Proconsul Report


Proconsul Report

_ Arcona Citadel Farside of Mount Doto 22:15 Hours _

The Dragon and the Wolf

Four cloaked figures stepped out of the mountain's tunnel passage. Sharp moonlight cast long shadows on the ground behind them as they adjusted their eyes to the light. None of them had ever come to this place, so the figures all seemed to stop for a moment to take it all in.

The "Feluriaglade" as its founder had named it, was a redoubt of sorts, unknown to most of the inhabitants of the Citadel. It was a small grotto nestled on the far side of the mountain and overlooked the Spaceport. The opening was ringed on all sides by the walls of the mountain, yet easily spanned the size of a boloball field. Despite its size, the grassy verges and small pools of crystalline water were interspersed with tall evergreen ferns and meadows of flowers. It had originally been intended as a reflective and meditative area for the Consul, upon the return to Selen and with the new Citadel's completion. However, given the stressful times of war, it had seldom seen visitors. Wuntila had found mention in Sashar's Will that stated when all had settled, the heir to the Serpentine Throne should follow the white trail through the depths of Mount Doto, and to bring the Hapan boy.

The leader of the group was first to pull back his hood, revealing the hardened, pale blue visage of Wuntila Entar Arconae. Beside him, his Proconsul, stepped forward and flicked his hood away, the Hapan's handsome features showing a rare look of awe. Invictus had also been asked along on the journey, the Quaestor's angular features remaining stoic as his eyes surveyed the space. The final figure stepped forward but kept his hood up to shadow his face.

Wuntila's hulking form strode forward, his followers keeping pace with the strides. They traversed the little Eden for almost fifteen minutes. They eventually halted as a large creature stepped out from the shadows cast by the tall trees.

The creature looked to be a wolf or dog of sorts, but had to be over a meter and a half long. None of the Arconans had ever seen anything quite like it, all except for Marick, who seemed least surprised and was at complete ease. Its fur was a mixture of grey, black, and white, and it had two pointed ears and a fluffed tail and sharpened fang-like teeth. The creature padded forward, moving gracefully for an animal of its size, its powerful muscles visible under their thick layers of fur.

Invictus' hand instinctively went for his saber, but Marick waved it away and gave his former Aedile a reassuring nod.

Wuntila held up a hand and motioned for the trio to hold their ground. The Consul stepped forward, slowly, but surely towards the beast. It snarled and growled low in its throat, its pale blue eyes locking onto the approaching Arconae. The Dragon of Selen never wavered, his own eyes narrowing and staring back into the beasts. The snarl grew louder and the beast wrinkled itsnose and bared its fangs, but Wuntila continued towards it, stretching out with the Force to show the creature he was not afraid.

They were in striking distance now, the Dragon and the Wolf. The Wolf held its ground until the Consul was standing over it, staring down with unblinking eyes. Wuntila extended his hand slowly and placed it atop the beast's head.

The snarling stopped, and the beast allowed the Consul to stroke the fur atop its head. The Arconae let out a rare smile as the beast licked at his hand, and then sat down on its haunches, lowering its head in a display of fealty.

"I will call you Kilvin," The Consul spoke firmly, and the large wolf looked up at him with what he assumed to be approval. It was then that a much smaller cub appeared from behind his father, staring up at Wuntila with defiant orange orbs that blazed like the fire of a phoenix. His fur was black as night with slight streaks of grey.

It was Marick who stepped forward then, elbowing the only remaining hooded figure.

"The creature you see is called a Cythraul," the Hapan explained. "They are native to the planet Millinar in the Hapes Cluster. Sashar and I discovered them on my True Shadesworn initiation. They form a unique bond with Force users, and were outlawed by the Hapes Consortium." Marick pointed at the fire-eyed cub. "That one's name is Kote. Your father intended him for you, Teroch."

Teroch pulled back his hood, his youthful face doing its best to hide any hint of emotion. His eyes betrayed him as he looked upon the defiant young pup, and slowly walked towards him. He knelt before the cub and extended his hand, and the pup nipped at his fingers and growled, causing the Erinos to recall his hand. Kote yipped and bound forward, nuzzling his furry head against Teroch's pant leg and then looking up at him with innocent yet fiery eyes.

Teroch lifted the pup up into his arms and smiled for what Marick could have sworn was the first genuine time since the loss of his father and uncle.

While Kote nipped playfully again for his new master, a lone cub appeared out of the shadows off to their flank and pounced at Invictus' shoulder. The Chiss sensed the attack coming and shouted, "Ktah!" which Marick had known to be a swear the Quarstor often used. Invictus reached out with a gloved hand and caught the pup mid-jump by the scuff of its neck. The cub's fur was also black, but had a blueish tint in the moons light. It lowered its ears and whimpered slightly, crimson eyes staring up into the Chiss. Invictus' face was stern at first, but very slowly melted away into a helpless grin as he pulled the cub close to his body.

** Note to reader: If you're actually reading this. Skip the first line of my opening statement and go right to the second **.

Marick nodded at Wuntila and turned to leave, but spotted something off to the side. A small white pup remained hidden in the shadows behind its father. She was smaller than her brothers, and her fur was white as winter snow with slight wisps of grey. What stood out most though was her eyes, one a pale blue like her father's and the other violet. It was a rare mutation called heterochromia. The Hapan stretched out with the Force and knelt down, patting the side of his leg. The white pup gingerly stalked over to the Proconsul, and sniffed his outstretched hand before licking it. Marick lifted the pup up and hugged her to his body. When he went to hold her out again, she dug her claws into his cloak, not wanting to let go of her new master. Marick smiled for what also had to been the first in months.

You had this all planned out, didn't you? Marick mused as he glanced up at the stars, imagining Sashar chuckling proudly somewhere in the afterlife.

Greetings, and if you're reading this, you are a dick and scrolled past the Fiction. Go back up and read it, it's about puppies for Slice's sake.

Greetings, and thank you for not being dick. Welcome to my last 'report' as Proconsul. No, I'm not stepping down or anything. I want to try and get away from the conventional report and will be trying a new initiative. I will be working towards getting a monthly (and possibly bi-weekly) newsletter-type item highlighting activity amongst the members, both in gaming as well as fiction. I'd love to get people involved with what I want to call, "The Arcona Times" (if you have a more original title, please let me know I'm open to anything) and have a section that would highlight our avid (read: addicted) TOR players and give them also a chance to see what type of work comes out of the non-gaming side of the DB and Arcona. I think this will help add to our already very informative, scheduled reports coming from both QUAs, AEDs, our three BTL's, and our Consul. I come from a very visual background and would love to get this up and going and feature a comic, a piece of writing, or a graphic from a competition run during the month. Would any of you be interested in something like that? Do you prefer the conventional report? Let me know, I do this for you guys, not myself ;). I can't do anything without YOUR feedback though.

As for the fiction, the Cythraul, inspired by the Direwolves in Game of Thrones series are something we have been wanting to add to Arconan culture and lore. They are going to be used as a reward for dedication to Arcona, and will be given to promising members on their way to earning a Clan Title. Please check out the Wiki, I worked very hard on it :)

As I've stated in all of my previous reports: I am here for you guys. If you need something, never be afraid to come talk to me. I have every single messaging service you can think of; GTalk, AIM, MSN, IRC, Yahoo, WhatsApp, ect. I also

will maintain an under-8 hour turn around on any e-mail I receive. The only time this might change is if my phone battery dies while I'm working, or if I'm doing that thing people call "sleeping." I've heard it's what normal people get

to do.

Regardless, there should never be an excuse of not being able to contact me. Again, I am here for you guys, not to listen to myself talk. My open door policy remains unchanged.

-> Announcements <-

So, we have a few changes to the Summit since our Consuls last report.

  • As much as it pains me to see, Fetainarun has stepped down from Rollmaster of Qel-Droma due to real life circumstances. I've said it once and I've said it again; real life always comes first, and if you have a problem, never be afraid to come talk to me and we'll see what we can do to figure out the best possible outcome for everyone. I want to thank Feta for her time working with the new members, especailly during a time in which we are still figuring out the best ways to handle the surge in activity brought on by TOR. More on that a bit later in the report though ;). With that said...

  • ...Guess whos' back? Back again. Timmy's back. Tell a friend. That's right kids, the one and only Timeros has returned to take his mantle as Clan Rollmaster. If you are currently a Master or Student in the MSP, please make sure you get in contact with him. If you have any questions regarding the program, do not hesitate in reaching out to him as well. It's great to have him back, Arcona just isn't the same without him :)

  • Balthier has been selected as Aedile of House Galeres. He's been a valuable member to Arcona since joining us from Odan-Urr and has held the position previously there. I'm sure he will do a great job helping Sang drive Galares forward :)

  • The Family Feud is over! I want to thank EVERYBODY who participated. For anyone who missed it, here are the results. Entars take the crown! I'd like to thank everyone personally for participating. I hope everyone had fun, and I will be updateing the Message Board thread that displays every competitots entry for a given fiction based event. If there is something you'd like held back for personal reasons, just e-mail me and let me know. You can find the thread here. I'd like to single out Maxi (Maaks) for coming pretty much out of nowhere to wreak havok week in and week out. I also hope that the way that we graded this Feud, you understand now the importance of participation. Even without getting a single first place you can still succeed. I was only able to place in 3 events. Despite getting a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 8th place, those where the only 4 events I did. 12 members scored higher than me overall and towards helping their team. I hope you all see the importance of participation, and it will be what propells us to victories in the futre. Every entry counts.

  • In case anyone missed it, Talos has again stepped back to being a regular member, and Teroch has resumed control of Soulfire Striketeam. I'd like to (again) thank Talos for stepping up when called upon.

  • Kalon is now the Leader of Void Squadron. It's a giant undertaking for a first time leader, but we have every faith that Kalon will rise to the occasion.

  • In case anyone hasn't been paying attention: our esteemed Combat Master is running a Championship Ladder. If you were signed up, I'm sure you are aware, but if you want to watch your brothers and sisters kick ass, check out the ACC here.

  • After a long era of ruling with an Iron fist (or so I've heard), Kir has stepped down from his position as Justicar. Keep an eye on the main page to see who replaces him.

  • Muz has been GM for 3 years. Yay? Eh, he won't read this report anyway.

  • The VoICE is running an order-based, Brotherhood wide Run-On. Details on the main page. If you're having problems finding a team, let me know and I'll see if we can find a place for you with other members from other Clans and Houses.

-> Recognition <-

AKA, STOP SPAMMING MY INBOX WITH MEDALS. Seriously, It brings me pride seeing that many medals coming in from Arconans. Even in TOR, we are duh, winning. I will be ommiting the hundreds of CF's you guys earn, but would love to incoprorate them into the Arcona Newsletter I want to put out. Again, let me know what you guys would like, so I can make it happen. Instead, here are some other cool things that members have done this month.

** Promotions **

  • droidicus got promoted to Novice

  • Snabbie got promoted to Acolyte

  • Weylindirk got promoted to Novice

  • Mas Terennen got promoted to Acolyte

  • brobot1337 got promoted to Apprentice

  • Incendus got promoted to Novice

  • Drekken got promoted to Apprentice

  • Incendio got promoted to Apprentice

Medals (Shineys!)

  • Valhavoc got awarded a Scroll of Indoctrination on 2/2/2012 1:28:01 AM (For recruiting friends from WoW to join us and join the DJB proper, I would like to award Valhavoc a Scroll of Indoctrination. OPM Fremoc Pepoi Sadow Fist of the Brotherhood Son of Sadow)

  • Fet'ai'narun got awarded a Anteian Cross on 2/19/2012 6:53:28 PM (During her time as House Rollmaster, Fet'ai'narun did an admirable job with an overly difficult task. Whereas previous Arconan Rollmasters had an automated system in place to assist with the task, technical limitations meant that she had to do all of the work of Rollmaster, without any of the ordinary assistance. She helped any number of new members get acclimated to Arcona (no easy challenge by itself), and helped the Summit with instituting a new system of accountability for Masters that is being used going forwards. While she has had to step down due to real life concerns, her activity prior to that was nothing short of stellar. In addition to her work with new members, she was always on hand to advise the House and Clan Summit on any issues that came up, consistently offering a unique and valuable perspective on events. Since her transfer to Arcona she has more than earned this reward.)

  • Zakath got awarded a Dark Cross on 2/19/2012 6:53:28 PM (Zakath has done an incredible job since taking up the mantle of BTL in Shadow Gate. He's surpassed all my expectations, getting new and veteran members alike active. He has been assisting journeymen with their character sheets and other promotion requirements, as well as badgering people into submitting for the ongoing competitions.)

  • Darth Sarin got awarded a Pendant of Blood on 2/9/2012 2:19:04 AM (Server First on Keller's Void of completing Nightmare mode of Eternity Vault and Karagaa's Palace. Great job Gentlemen, you guys have made me proud. OPM Fremoc Pepoi Sadow Fist of the Brotherhood Son of Sadow)

  • Darth Sarin got awarded a Pendant of Blood on 2/21/2012 11:03:49 PM (For earning 2 server firsts by defeating EV and KP on Nightmare mode in under 2 hours.)

  • Lan got awarded a Pendant of Blood on 2/9/2012 2:19:04 AM (Server First on Keller's Void of completing Nightmare mode of Eternity Vault and Karagaa's Palace. Great job Gentlemen, you guys have made me proud. OPM Fremoc Pepoi Sadow Fist of the Brotherhood Son of Sadow)

-> Competitions <-

A list of competitions can be found here
Click on "Stuff That Matters To Me" Filter and make sure you have this page bookmarked!

-> From the Commissioner's Office: Arcona Contract Bureau <-

The ACB is in business. Please send all requests to: [Log in to view e-mail addresses]. Ninj is currently running his own comp, but anyone is welcome to request a contract :).

ACB Main Page

-> Closing Time/TL;DR <-

So, let's look at a quick summary of this report;


  • Cythraul are the new Arconan "pet" rewards.

  • Looking to try out a new type of PCON Report in the form of a Newsletter. Please contact me if you would like to help.

  • Feta steps down from HQD RM.

  • Timeros appointed Clan Rollmaster. Contact him regarding MSP.

  • ACC CHL is going on, support your brothers/sisters.

  • Brotherhood wide, order-based Run-On signups are going on now.

  • Kalon is Void BTL

  • Teroch moves back to Sergent of Soulfire.

  • Balthier is AED of Galeres.

  • Family Feud is over, Entars won.

  • Muz GM for 3 years.

  • Kir steps down as JST.

  • Bitches love leaves:

That's all for now. If you still have not read the fiction, please go back and do so. It's about puppies!

Here are two example comics I want to try and make more of. I took the scripting for them from the AQDB, but would love some more scripts or submissions to be featured. Hope you like them:

Rage against Sang...wait what? Rage agaisnt Sang...wait what?

Just Kazumi... ...just Kazumi...

I also will continue to answer questions, in character, as Marick via Formspring. Feel free to ask me anything:

Until next time.

May you find order in the chaos of the darkness,

-Marick Del'Abbot

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