I'm sure I don't have to tell you how proud I am of all of you for making us the most active House in response to the AWOL check or for your impressive display in the Tri-Feud so far. We've been doing so well, in fact, that we should all congratulate Dirk Valentine for his recent promotion to Jedi Hunter (though I'm sure most of you already have). Let's get on the bulk of the report.

== Activity == Small warning here, as you've all kept me fairly busy lately, below is a small wall of text for you to partake in.

Tsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow - Received a Steel Cross

Ekeia Iclo - Passed the Krath, Obelisk and Sith Core exams - Received a Dark Cross and a Scroll of Foundation

Jade Sadow - Passed the Combat Tactics I and Hand-to-Hand Combat exams

Jeric Cyrin - Received 12 Clusters of Fire, a Scroll of Indoctrination and a Scroll of Foundation

Kano Tor Pepoi - Received a Gold Nova (a little belated there) and a Cluster of Fire

Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart - Appointment to Aedile (Obviously)

Teu Pepoi - Received 13 Clusters of Fire

Araxis Pepoi Farron - Passed the Combat Tactics II exam - Received a Dark Cross and 22 Clusters of Fire

Mirado Pepoi L'eonheart - Appointment to Sergeant of the Regulators - Received a Crescent with an Emerald Star

Roxas Buurenaar - Received a Crescent with a Quartz Star

Dirk Valentine - Promoted to Jedi Hunter - Passed the Advanced Lightsaber Studies and Hand-to-Hand Combat exams

John "Dragoon" Witwalker - Passed the Leadership Fundamentals exam - Recieved a Dark Cross, 3 Clusters of Fire and a Crescent with a Topaz Star

Creon Khamier - Passed the History of the Sith Empire I, Mandalorian Studies and Old Republic History exams

Lan Orsalan - Passed the Clan Naga Sadow History exam - Received a Crescent with a Quartz Star

Masika Oshairana - Received a Dark Cross

Nefin Hellrot - Passed the Combat Tactics I, History of the Sith Empire I, Lightsaber Studies, Obelisk Core and Old Republic History exams

I understand that may have been a tiny bit of a wall of text for some, what's interesting to note is that is all the items of mention since I have taken office and for that I am proud to say we have some of the most active people to keep me busy tracking all of it. I know I may sound like a broken record, but if you don't Sai, myself and Teu (Mirado as well for you Regulators) know what you're doing than we have no idea what you're doing and can't give you any recognition or shinies for it like some of those fancy Dark Crosses up there.

== Competitions == Alright, going to break from my usual format a bit here to try and keep certain things in focus here. I've divided these into Brotherhood-wide and House-wide competitions here; Regulator specific competitions have been detailed to you all extensively by Mirado so I don't plan to repeat them here.

Brotherhood-wide Competitions [FIST] Halo Reach Tournament - Deadline: March 5th 2011 - Sir Fist released an update for this a little while back requesting people to sign up for this monsterous competition of 360 proportions. While I don't know the current status of this, it's a chance to once again represent for Sadow like we have before. More details through the link. [FIST] BF2 Space Only - Deadline: February 28th 2011 - Our Fist decided against being inventive with this one, Battlefront 2 matches in space are the only ones that count for Crescents this month. Very few details through the link. [FIST] RC Team Up - Deadline: February 28th 2011 - Once again he's pretty much explaining it in the titles, only team-matches are permitted for crescents this month, take a look at the link for a few more details. [FIST] Special Gaming Event: Sins of a Solar Empire - Deadline: February 28th 2011 - A special request from a gaming regular, Sins of a Solar Empire is a massive RTS that can take hours to complete a match. Regardless this is a fun event, take a look at the link for further details. [FIST] Starcraft II - Deadline: February 28th 2011 - A pretty simple RTS to enjoy and have fun with against other members of the Brotherhood to compete for greatness. Go through the link for further details. [HM] 2011 Brotherhood "Draft" - Deadline: February 28th 2011 - Our Headmaster is looking to bolster our numbers and he's looking to reward anyone that's willing to help out. This is a rather simplistic competion which will award you well should you choose to help out. More details through the link. [VOICE] Bi-Weekly Mission #1 - Clue - Deadline: February 14th 2011 - This particular competition I quite enjoy even though I will be unable to participate without a bit of work. It's the traditional "clue" type game with a twist and a small fiction. I'll personally be waiting so see each of your entries on this one, more details through the link. [VOICE] Bows and Arrows - Deadline: February 28th 2011 - This one's a joint effort from the Voice and our very own Jade Sadow, this one is a small story depicting an unlikely match-made in heaven of whatever two cannon character's you'd love to see. More details through the link. [VOICE] Will you be a Valentine? - Deadline: February 28th 2011 - This one's another joint effort from the Voice and our very own Jade Sadow, a simple poetry competition involving emotions, lovey-dovey feelings and Light Jedi! I know a strange mix, more details found through the link. 2v1 ACC Competition - Deadine: February 28th 2011 - Our resident Combat Master has opened up a 2v1 Competition of Journeymen and Equites vs Elders; those of you involved I'm sure know about this an will represent Sadow well. More details through the link. Valentine's Day - Deadline: February 14th 2011 - Hunter Tyre has had a little backing from the Herald's Office on this one; we're simply looking for a graphic depicting a scene on how the Force could help you woo that someone special. More details through the link.

House-wide Competitions Burden, Distrust and Loathing - Deadline: February 10th 2011 - I know this isn't House specific but we've been doing well; I recommend everyone to push as hard as you can for this event as we're doing very well against Tarentum and Taldryan while improving our relationship with them. More details through the link. IT'S A DRAGOON!!!! - Deadline: February 15th 2011 - Dragoon is looking for a little help letting people know how he appears and is willing to hand out some rewards for it courtesy of his House. Further details are through the link.

== Conclusion == Hope you've all enjoyed this report, although for those of you too lazy to be bothered with my wall-o'-text; here's a condensed version.

  • My door is always open if you need to talk
  • Dirk is a Jedi Hunter
  • Lots of rewards and courses completed
  • Lots of competitions (Heavy DB-wide, light House-wide)

For the glory of Sadow,

Yay good report :D

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