Proconsul Report


Proconsul Report

Clan Arcona Proconsul Report

Banner courtesy of our very own Dralin Fortea. Thank you.

The Coliseum

The Coliseum was awe-inspiring. Its decadent chrome walls reflected the dull brilliance of the floodlights in the calm of the night. The only thing which punctuated the stillness of Adas was the sound of the various house ships coming in to land and throwing plumes of dark dust into the air before the expansive building. The Obsidian Envoy approached the makeshift landing spot and circled once more prior to landing smoothly. The pilot stood, brushing his hair away from his face and tightening the patch that covered his eye. He was uncomfortable in his ceremonial dress; he was much more at home in a combat or flight suit.

"Vod, are you ready?" Sashar filled the small doorway leading into the cockpit, suavely propped up by his shoulder resting on the doorframe.

A simple nod from the pilot sufficed.

The pilot, flanked by Sashar, walked into the main bay of the ship and past the contingent of Arconans brought as an insurance policy. In amongst the men toward the exit ramp was Wuntila obviously out of place choosing his Ad Formalis robes in a sea of Shadesworn robes. It was his role to command the guarding party; a tough job considering the Arconan way. Eternity seemed to pass as he arranged two, two-men-thick lines of Dark Jedi either side of the ship.

"Form up." Was shouted almost half-a-dozen times before the rabble understood it was their Aedile, as opposed to some semi-trained drill sergeant.

"Are we ready to disembark?" The pilot approached Wuntila through the corridor made by the two Arconan lines.

"As we'll ever be. This better be worth it, my formal robes are getting tighter and tighter in my old age." The Human-Theelin shuffled as he rearranged the belt pinching at his abdomen. A smile teased at the corner of the pilot's mouth.

"Don't worry, old age hits us all, alora'ad."

"Thanks for your moral guidance, Zandro." Wuntila said with a grin, "Thirty is a good age. You'll realise that when you reach it, al'verde."

"Using Mando'a now, are we? Very astute of you." Zandro took a quick glance over his shoulder before continuing, "I suggest we get this underway. Wun, lead them out."

The men spilled out in formation, lining up either side of the exit ramp, at the head stood Wuntila between the two lines, behind walked Sashar and Zandro, the two Erinos brothers who were summoned by the grandmaster. Before them stood the house summit of Naga Sadow.

A wink was exchanged between the Quaestor and the Aedile. Something big was happening. They both knew it.


I thought I'd start off with something that you''re all aware of, but if you're like me, it probably hasn't sunk in properly yet; We are now Clan Arcona!. Congratulations to you all for your efforts in making this a reality; the membership has been vital in this process and I think each and every one of you for being rock solid. Give yourselves a pat on the back.

This is therefore the first Proconsul report, and indeed report from the upper summit, since this revelation and I feel privileged to bring this to you from the summit's frontline. It's a real achievement in the current climate and it's a marked fivefold improvement on the old, declanned Arcona. Well done.

There's always a BUT, though. We're not out of the woods by any means. This is a period where we really need to show that we deserve reclanning. It is essentially our chance to show the Dark Council that we're worthy candidates for the position and, although we know this, we can't get too caught up in old mistakes. This means that we can't become too overconfident, too proud or too lazy; we've achieved a fundamental goal let us not lose it and also remember that its not our only goal. There are a lot of things we are striving for, this was just another piece in the metaphorical puzzle. I'll stress that sitting on our laurels could be very detrimental to Arcona, so I urge you all to take heed of this warning and really show what we represent and exhibit that it was the right choice to reclan us. Make us proud, guys. Spectemur Agendo (Let us be judged by our actions.)

Alas, there you have my introduction. Keep reading for information on the IG and other announcements.


  • Announcements

  • Commendations

  • Competitions

  • Last thoughts


Firstly, the Independent Games. What better way to show that we deserve clan than through this fantastic opportunity for individuals to really show what they're made of. Our very own Orv has been working hard on his annoyingly difficult puzzle competition, along with a number of other events, such as Run-Ons, ACC, Fiction and Graphics. I'll mention a more in-depth analysis of this event in the 'competitions' section of my report, as I regard it as more competition than a simple announcement.

Secondly, I would like to flag up the House situation. While both of our lovely Quaestors, and the HQD Aedile Dralin, have been working hard to construct a fictional, as well as an administrative foundation to the houses, they require members to appreciate this. As you may have seen in my earlier email, members now have the capacity to choose the house in which they want to be situated. It is vital that you respond to the email detailing where you want to be, otherwise you will be randomly allocated between the two houses. If that's what you want, then fair enough, if not, get your emails flowing.

Following from this, as you all well know, AED applications are currently being accepted for the position of Galeres AED. I'd advise all of you who believe you have the talent to apply, it can't hurt and throwing in an application can only go to improve your chances. Its an opportunity, seize it. Carpe Diem and all that.

Thirdly, member retention. I've been discussing with the summit about member retention, but I think that everyone has a part to play in such a significant part of the Brotherhood's community focus. Member retention is key to the success and subsequent continuation of this club. Try and be as helpful as possible, if a new member joins the #Arcona Channel or even the #DB Channel, make sure to engage them and help them as much as possible; they're the future of this club and I'm sure you cal all remember how daunting this place was when you first joined. The same applies to them. Be as helpful as you possibly can be and you never know, you may get yourself an apprentice out of it.

Fourthly, TOR has taken off within the DB. Its some sort of infectious disease that seems to spread throughout the galaxy at epidemic rates. You can find the information on the main page, so I'd suggest keeping an eye out for any announcements.

Fifthly, The SA is slowly but surely bolstering the eclectic range of courses offered to advocates of the academy. The newest one, races and species, is worth a look. Again, keep your eyes peeled.

Finally, I'd like to say that the Great Jedi War is becoming a very real concept. Its only around the corner and I''d like to see all of you preparing for what could potentially be the Arcona's finest moment in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. You can get practice in through the Independent Games.

That about winds off the announcements. Watch this space in the next CON report for updates!


Now my favourite bit, mentioning those who have been awarded for the work they've put into Arcona. I'd like to congratulate those who have been involved in this process throughout the last week and we have some very prestigious awards that have gone to members of our very own Clan. Well done to all of you, you're an asset to Arcona and you really do set the bar for the other members to follow.

  • Sashar Erinos Arconae: Seal of Loyalty awarded (Brilliant)

  • Cethgus Entar: A phenomenal amount of CFs and PoBs, as well as a Crescent with Diamond star. Well done Ceth!

  • Timeros Caesus Entar Arconae: Seal of Loyalty awarded (Brilliant)

  • Solus Gar: Transferred into Arcona (for those of you who ask, "How is transferring into Arcona a commendation?" I'd say that transferring into Arcona is a commendable action indeed.)

  • Celahir: Dark Cross for his absolutely amazing entry to the "Build the Citadel in Minecraft" competition of Operation; Resistance. Well done, Cel.

  • Driftan: Transferring back to Arcona. Welcome back Drift!

  • Wuntila (Myself): Seal of Loyalty awarded (Thanks guys!)

Epic Kudos to you guys. You make Arcona what it is. Keep up the good work.


Right, as you are well aware, the independence games are currently in full swing. I wont bore you with the absolute specifics, but I will say that this is a fantastic opportunity to test your mettle against some of the clubs best competitors. What a way to really show what Arconans are made of than to really hit the ground running in the IG? I for one wholly endorse participation.

The link to the IG website is here: Independence Games Homepage

There are fiction, gaming, and graphics events as well as a whole host of other opportunities in this event. I urge you all to really show what you're made of.

This is the chance to show your skills off and I can't stress how much it means for you to go out onto the field, representing yourself as an Arconan and really making us a proud, solid Clan. It are your actions that shape this Clan and it is your participation that really shows what we can do as a unit. Think of this as a preface to the GJWX, a training exercise if you will, to really show off what you can do.

Thank you.

Last Thoughts/TL;DR

Try and keep yourselves on the right track. We're on thin ice at present and to really show that we are a deserving and solid clan, we need all of you to represent us on a larger scale. We're now an exemplary unit, one of the two Houses that have been reclanned. Arcona, along with Naga Sadow now have to set the standard for other houses to follow and that is inherently down to the members.

You're all stellar and I have no inkling of doubt in my mind that you won't prove yourselves, let's just make sure we don't sit on our laurels and we really strive for more. We are always developing, always renewing and always changing. This brings a breath of fresh air to Arcona and clanning was exactly what we needed. Now lets aim for better things. You never know, in six months time, Arcona may have a third house, but only if we focus on our goal, keep our eyes on the horizon and stay attentive, especially in terms of member retention.


  • We're now a <b>Clan</b> again, but we can't sit back and relax. Keep moving, keep going. Strive for better

  • Independence Games in full swing

  • House Selection.

  • AED Applications still being accepted - Apply

  • Member retention is key

  • TOR is becoming a craze

  • SA Courses being sprouted out left, right and centre

  • GJWX is only round the corner. Use the IG as the prime training period for your participation in such a large event


In Darkness,

OP Wuntila Zratian Entar (Obelisk)/PCON/Arcona [TOR] [ACC: CL:1] GC / DC-SP / GN / Cr-1R-1A-7S-4E-5T-1Q / CF / SI / LS-BL / SoL / S:-2Do-2Dk-3De


Arcona Invicta!

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