Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

Quaestor's Quarters, Kel Rasha 35 ABY

Footsteps echoed from the hallway, gaining new life within the empty confine's of the Quaestor's quarters. Since Tsingtao's departure the room had remained much the same, as if in disuse. The footsteps grew louder still as a light breeze moved it's way through the room, the flutter of papers the only movement within. A dark shape appeared in the doorway, a heavy sigh accompanying it's presence. "Not again," the shape stated flatly as light fell upon Waldron Ravenblade, his face showing the exasperation he felt. "Araxis is going to kill me."

The Black Guard entered the room swiftly, searching for his missing charge. The room appeared untouched, but the newly appointed Knight knew better than that. The new Quaestor had been there moments before, Waldron had the communications to prove it. Sighing once more Waldron wondered what he had done to deserve such an appointment. Just as he was turning to leave, a sharp curse and a dangling boot caught the Knight's attention at the window. Approaching the opening swiftly Waldron leaned out in time to spot the Quaestor climbing towards the nearest open window. "Quaestor Ventus!"

Another curse rang out in response to the Black Guard's exclamation, a cheap grin on Atra's face as the new Quaestor turned to face him. "Would you believe me if I said I am most certainly not avoiding you?"

Waldron's arms crossed in front of his chest, a disbelieving look upon his face. "There are Dlarit representitives here to see you."

"Are there? That's nice."

"They seem desperate."

Atra's grip slipped slightly as he shifted uncomfortably, a small laugh escaping him. "An understandable state of being."

"Shall I tell them to come back?"

Atra cocked his head to the side for a moment, as if contemplating his response. "No, it would be best if I dealt with it sooner as opposed to later."

"I shall go get them then," Waldron stated quickly before dissappearing inside. Not a moment later his head appeared at the opening once more. "You're stuck, aren't you?"

Hanging his head in resignation the Quaestor responded quietly. "Yes... I'll be there soon."

Dark Greetings House Shar Dakhan,

As you are no doubt aware, there has been a bit of a transition in our House. Mainly that being the departure of Tsingtao from the position of Quaestor. In his stead, I hope to fulfill the role to the best of my abilities. I've already fired off an e-mail introducing myself to all of those in the Shar Dakhan google group. If you happened to miss it somehow, feel free to hit me up on GTalk and we can get some one on one "get to know ya" time in.

All in all, we are continuing on with Tsingtao's direction for the House. We are being reborn Fictionally and will have a lot of exciting stuff in the future. More so, I want the House to be directly involved in our Fiction, so look forward to some fun competitions that will have direct impacts on our House!

It's a tad quiet on the news front right now. Clan Naga Sadow is working itself up towards some fun fictionally that both House Marka Ragnos and ourself will be heavily involved in. Outside of our House and Clan there is a lot of crazy things going on. Mainly, there has been the changing of the Guard so to speak. We have ourselves a new Headmaster and Justicar. Congratulations go out to both of them in their new roles and I am excited to see the changes they will produce.

In gaming news, The Old Republic has stolen our activity! Or at least that's what I would say if I wasn't in full support of it! ToR is a great game, one I enjoy greatly and I know a lot of you do too. In regards to this, I have started a Bi-weekly Digest that will handle news for this game, articles, and player perspectives. Should be good fun and let me know if you want to help out or if you got anything you would like to see.

Link for Digest: SW:ToR Digest - March 25, 2012

In the realm of competitions, a great many of them just wrapped up. As always, you can see a list on the main page by hovering your cursor over the "Main" tab and clicking on "Competition List". For a little less of an information overload, here are some cool ones:

[TOR Speed Run] - Black Talon HM [TOR Warzone] - Overkill [TOR Warzone] - Unbreakable

I'll work on some Comps for the non-ToR folk in here for next month.

We've had some activity this month, which is good!

Solus Gar Raking in some Clusters of Fire

Teylas Ramar Clusters of Fire raining down Pendant of Blood

Malik Races and Species Passed Planets and Stars Passed Chamber of Justice I Passed

Tranik Promotion from Apprentice to Novice

Waldron Ravenblade Promotion from Jedi Hunter to Dark Jedi Knight (Congrats!) Crescent with Sapphire Star

Some decent activity this month but I would love to get some more going! Let me know if there is anything I can do that would make you more enticed to help grow this awesome House! I foresee great things in our future!

Also, I'm looking to update the graphics for this. I will try to make some variations of my own, but any submissions won't be ignored.

In Darkness, Jedi Hunter Atra Ventus Quaestor of House Shar Dakhan

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