Proconsul Report


Proconsul Report

Clan Arcona Proconsul Report

YCHT Serenity Lower Stratosphere Selen, Dajorra System, Unknown Regions 1046 Hours

Zandro Erinos ran a quick check to make sure his weapons were still where he had placed them. His most recent capture had made him more paranoid than ever before. The rescue had been an hour before. The sedatives they had been pumping into his veins had been purged from his system almost immediately after the machine was unplugged. Lethargy and recuperation had set in, but this was not the time. He had a Clan to run. He impatiently tapped a button that alerted the pilots that he wanted to speak with them. Mere seconds later, a small hologram appeared. "Sir?"

Zandro withheld the glare that he was tempted to direct at the pilot. "How much longer until we arrive?"

The pilot gulped, "We're approaching the Citadel as we speak, sir. ETA is four minutes."

"Good. Let me know when we are landing."

"Yes, Your Excellence." The hologram blinked out as soon as the pilot finished his salute.


Arcona Citadel Hangar Bay 1050 Hours**

Wuntila stood silently as he watched the Starwind-Class Pleasure Yacht land within the small hangar bay in the Citadel. Most flights were destined for the Giletta Spaceport, on this occasion though, Wuntila felt it necessary to prepare the small landing pad within the Arconan domain. The Proconsul watched on as the air pressure released and the ramp began to descend. The Prelate tightened the black bantha hide gloves of his formal attire as the bottom of the Consul's robe appeared at the top of the ramp. He idly noticed the man's dark eyes rapidly taking in his surroundings as he walked down the ramp towards the Prelate.

"Well, I can see the place hasn't burnt down yet, Taldryan obviously hasn't taken over. What did I miss?" Zandro asked Wuntila with a smirk.

Wuntila glared in response, "I can see that you've endured your captivity with your usual grace, my friend." He ignored Zandro's tired, bloodshot eyes and proceeded to update him on what had happened in his absence as they walked side-by-side towards the Citadel's Ceremonial Hall. "Well, the entire Clan has been on high alert. They've been deftly searching for you. Those who are unfortunate enough to have delayed communication relays still are."

The conversation continued in this vain for a while before Wuntila mentioned that Dralin Fortea had stepped down from his position as Aedile of House Qel-Droma. Zandro's loud 'WHAT?' turned a few heads and caused Wuntila to quickly suppress an amused smile. He was explaining the circumstances minutes before they arrived at the Ceremonial Hall. Most of the members were talking loudly when the duo entered. Rollmaster Timeros Arconae quickly called for silence upon noticing the two leaders enter the room. Silence fell almost at once.

Wuntila approached the podium with a hooded Zandro two-steps behind him. "Brethren. I would first like to personally thank you all for your support and participation while our Consul was held captive. I am stepping down from my role as Acting Consul in light of his return. May I present His Excellence, Consul Zandro Savric Erinos!" Wuntila stepped away from the podium and gestured for Zandro to take the stand while the watching Clan members looked on with glazed, vacant stares - testament to the unrelenting, month-long search.

Zandro approached the podium and held up his hand for silence. "Thank you for the warm reception. As our dear Proconsul has stated: Thank you for all your hard work and dedication in my absence. I would also like to offer appreciations to those who rescued me from those foul abominations." He gave nods to those whom he remembered as being a part of his rescue before he continued. "I have heard that Dralin Fortea has stepped down as Aedile of House Qel-Droma. Quaestor Del'Abbot as well as Wuntila and I are awaiting applications for a replacement. I would like to thank Prelate Fortea for his outstanding service during his tenure as Aedile. Thank you, Prelate Fortea. On another note, I have heard rumor that certain members of the Brotherhood are voicing doubts in our Clan. It seems we have to prove, yet again, why we are the best in the Brotherhood. So, I bid you all to prepare yourselves to the best of your abilities. We will conquer. We will show these people what it means to be an Arconan. And why we all call Arcona Invicta!


Hello again and welcome to another exciting Proconsul Report! Don't worry, I'll be about as underwhelmed as you will, but it is another task we have to fulfil as your upper summit. A quick thanks to our very own Celevon Edraven for writing the introductory fiction for this report. Very well done. We have a lot to cover due to the large space of time that has passed since the last report.

On that note, I would like to send my apologies to you all for the lateness of this report. As most of you were aware, I managed to spill pepsi over my laptop and destroy the keyboard, leaving me with simple emailing functions on my iPhone. During the time my laptop was being fixed, I also managed to lose my iPhone, thus I was completely out for a week or so.

Nevertheless, I'm back to full working capacity now, so if you need anything at all, don't be afraid to throw me an email at: [Log in to view e-mail addresses] or catch me on IRC.

Before we start, I thought I'd throw something I found amusing out to the clan:

What the DB does to you!

And oh how very true it is!

Anyway, let us get down to business.


  • Announcements

  • Commendations

  • Competitions

  • Last thoughts


Firstly, I'd like to notify you all of the resignation of our very own Dralin Fortea from the position of Aedile of House Qel-Droma. I'd like you all to join me in saying thanks for his superb work under Wally. We all know the amount of dedication they both put in to try to sculpt a fresh, new Qel-Droma and they have succeeded. Thank you Dralin, you will be sorely missed. On that note, however, we are currently accepting applications for the position. You will find the application details currently on the main page, but I'll outline them here too:

Aedile duties will include: - Membership management - Regular reports - A working relationship with the Clan Summit - A strong rapport and working relationship with the House Members - Organising and implementing changes and updates in House Qel-Droma general/fictional development. - General AWOL Checks - Aiding the Quaestor in general house management, including projects and miscellaneous tasks - Sitting on the Clan summit as a key individual in Clan progression. - Punctual representation - Assertive Behaviour - A basic understanding of Arcona and its general politics.

What we expect to see in your application: - A minimum rank of JH or above - 72 hour maximum e-mail turnaround, with a preference of 24 hours or less. - A detailed 30/60/90 Plan for what you intend to do during your tenure as HQD AED. - Your personal achievements (including any medals you deem worthy enough to include) and abilities. - Your leadership track record (if applicable). - What you can bring to the table in Clan Arcona. - How you believe you can fulfill all of the criteria listed above. - IRC presence is imperative.

On a side note, we would also like to you include a short paragraph at the end of your application detailing what you think Arcona stands for; this will be a good gauge for us in understanding your devotion and activity within the DB.

Applications will close on Wednesday 3rd August. Be sure to e-mail Marick Del''Abbot with your application, CC'ing the Consul Zandro and Myself.

Secondly, I'd like to announce that Celahir, our favourite Galereian Quaestor, is back from his stint away. Although he will be in and out of 'DB consciousness' for the moment due to yet another house move. Either way, Talos is around to care of you guys. If you need anything, send an email to Celahir and Talos and they'll both be able to help you.

Thirdly, Operation Ad Infinitum has ground to a halt. We have completely finished and I would redirect you to the email sent out last night detailing what has to be done for the entries in both the ACC and ACB competitions. Read up and get those lists to us; we can't grade if we don't know what you've done!

Fourthly, the announcement for SW: The Old Republic has gone live!. Preorder is now available. Follow THIS LINK for further information. I know Fremoc and Wally have already spent a stupid amount of money pre-ordering the collector's edition. (on that note, let me know if you have a temporary lapse in brain function and do the same within your HQD AED applications so we can fully assess your mental history). Its an exciting time, the expansion of the Dark Brotherhood and a new and invigorating platform that we can use and recruit from. As such, I'd like to urge you to at least take a look.

Fifthly, a little bit of expanded DB news. House Odan-Urr have lost Ji as their Quaestor. They're now taking applications. I would say this is a perfect opportunity to develop as a leader in the DB, but as HQD Aedile is open, scrap that. You'll learn a lot more from the beautiful Wally.

Finally, I'll say that the Great Jedi War is looming. Keep up the good work, as was shown in Ad Infinitum. I’ll reiterate what I said in last night's email: “It was a great turnout and the Operation itself acted as a practice run for a number of new and exciting competition bases and also as a precursor to the up-and-coming Great Jedi War, in which many of the formats used in Ad Infinitum will be utilised.” Well done.

Last but not least, remember, the AWOL check is currently running, make sure you send your responses to the chain created by the MAA himself!


Now my favourite bit, mentioning those who have been awarded for the work they've put into Arcona. I'd like to congratulate those who have been involved in this process throughout the last month and we have some very prestigious awards that have gone to members of our very own Clan. Well done to all of you, you're an asset to Arcona and you really do set the bar for the other members to follow. I apologise in advance if your name is not mentioned, I'm just doing merit medals and above due to the considerably high turnout over the past month. Again, I am sorry but believe me, your work hasn't gone unnoticed. Every medal means a lot to Arcona, and the sheer magnitude that run through my email inbox daily is a testament to the Clan's proficiency.

  • Sashar Erinos Arconae: Grand Cross of the Dark Side

  • Ryan Neale: Dark Cross

  • VanWyck: Promoted to DJK! (well done!)

  • Celevon Edraven: Dark Cross

  • _Xathia:_Grand Cross of the Dark Side

  • _Kratus:_Grand Cross of the Dark Side

  • Timeros Caesus Entar Arconae: Ruby Sceptre (I know this has been publicised, but I thought I'd show our appreciations again, well done Timmy)

  • Wuntila (Myself): Sapphire Blade<3


Arcona Competitions

[Flash Games Bonanza!] Robot Unicorn Attack | [Flash Games Bonanza!] Yeti Sports | <a href=";&#162;&#226;&#130;&#172;&#194;&#157;>[Arcona] An Improvised Script | <a href=";&#162;&#226;&#130;&#172;&#194;&#157;>The Return of Zandro: Comic Strip

[Fist] Gaming Competitions

<a href=";&#162;&#226;&#130;&#172;&#194;&#157;>JA Smash | JO Mosh Pit | Killzone 3 | Beat Up the Fist's Magistrate: Dante | Special Gaming Event: Gears of War | <a href=""&#194;&#157;>Soul Calibur 4 Weekend

** Voice/DGM Competitions**

[Voice] Choose your own Adventure | [DGM] Report Lyrics

Miscellaneous Competitions

Men of the Brotherhood Calendar | Women of the Brotherhood Calendar | Find my Lyric!


Last Thoughts/TL;DR

All I can really say is keep up the good work. You've all been all been doing well and I’m proud to see what was a downgraded house grow into such a solid Clan. You’ve all been amazing and the participation within Operation Ad Inifinitum really showed it. I will say, there will be no more Operations between now and the Great Jedi War. We will, however, be releasing some competitions that are focused around developing people’s skills in the areas anticipated to arise within the GJW. Saying that, though, you’re the ones who make the Clan and without you guys, there would be no Arcona. So on that, thank you.

Here’s the TL;DR


  • AED Apps open - Apply

  • Celahir back from his stint of moving

  • Operation Ad Inifinitum Over

  • Congratulations to those who have received rewards over the past month, really well done

  • Loads of competitions to keep you entertained

  • TOR on Pre-Order!

  • AWOL Checks

  • Odan-Urr need a new Aedile

  • GJW Looming


In Darkness, Wuntila Zratian Entar, Proconsul of Clan Arcona

I would just like to say that there is nothing mentally wrong with me for--Oh look, a pitten!

I thought Odan Urr needed a new Quaestor not an Aedile ??? :p

They do. I apologise, typo!

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