Fist Report


Fist Report

It's the 1st of the month, so it means another report from me.

I thought I wasn't going to be able to put this report out until tomorrow night or something hence the mini report last week, but what I had to do today got pushed back, so hence I'm here.

I'm going to touch on a few projects that I've been working on over the last month.


This is the guide/plan that Araxis and I are working on for TOR. Tyno from Odan-Urr will be working with us in the future as more information is released to the general public. We've been hearing rumors of May/June and September/October lately so we're waiting to hear from PAX East as to what is going on.


Restart is the resurrection of the ICTE on Saturdays in #outerrim. After this past weekend, the submission form is up and running, but some of the data on the ICTE site, is out of date and will be updated soon. Stay tuned for my news post stating it is fully live and ya'll can have at the RS, EH, and GE. ;)

But with ICTE being on Saturdays, I'm moving training days to the 2nd and 4th Fridays of each month. Cethgus has been beginning to administer the training days and Fridays actually work better with his schedule as well.


I talked about this on Friday, just didn't mention what the name of it was. Free for All and Matchmaking aka random server hoping, are supported ways to earn CF's. Although these two are not coded into the website, all you need to do is send me an email with the screenshots of the end results to the matches and I'll manually award you and the other members their CF's.

Rules for FFA Rules for Matchmaking

Below is the general stat break down, with a full break down on forums via this link. Click here

February 2011

Total Players for the Month: 31 Down 4 from January's 35 Total Matches for the Month: 1540 Up 484 matches from January

Top 5 Gamers with the most matches of the month: 1) Cethgus Entar: 313 2) Teu Pepoi: 246 3) Fremoc Pepoi Sadow: 169 4) Jaek Aralias: 113 5) Araxis Pepoi Farron: 96

GMRG Breakdown:

Total members: 64 Rank 1: 49 Rank 2: 6 Rank 3: 3 Rank 4: 4 Rank 5: 0 Rank 6: 2

For this month we have some interesting competitions.

JA Battles Simple, beat each other up in JA and the top 3 with the most wins earn Crescents.

Killzone 3 Another easy comp, screenies are required for this one.

Team EaW Team EaW! Something not seen in a while, and I believe is usually a fun one. 2v1 is an accepted team type.

Beat up the Fist's Praetor: Cethgus Aaahh the return of the beat up comps. ;) These will be popping up more and more in the coming months. Obviously Cethgus is up this month, and after his impressive 313 matches, I think he wants to beat his own record. So get to whoopin' him guys and gals.

Soul Calibur 4 This comp is actually an attempt to see if this can become a supported platform for the DJB since it does have Yoda, Vader, and Starkiller. Screenshots are required for each match.

Just a reminder of the commands in #dbgaming:

!lookup RC Server !lookup JA Server !lookup JO Server !lookup GMRG !lookup Rules

TL:DR -FFA and Matchmaking -ICTE Saturdays -Training Days 2nd and 4th Fridays -TOR -Soul Calibur 4 is the Special Platform

Thats it for now, though. Hit me up in an email ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]), here, or on IRC for any questions, comments or concerns.

-Fremoc Pepoi Sadow Fist of the Brotherhood Son of Sadow

I have Soul Calibur IV for the PS3, and I pwn with Darth Vader. So, bring it on! Also, way to go Fremoc and Ceth on rank 6 of the GMRG! Keep going guys. I need someone to catch up to. ;)

Can you explain as to why JO and JA players can't do matchmaking? It's just as possible for 2 DBers with those platforms to server hop...

As long as there's screen shots and you guys have a tag with [DJB] go for it.

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