QUA Report 9.15.11


QUA Report 9.15.11

-> 9.15.11 (35 ABY) <-

Dark Jedi and normals alike gathered in the main hall of the Alabrek Citadel, better known as the Ragnos Cathedral. In less than five minutes the new Quaestor of House Marka Ragnos, Executive Director Jeric Cyrin, was schedule to make a speech. The last time the great halls of the Cathedral were filled like this was durning the last Day of Ragnos before the Clan was dissolved into a House. The sound of hundreds of people echoed thru the hall, then all went silent as the grand doors of the throne room swung open. A Black Guardsman walked out and onto the stage, followed by a man in ceremonial armor clade in red silk. The man walking tall and proud with heavy footsteps, like a noble would, approached the podium.

"Evening my fellow Disciples. In ten days the tenth Great Jedi War will begin. Disciples, we are the followers, the worshipers, and the heirs to Lord Marka Ragnos. We are not going to let our Dark Lord down, are we? Ever since the beginning Marka Ragnos has been considered the most respected and powerful house in the entire Brotherhood. This year like years past we, together, will prove to the Brotherhood that Marka Ragnos still stands strong. I ask each and everyone of you from Apprentice to Dark Prophet, stand with me, stand together, and win this war in the name of Naga Sadow and our Lord Marka Ragnos. Remember this war is fought by individuals but won as a team. Make yourself proud, make your summit proud. Ten days my fellow disciples, prepare, train, build a sense of continuity, and in ten days......WE GO TO WAR!"

Welcome to my first report as your new Quaestor. I know I just posted an AED report like five days ago, whatever. I probably wont have much to report on but this is merely my introduction to you all. So who am I? Well I am Jeric Cyrin and for those of you who are too new to really know my character I joined the DB four and a half years ago. Since joining I have been in four clans. I started in Taldryan, moved to Arcona, ended up in Scholae Palatinae some how and then finally came here where I can truly say I'm home. I have serve as a Course Teacher for the SA, Magistrate and Praetor to the Herald, Aedile and recently Right Hand of Justice and Quaestor. My character is noble born and was royalty until he lost everything right after the Exodus of 35 ABY. He know kinda thinks of himself as a Sith Pirate. In RL I am a college student and member of the Army National Guard. I am very easy going and I will deal with almost anything you can throw at me. I love helping members new and old, so I have an open door come in whenever you like. I'm big on fiction so we'll see alot of HMR fiction competitions and I am gonna try to update and improve wiki articles for HMR. I am here to serve you and I know you all expect alot out of me as QUA and I will do my best to give you everything I can. If for some reasons I am not meeting your expectation, let me know and we discuss what I can do to make your time in the DB, CNS, and HMR better.

Lets congratulate Teu on returning to the position of RM and also welcome back Faeril Munlear from the Rouge. Also look out for a quick little competition from me before the war starts.

Not alot of activity to report since my last report so I am gonna save it till my next report which will come after the war ;)

If there is anything anyone needs shoot me an email. Remember I do have an open door although somedays I may throw a chair at you like a Drill Sergeant. I can't wait to see how well this House does in the War. I know CNS would love to have a Hero and be the First Clan, I think HMR can pull the Clan thru we just need to work hard and play harder ;)

-> Sith Battlemaster Jeric Cyrin Right Hand of Justice Quaestor of Marka Ragnos Magistrate to the Herald

"Those who ask for mercy, are too weak to deserve it."

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