Herald Report


Herald Report

For this report, I decided that, after being in for 4 years as HRLD, it was time to change up the look of the HRLD Report. Hopefully, you guys enjoy the images as much as I do. I wanted to do a little more of a gaming theme this time around and I kinda like the direction I was aiming to go with.

In case some of you did not know, I will be going on deployment on December 8th, instead of December 2nd. In this time, I plan on finishing the award saber for House Scholae Palatinae, as well as working on some more items for Herald Style Hanukkah. Afterwards, I will only be accessible via my work email, which means that my Praetor, Ekeia, will be in charge. Take it easy on her. :-P

I really don't have much to say except...

Let's move on to the sexiness!

Xan Phraz-Etar Shikyo Keibatsu Sadow

Completed by Ekeia:

Drodik Va'lence al'Tor

Ronovi Tavisaen

Completed by Ekeia:

Jonuss Rai Dakari Palpatine VanWyck Araxis Pepoi Farron Eetherbiail Kazumi

Completed by Jeric:

Gobhainn Sgath Xan Phraz-Etar Teu Pepoi Kiritéa Urkaia

So, a topic came up today on IRC that got me into the mood to give a little bit of clarity. One of the things mentioned was Possessions. This has been something I have been privileged to work on and one of the things I’ve heard is why things have to be regulated when the system hasn't even fully come online. There are a lot of things that still need to be done, from the graphics perspective. Just looking at some of the tasks I have to do for my part of Possessions, there are an epic-f***load of images to do, (that is an official means of measurement).

When Possessions is released, a lot of things are going to be disappearing. The reason behind this is because some of the things we say we have are going to be way too costly for us to actually own. For example, I could say I roll across the galaxy in a Bothan Assault Cruiser. When Possessions comes out, what little change I have in my pocket will beg to differ. Might as well start living within our means before we get too disappointed.

As I've discussed with Muz, I plan on being quite productive during my deployment. I plan on working on quite a number of items in the Possessions system and hopefully by the time I pull back in, all we’ll need to do is the coding and we can have something for everyone to truly enjoy. This is my goal. This is what I want to do to make my mark as Herald. In addition to this, I want to finalize my initial plan for the Face Selector. Like I said to you all, once I have a quality product I'm proud to show you all, I will make certain to send it out.

If you have any questions about anything, please feel free to send me an email or find me in #HRLD_Office. You can also ask a question here.

Robes: 168 Lightsabers: 759 Warbanners: 464 Miscellaneous: 132

-DA Shikyo Keibatsu Sadow Herald of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood Samurai of the Keibatsu Bloodline

Shik, your bullet crayons look ugly.


Hmmm, I think those graphics look kinda familuar.


I thought they were lipsticks at first..wtf O.o

Shik, love the new saber's you're sporting with the katana style lacing. The gunfighter bit is awesome as hell too! That hat is fantastic! I want one!

That title header is badass.

I second the lipstick thing.

next time, why not use paint brush lightsabers...instead of bullet? :)

Cool crayons!

Obviously the bullets were intended for the fps theme he mentioned... Gotta love how we have so many critics...

Ok :P

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