Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

-> 2.26.12 (35 ABY) <-

Markosian City Tarthos, 35 ABY

The city was just as busy as it always had been. Police Speeds going in and out of the Yellow Sector, transports coming and going every few seconds from the Green Sector. The Executive Director's shuttle broke through the clouds right over the Markosian Memorial then passed the Long Towers. A police escort came up on either side of the shuttle.

"Shuttle Echo-Delta 01, please transmitted proper clearance."

The shuttle's pilot pressed a few keys on his dashboard.

"Clearance accepted, welcome to Markosian City Executive Director. We will escort you to Orian Manor."

5 minutes prior...

Alabrek Citadel Kar Alabrek, Tarthos

After running up a few flights of stairs the DSF Corporal finally made it to the Grand Hall. After getting permission from the guards the Corporal moved to the back of the hall and went to the left of the throne to the Office of the Quaestor.

Jeric was inside his office reviewing the latest plans for Kar Alabrek's reconstruction project. The comlink on his desk buzzed.

"I have a Corporal Jaycon here to see you, he says its important." The voice of his secretary said.

"Go ahead and send him in."

The door to Jeric's office open and the DSF solider came running in and snapped a salute.

"Lord Quaestor, your shuttle was just stolen."

Suddenly the Solider went airborne and slammed into the opposing wall. Jeric rose from his seat, walked over to the Corporal garbed him from his collar and lifted him almost 3 inches off the ground. "What do you mean 'stolen'?" Jeric asked the Corporal who looked scared to death.

"My Lord their was a protest going on outside the hanger, someone must have gotten through my soldiers and hijacked the shuttle while your pilot was on board running some tests."

"And what were these people protesting?"

"They are protesting against the government saying they are tired of the lack of progress and that the Corporation has done nothing to stabilize the civilian government."

"Where is my shuttle now?"

"We are tracking it right now my Lord, heading towards Markosian"

Jeric released the Corporal and motion for him to follow. The two made their way out of the office and headed back to the hanger bay. Arriving to the Hanger Jeric walked outside to see about 3 dozen protesters just out side the Hanger's fence. Using the force Jeric looked through their minds only to discovery a shocking truth.

"If you value your lives I suggest you leave!" Jeric announced to the protesters as he ignited his lightsaber. Five soldiers came running to the Quaestor's side and raised their weapons. The protestors slowly started backing off but one decided to make a rash move. Turning back around he drew a blaster but before he could let out a shot the five soldier at Jeric's side opened fire.

"Cease fire!" Jeric yelled. "Corporal get on the comm and alert the Orian Manor, my shuttle is en-route and the hijacker plans to crash it into the residence."

GSF Dispatch Center Orian Manor, Markosian City

"Sergeant we are getting a threat alert from Alabrek Citadel."

Before asking what the threat was the Sergeant hit a button to lock down the building and get the Governor down into GSF Headquarters. An overhead page came throughout the Manor. Code Red, Code Red, Code Red.

"What's the threat?" the GSF Sergeant asked his dispatcher.

"A hijacked shuttle is going to crash into the residence, its supposed to be the Executive Director's shuttle."

"What?!? We just cleared the Executive Director's shuttle to.....Tell the escorts to shoot down the shuttle immediately!" It was too late though, seconds late the sound of an explosion could be heard from down inside the GSF Headquarters.


So its been a month since my last report, my fault its been a busy month both in RL and here in the DB. I have a lot to report, try and stay awake.

Two days ago marked my fifth year of being in the Brotherhood, YAY! Drinks on me tonight.

I hope you all read the fiction above, although I know some of you won' read it so.....Basically this is kick starting a new storyline for HMR. There will be a few competitions produced for this storyline and it will help shape and expand the fictional lore of HMR. Let just say this citizens are mad at government and Tarthos will be seeing some changes.

In Brotherhood news, Kir retired as Justicar. He has done so much for this club and was honored with the title of Sith Lord for his service. A new Master/Student Administration has been added so now your Master and/or Student will be displayed on your dossier.

Tsingato has resigned from Quaestor of HSD. Good luck to you Tsing, it was a pleasure serving along side you. Application will open soon.


"Seeing as there's two of us, a gentleman would give us a pair of pistols."

There was a whole crap load of activity over the past month. Here are some highlights:

  • Everyone please welcome Latx, Darkslice, Vexis, and Vanlit to the House
  • Kalia was promoted to Protector then to Guardian, great job!
  • Atra was promoted to Guardian then to Jedi Hunter, awsome!
  • Darkslice was promoted to Novice.
  • Korwyn was promoted to Guardian!
  • Vexis was promoted to Novice.
  • Latx promoted to Novice.
  • A bunch of Clusters of Fire have gone out to a number of people for gaming in TOR. Keep up the great work guys!
  • Crescents have been awarded to Redec, Kalia, Kairus, Atra, Bob, Araxis, Xanos, and Valdrane.
  • Kalia received a Dark Cross.
  • Kalia received a Scroll of Indoctrination.
  • Korwyn received a Dark Cross.
  • Araxis received a Scroll of Indoctrination.
  • Araxis got a Pendant of Blood, keep gaming!

If I missed anyone or you feel like you were left out, let me know and I'll make a special note next report.


We have a few competition out or coming out, read below for details:

Remember each competition you do counts towards Operation Doomtrain and gives you a chance at becoming a member of the blackguard. There are a number of other DB-wide competitions you can take part in. For a full listing go to the Competitions Page to check them out.


If there is anything anyone needs shoot me an email. Remember I do have an open door policy and would be glad to help anyone with anything. While activity has visible been down cause of TOR I must say I am still proud of my House. Keep doing your best everyone. I know you wont let me or yourself down!

His Honor, Sith Battlelord Jeric Cyrin Right Hand of Justice Quaestor of Marka Ragnos

"Those who ask for mercy, are too weak to deserve it."

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