Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

Good Day Everyone,

I know it has been awhile since I've done a full fledged report in the traditional format, but I did not want take away from Operation: Supremacy. So, without further ado...

Vendetta If you haven't been paying attention, there's a new DB-wide vendetta starting soon. Actually, it has technically started, though no events have been released. They do need sign ups for the run-on, and there was a website set up for that, but I haven't heard anything. If you are interested in being on a run-on team, please let me know so I can send it in. As far as I know, the goal is to actually have mixed-unit teams. I know Scion and Apollo have been talking about the run-on, and I'm going to participate. Who else?

This is not a Great Jedi War or a Rite of Supremacy. This is simply a vendetta...though, quite frankly, they are all very similar. This one has a plot line developing as well, so check the main page for updates to that.

Let me be very clear about one thing: there is a chance Tarentum could be closed after this vendetta, unless we get off our collective ass and do stuff. We're seeing more life than we've had in the recent past, but the current levels may not be enough. So, yes, I am definitely promoting a quantity over quality strategy. While I want everyone to do their very best, if it comes down to the wire and you have to submit something, don't let it pass. First off, for the journeyman, it shows competition participation which can be used for promotions.

I'll be out there fighting for each and every one of you, as well as for Tarentum. But, I need your help.

Member News

Now on to a few more positive things...

I would like to congratulate both Tenda and Malfurion for their recent promotions to Protector. Both were active in Operation: Supremacy and are picking up some crescents as well.

If you missed it, I would like to welcome DA Telona Murrage back to Tarentum.

Jason received a Dark Cross for his assistance in planning and running Operation: Supremacy.

Oberst continues to rake in Clusters of Fire for playing TOR

Operation: Supremacy

Participation was lower than I had hoped, wanted, or thought it would be. But, the overall event was still successful, and there are some major fictional changes coming to the house. I'll be working this week on updating the house wiki articles to reflect what has happened. To summarize, though, I launched a coup, more or less. The criminal groups and theocracies were wiped out and/or brought under control. The feudal system has also been abolished- no more counts, barons, etc. Yes, fictionally, the house retains its loyalty to Khyron, the Sith King. But, that is only a figurehead type of thing- the day to day, month to month stuff is handled by the Quaestor, and whomever that individual (right now, me, but not necessarily in the future) choses to delegate power to.

However, let me be abundantly clear. Many of the changes that I am speaking of are fictional ones. Practically, this house still belongs to you, as the members, and not solely to Jason, me, or anyone else. I am here to serve you. Yes, I have a vision for the house and a story arc for us to follow if we survive the vendetta. But, I invite and will take into account your comments and thoughts on the matter. However, that only applies if you are being an active member. Somebody who pops up, shouts out an idea, and then disappears, will be ignored.

New Battleteam Another outcome from Operation: Supremacy is the establishment of a new battleteam. Currently called "Battalion," this team will be the personal unit of the sitting quaestor. While the name may change in the future, based on what the members wish to agree to. This unit and its twelve open positions, including the battleteam leader spot, are reserved for our most active members. Members are invited in, either through catching the eye of the House Summit, or one of the sitting members.

And, our very first two members of this elite team are Malfurion and Tenda. Congratulations to both of them!!

That is all for now. It is a brief report, but it is intended as such.

Watch the main page for the release of vendetta events. Go participate!! Keep Tarentum open and get involved! We can turn this house into a successful unit again, and, more importantly, it will be your unit. Tarentum does not belong to me specifically, or anyone else. It belongs to all the members; but only the active ones will have a say in the matter.

In darkness,

-- DJM Anshar Kahn Tarentae

"Where ignorance is bliss, knowledge is a curse. For even those who have learned from the past are sometimes doomed to repeat it." -Preview for Kiddy Grade Episode 10 (Rebirth/Slave)

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