Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report



It's actually been several more weeks since my last report, and for that, I apologize. There's been a lot of things taking my focus and attention, and when I make a mistake, I have to own it and rectify it. I want to keep on track for making my reporting schedule stick to every 1-2 weeks. In the time since the last report, we've had a couple members either come in or head on to Arcona, Taldryan, or Odan-Urr. To those coming in to Tarentum since my last report, welcome. To those leaving, you will be missed.

For those within Tarentum, this is really aimed at you. The Header Girls are meant to attract attention, yes, but the content of the reports are always aimed at helping everyone within Tarentum, edifying our members, and doing what I can to help either explain things, teach things, enhance things, or try and fill you in on what's going on. With that in mind, let's get to it.


The Independence Games

As you will note from the top of the DB News Page itself, the Independence Games are underway. Week One came to a close, and we are waiting on results. Week Two is now underway. I enjoyed writing a short story for Week One's "Drive" Event run by one of my peers, Eiko of Revan. Some of the other writing events looked like they could be interesting, but I really didn't have any ideas spring to me for those as I did with the Drive event. I would encourage everyone to look into each event, and pick out which ones really grab your attention. Whether it's gaming, writing, or Orv's event, which I've heard has really managed to grab the attention of many across the Brotherhood. This is a major event, aimed at individual competition, and I know there's a lot that can be done. These events help get your name out there, and you help us to represent the strength that Tarentum has within itself.

If you ever need to know where a competition website is, there's generally going to be links to it at the top of the Brotherhood's main page (the News Page), but if you can't find it, we try and make sure we get it out via email. If you haven't seen the link to the Independence Games yet, click here.


Tarentum History Exam

For several months, I have been working on compiling what myself and others have actually had in the works for several years, that being the Tarentum History Exam. With changes in Summits, this project has at times been mothballed while some things were seen as higher priority, or whatever else was happening. Prior to Ronovi stepping down as Quaestor of Tarentum, she let me know that it was a priority to her, something I was extremely pleased to hear, as it had always been a priority to me. She asked me to work on compiling it all, and restoring it all. And, since I had been one of the people working on it in the past, I had basically everything there needed to be compiled. As I've worked on it, starting as head of the Rite of Sin, then her Aedile, and now again in the role of leading the House, the exam is coming to completion.

I've asked Sarconn to look over it and take the test, to allow me insight into having a test subject. I want it to help new members understand as much about Tarentum's history as possible, given the very brief nature of the exam notes and such. It can't fill in every gap, it can't answer every question, but it should give everyone enough information that people can answer overview questions, and even get involved in conversations with other veteran members to really delve deeper into the rich history that Tarentum has. I'm looking forward to seeing how Sarconn does, doing anything I need or can do to improve it based on his feedback, and getting it into the Headmaster and his staff to get it into use.

More will come on this as I have feedback from Sarconn, and information from the Academy once it's finished and sent on to Taig and Ronovi.


Upcoming Competitions

If you're wondering what's coming up for Tarentum after the Independence Games, I do have a competition in mind, and I've been working on hammering out the idea with some of the leadership of Tarentum, as well as some of the leadership of Arcona. I've always believed that, with as important as we hold our alliance to Arcona to be, everything Tarentum does competition-wise ought to have at least some of the events in the competition open to Arcona, as well as the entirety of Tarentum. It is important for all of Tarentum to be involved in competitions, communication, and camaraderie, and it's important for us to remain active companions to our allies in Arcona.

There are also so many friendships to be had across House or Clan lines, and I'd like to look forward to competitions, whether full-scale Inter-House Feuds, or simple quick-run gaming nights, or ACC events, whatever we choose, with as many of the other Houses and Clans in the future as possible. I know that certain people in Tarentum have said that they don't feel they know people outside of Tarentum, and while I can encourage everyone to get on IRC and get to know people, I can also try and work with the other heads of the Houses and Clans to get competitions going that will not only pit us against their members, but also force cooperation with those members through mixed team events and such.

In addition to regular activity with Arcona, I think I'd really like to work on some activity in the upcoming future with Taldryan next. I have been able to work with, and befriend several of the members of their Summit and leadership, and I think they're good guys we can all have fun with, and potentially learn a lot from. Beyond that, I'd also like to work with Naga Sadow as well, since I have several friends there, and I'd like to have some cooperative competition with Trev, Goat, the Shadows, and everyone else. I need to get in contact with both of those units' leaders, but again, that's hopeful for the future.

For now, put some effort into the Independence Games, and look forward to the competition I'm hoping will be fun and invoking for ourselves and Arcona.


Tarentum's Military

The revamp and restoration of the military is under works. Sarconn has been working on creating NPCs for our military branches, and Oberst and I have briefly discussed a few possibilities for the return of the military commands and commissions. Archean and Arturis have also expressed some ideas, and I'm starting to think we'll see the return of this with the upcoming event I have in the works. For those interested in having a commission, and either modeling yourself as a Force-wielding Dark Side Officer, or potentially even for those who want to focus their characters less on being a Force-user, and more on being an exceptional officer, a crack enlisted trooper, or and ace pilot, get in touch with me. I'll give you some insight on what will be happening. Suffice it to say, you'll be tasked with beginning to pattern your character from this moment on towards where you would like to be in the military, and that will affect and help mold you fictionally in the upcoming event. Stay tuned, and get in touch with me. Again, I'll have more information for those interested.


The weeks continue to pass, and the Brotherhood continues to move on. Tarentum continues to move with it. I have been a member of this Club now for over 11 years. I celebrated that anniversary this month, and I can honestly say, I continue to love this Club, and I hold dear all of the friendships I've made within the Brotherhood. Every moment I have spent within a House or Clan has been within Tarentum, and with the exception of the fun times I spent on the Dark Council, there hasn't been a single day in this Club that I didn't put Tarentum first. When I was Sith High Warrior, I had to put the Club first, but Tarentum still came immediately after. This is my home, and I consider everyone within this House as close as kin.

Changes in leadership are always hard, but they come to us once in a while, and the House moves forward. Progress in fiction moves the storyline forward. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Stories always move forward. People change, characters change. Every interaction, every fight, every battle, every death, every victory adapts our minds, adapts our ways of thinking, even the way we look at others just a tiny bit. We constantly become someone new, if you look at it realistically. Every decision you make changes you into someone that becomes better.

As House leadership, we recognize that every day changes Tarentum. Every new member changes Tarentum. Even those who depart us changes Tarentum, but we always have our history to look back to. We always have the traditions set by those amazing members who have gone before us. And, we will always have the strengths that each member has placed into this House through the energy and efforts they made on behalf of "the future." We each are members of that future that our forbearers saw ahead of them. They didn't see your face, but they saw that everything they did would and should benefit someone else. Arturis, Archean and myself look forward to those new members who will rise up and lead Tarentum into the months and years ahead. We enjoy every moment we have to serve, and we are fully aware that those members who are coming up through our ranks are the leaders of Tarentum's future. I have told Arturis that I have no doubts that he's a future Quaestor or Consul of Tarentum, depending on whether it is a House or Clan when he takes the reigns.

You are all as important to Tarentum as the rest of the members that make up our roster. Tarenti and Tarentae are equal. The only difference that sets anyone apart is those that have earned the honor of the Tarentae name have spent time working on all of our behalf, and that is generally measured in years. They have spent a great deal of energy, and still work to help out wherever they can. The Tarentae are not the shadowy overlords, demonic puppet masters, or powers behind the throne. Those who hold the Tarentae name are peers and friends waiting to be made, and they want to see each of our new and newer members become the stuff of legends.

Recognize that if you want to shape Tarentum's history, all you have to do is stand up and get active. Let us know that you want to be a part of this House's destiny, this House's future, and this House's legends. Every member, Apprentice to Master, can and should be a part of the continuing legend that Tarentum shapes each and every day. And I for one am excited to see what all of you make with Tarentum's future.

Have a great week, everyone.

-DJM Sith Bloodfyre-Tarentae Quaestor, House Tarentum Sith Order

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