Sithmas Report


Sithmas Report

-> 12.25.11 (35 ABY) <-



Report time! I hope everyone had a good Sithmas, I know I did. There has been quite a bit going on since my last report but because its the holidays I'll try to keep it brief.

Herald Style Hanukkah is over with. Some sexy robes and sabers were released this year! Look at the DB News page to see all the goodies.

Biggest news, TOR is out! Alot of people have been playing and alot of people have been joining the club from our guild which is good news. I got money towards a new gaming desktop so that I can get TOR myself, can't wait.

The Worldwreckers RO is still running and so is Bob's Weekly Trivia. Journeyman, want an easy way to get promoted and make yourself known? Then the RO and Trivia will certainly help you do that.

Our Clan Rollmaster, Teu Pepoi is on LoA but will be returning before the New Year.

Last, I have taken on a new student, god help him. Everyone please say hi to my new apprentice, Korwyn Locke!


There has been alot of activity, from CFs being awarded for playing TOR to new members studying their asses off at the SA. Here are a few highlights:

  • Please welcome Redec Livan, Zaron, Kalia, Lashyna, Korwyn Locke, Omarudyne, Atra Ventus and Coop Ter-An to House Marka Ragnos!
  • Congrats to everyone who is earning a boat load of CFs for playing TOR, keep up the great work.
  • Our five new apprentices were all promoted to Novice, congrats!
  • Awards for Bob's trivia along with my two holiday competition were passed out, good job to the winners!
  • Six exams in 2 days, great job to my apprentice.


We have three total competitions for HMR one is being run by Tibs and the other by Teu:

Pimp my Ride First Days

Remember each competition you do counts towards Operation Doomtrain and gives you a chance at becoming a member of the blackguard. There are a number of other Clan and DB-wide competitions you can take part in. For a full listing go to the Competitions Page to check them out.


If there is anything anyone needs shoot me an email. Remember I do have an open door although somedays I may throw a chair at you if you bother me too much. Stay safe this holiday season everyone. I am proud of all my member, HMR and CNS have really turn the tables for the better. Look for my next report year!

His Honor, Executive Director Jeric Cyrin Battlemaster of the Sith Order Right Hand of Justice Quaestor of Marka Ragnos

"Those who ask for mercy, are too weak to deserve it."

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