Consul Report


Consul Report

Kar Alabrek, Tarthos Alabrek Castle Auxiliary Sublevels Briefing Room

“So, a trip to Sepros it is then,” commented Macron with a grin. “I see you will be joining me, Locke.” Macron stood up from the table and began to walk to the door.

“I am?” asked the Priest. “Under whose authority?”

Macron giggled as a decrypted com message flashed across the briefing room screen. “Mine.”

<priority. eyes only. macron is hereby appointed consul by lord ashen. end transmission.>

The silence in the room was deafening as people stopped their egress to look. Shikyo smiled. “I have known of this for some time. Methyas has retired to attend to other concerns, as many Consuls do. The Council feels Macron here…” He looked pointedly at the Warlord with a stern look…”Will be best able to lead Clan Naga Sadow.”

“I appreciate the Council’s confidence,” remarked the Alchemist with an uncharacteristically serious tone. “I will serve my Clan as Consul for the third time and will do so with zeal. We will crush our enemies. The War Forces are already on the way that the Council ordered for us.”

Manji looked at the both of them while the others nodded. “War Forces? Excellent.”

“That’s right,” replied Shikyo. “Your forces are in need of bolstering after the last conflict on New Tython. The Council has seen fit to assign more units to the Clan.”

“Gentlemen, Lady,” bowed the Consul with a chuckle. “Let’s go gather our things, and meet Shikyo here as requested. “Locke, we have work to do,” quipped the Sith madman as they headed for the door. “This Jedi infiltrator problem is quite serious. I hope I get to crush the life out of them personally.”

Welcome all to Consul Report number one. For those of you who don’t know me, I am Warlord Macron Goura Sadow, the DB’s own Mad Alchemist. This will be my third term as Consul and I am really excited about it.

I have an open door policy. Any of you who want to talk, have a question, or just want to say hello by all means email me. I will be on IRC at least once a week to answer your questions there as well. My email turn around time is usually less than 6 hours, so that’s the best way to reach me as I cannot do IRC where I work. I work in a laboratory in RL that does medical and genetic testing, so security is pretty tight.

Here’s a list of what I intend to do. I call this Operation: Sadow Dominance. The motto is For Sadow!

-End Summit Isolation. I intend to end that, and return to transparency. People feel better being led by someone they can trust and feel connected to. I'd like them to feel free to talk to me, and I will respond with alacrity. In that spirit, I am sharing all this with you. I want every CNS member to be invested, know we care, we hear you, and we will do our best to give you what you want in order to enjoy your time in this Club. I’m getting all sentimental, sniff sniff.

-Awarding/Promos. We have not been doing regular awards for some time. I'm of the opinion that people are slipping through the cracks, and that the House leaders do not have a good example to go by for their own learning. I intend to have an audit of every Clan member done by their respective leaders with my own to compare. Then, members that need addressing will be. Awarding is very important, as it helps motivate even those who don't get awards- they see it and think "Gee, I want that!" The rewards for GJW X have already been requisitioned by me. If you feel you have been missed by all means drop me an email!

-Conclaves. Our sadowconclave list has been restored. Organized Conclaves do accomplish a LOT, especially if they are regular. In the old days the entire Summit, the Sons, and The Black Guard were welcome. We are returning to that standard. We made sure promos were on top of, and training programs implemented and running, welcoming emails being sent, reports issued regularly, etc among many other things.

  • Black Guard. This will be restored. The BG is the top level of honor for persons in this Clan besides the Clan Name. It is something to aspire to. It will get you non-summit folks to the Conclave, where your voice will be heard directly. With that being said, per our Conclave the GM’s suggestion, I am going to phase out all other honor positions including Prefects, Corsairs, Disciples, etc in one month. The reason is, to simplify things. Across the DB it appears that when there are a ton of positions in a unit that are not Brotherhood official, it detracts from person wanting things like prestige, medals, promotions, etc.

  • Encourage performance in DB-wide events. This is what gets us noticed. This is what makes the entire club go “Damn, CNS KICKS ASS!” We do in fact Kick Ass. Let’s show everyone that we do! To that effect, I expect DB wide events to become a priority with a de-emphasis on internal events to some degree. We will still have them, but let’s go for the bigger awards. Bigger events= bigger awards for you= more likely promotions= more cool sh@t for your character like weapons, robes, prestige, powers, etc. Also, we have something in the works with Ashia from Taldryan for later on.

-GJW performance. I have the participation data and am looking at it now. For future Vendettas, I'd like to emphasize "Must take Part" as opposed to "Must be Best." I feel some people did not participate recently due to feeling they couldn't compete with others, or because they had been brow-beaten by their leaders. They should WANT to do it, not be forced to. The lack of Want indicates a problem with leadership's ability to motivate them. I intend to change this decisively.

-Training. I'd like to see the initiative Shikyo, Fremoc, and Teu have given be fully supported. I'd like to see it expand. We are discussing that now.

-Engage the New folks. New members are the lifeblood of this Clan. It appears many of us old workhorses continue to hold the line in every GJW and Vendetta. We need to engage the new members, and help them tie in and buy in to the CNS experience. I intend to collaborate with the entire leadership to find new and innovative ways to do this. As well, to recruit new members using things like social media.

-Coordination. I'd like to see the Houses coordinate, and share. A "get to know someone" competition coordinated by the front-line managers (BTLS) as suggested by Xanos is a great idea, and I will implement it. I'd also like to get rid of separate House mailing lists and combine them.

-Front Line leaders. Front-line leaders are the backbone of this group, and the most important. They know their individual members best. They are the ones who can direct them to things they enjoy, and fine-tune the process. BTL is not a "lesser" post to me, rather, it's the meat of the leadership tree. An army without good sergeants, for example, won't get far no matter how good the general is. I'd like to make sure we have the best, most able and most fun BTL's out there. We need to grow more, pardon the cloning pun.

-Reports/Communication. I'd like to see regular reports from every leader. With the actual text in an email, not just the hyperlink. People want to read that and engage right away.

-AWOL check. We need one of these, and badly. I don't care if it puts us under 50 or whatnot. We need active people around, and those that can't be or don't have time can return when they do, no problem.

-MSP program. Teu has done a good job from what I have seen from the sidelines. I'd like to help her continue to do so.

-The Sons. It has been mentioned that we as a group don't do a whole lot, besides a few of us who are active or on the DC. This is sad, but true. I'd like to revitalize the group and have us engage the Clan in competitions as well as tapping them for training. I'd like to see Son or Daughter as something people aspire to again, not a blank look because they don't know who we are. This is already underway.

-Cull the Chaff. Any unneeded or inactive leaders need to be allowed to step aside.

-Lead by Example. I am one of the most long-term active members of this Clan. That's common knowledge. A leader needs to lead from the front, and I will do exactly that.

-FUN. The most important part. This is why all of us, even you who are reading this, are here. More fun is good.

As you can see, We (Not I) have a lot to do. Things are happening, and I invite each of you to make them happen with me. I’m excited to be your leader, and we will do great things together.

For Sadow, Macron</priority.>

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