Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Good Day Everyone,

Time for a friendly visit from your Aedile. I hope that all of you have had a good weekend and, if you celebrate it, a good Thanksgiving. Only about four weeks until Christmas, and then another week after that for the New Year. And that is when we will really kick it into high gear with the house. Right now, we're just re-engaging everyone, giving you some fun and easy opportunities to participate in some competitions. Which leads me to my first topic:

I. Tarentum History Month Week 3 Trivia is out, created by yours truly. Simply email [Log in to view e-mail addresses], answer the questions that are sent back, and reply to the tarentum.activity address. You have until Saturday night to do them. Also, Raiju has released a few events for Tarentum history month. Here are the details on them:

Codebreaker: For the last 3 weeks of Tarentum History Month, Raiju will send a puzzle each week to the Tarentum mailing list to be solved. Marking will be done on most accurate and fastest submission. Event winners will be decided on best from ALL THREE weeks. Each week will get harder, with multiple stages. For example, this week not only is there symbols you have to decipher, but several are missing and one further twist awaits those that decipher the code.

Next week's code will be released on Monday Dec 5th. Send submissions to [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

Make a Monster: Tarentum is known as the dark house where the study of the dead and death itself is worshipped. As such, despite the practice was outlawed, many Tarenti and Tarentae to this day still perform secret acts of necromancy. You are such a member of Tarentum, and today your creation breathes again. OOC: Design a monster from Tarentum's interest in necromancy. Write a full profile for the creature detailing its creation, description, behaviours, diet, powers, and etc. Extra points for graphics. Marking will be based off of creativity, general interest, and basic writing style.

All entries will be considered for future storylines. Send submissions to [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

Event Ends: Dec 4th at 11:59 EST (I've extended this due to late release)

Wiki- Character Development: The most recent GJW was the hardest on Tarentum. Hundreds of Tarenti were killed or converted during the battle on New Tython. Only the select few survived and returned to Yridia to carry on. Share your story. OOC: Create or edit your character wiki to reflect the recent GJW's impact on your character. Where were you on the battlefield for Tarentum? If you weren't involved in the runon, check up on the story and then add to your wiki where you would have been. At least 2 paragraphs have to be added to existing character pages to count.(if you haven't done a wiki page yet, then this is a great time to start!)

Submit links to character pages to [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

This event runs until the end of THM (Dec 17th)

The Wiki Race: For week 3 of THM, Tarentum members will challenge their navigation skills by attempting to find the shortest path between wiki articles released by Raiju. Members will have to document what links they took between articles to make it to the destination. For example, Raiju Kang [starting page] Rekio (link under masters section) Bloodfyre (link under allies) Anshar (linked from character history) [Ending article]

Submissions must be sent to [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

Your Starting page: Tarentum Powers At some point you must come across these pages: Mystics Asyulm, Task Force Piranha, Yridian System Destination: Tau Sqaudron

Event Ends: Dec 4th at 11:59 EST

II. Promotions, Awards, and the Shadow Academy

The following members were promoted since my last report:

  1. Redge was promoted to Novice
  2. Melody was promoted to Novice

The following members received a medal since my last report:

  1. Dox- Clusters of Fire
  2. Giovanni- Legion of the Scholar
  3. Oberst- Legion of the Scholar
  4. Scion- Legion of the Scholar
  5. Raiju- Legion of the Scholar

Congratulations to all of these members. I hope to be adding more and more to these sections each time I write a report.

III. New Arrivals

I would like to publicly welcome Celeste and Egregious to House Tarentum.

IV. Future Notes

This will kind of be a new section to my reports where I give you a bit of insight into what is coming up, be they my own personal projects, or something jointly being done with Bloodfyre and Raiju. I would first like to highlight the comment that is in Raiju's Create a Monster competition. Any and all entries, but especially the winning entries, will be considered and 99.9% likely be used in future clan fiction. I don't know how they will be used at this point; it depends upon the entries received. There could be stand alone competitions where we fight the thing, or they could be involved in a larger plotline for the house. You will definitely receive credit if/when your creature is used.

Secondly, I'm planning a series of wintery/Christmas-y competitions for the house. They're mostly aimed at being fun, but they'll definitely give you something to do on Christmas/Winter break when you're bored of your mind, or need a break from studying for semester finals.

That's all that is going on right now. Please participate in the Tarentum History Month competitions and let me know if there is anything I can do to help.


-- DJM Anshar Kahn Tarentae

"Where ignorance is bliss, knowledge is a curse. For even those who have learned from the past are sometimes doomed to repeat it." -Preview for Kiddy Grade Episode 10 (Rebirth/Slave)

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