Consul Report


Consul Report

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<small>Light is limited; Darkness is infinite</small>

<small>(Wally doesn't know this, but if you click on the report header, you'll be taken to his rather enjoyable Horizons Multimedia entry. Enjoy.)</small>

State of the Clan: The Consul and Proconsul's Address

<small>We will warn you now, we haven't processed a report for an absolute age. Resultantly, this one is going to be a long one. Sit back and enjoy the ride. Also, go and read all the other posts. We don't like bumping!</small>

Before we get into the happenings of the DB, we wanted to talk to you guys a bit about a few things that have come up over the course of the past 10 months (...has it really been that long?) since Wally was selected as Proconsul, and the 11 months since Wuntila was selected to replace Zandro as Consul.

First and foremost, we would like to remind everyone that despite popular belief, the Dark Jedi Brotherhood is a volunteer club. We all come here of our own free will, and joined for a range of reasons unique to each of us. Some people are here just to game, some just to write, some just to troll, and some just to have fun. It has always been policy for the Arconan summit to make Arcona a home to every type of member in the Brotherhood. Young or old, veteran or newb, each Arconan is part of a family. Every member is part of the team. If one of us falls, we pick them up. It's easy to bind together as a unit when faced against a unified front - It's why we have been so dominant of a Force since we were granted the privledge of re-clanning. It's another to stay together in times of peace, and the time inbetween a major War, Vendetta or Rite.

It's been a long, bumpy road since the War ended and we were selected as Consul and Proconsul. We've had our ups and downs, high's and lows, and a lot of things have changed. That is simply the nature of a volonteer club. People come and people go. People's real lives come into play, mitigating circumstances arise, and as such members may be inclined to either resign from a position, transfer to Rogue, or transfer to another unit. We've seen members of the Summit shuffle as we've moved forward as the First Clan of the Brotherhood. They will always continue to change, always shift, and we will, as always, move forward and adapt and grow.

As for us being a Clan, well, that wasn't handed to us. We worked feverishly to make that happen, but even so us being here is a privledge and not a right. On that same note, your Summit is here for you, and works their asses off for you. None of us are paid to do any of this. We are all volonteering out time freely. All of us have real life obligations. That means that sometimes, the DB takes a backseat, and it means that sometimes things can be delayed, or some people might not be able to be visibly seen 24/7. Just because someone isn't on IRC, or chat all the time doesn't mean they are not doing things to benefit the Clan, just the same way as idling in the channel 24/7 doesn't make you an "active" member. That does not mean members of the Summit or our staff are not working in the background, doing things that are extremely important but don't ever see the light of day. Sometimes they are doing things for the good of the Clan, and you'd never even know about it. That is, by nature, the way of leadership. Sometimes they will share, and sometimes they won't. We have to take whatever happens on the chin, and support our colleagues and friends through whatever troubles they face. Life's a bitch, and sometimes we need time/space away from something we've devoted so much time to in order to prevent bitterness or hatred. Sometimes people burn out. It happens, and is part of the Brotherhood. Always remember though, that no matter what, we your Summit are here to protect you guys and to make this place fun and enjoyable to be in.

Which brings us to our next point. It is impossible for us, as a Summit, to make sure you guys are having a good time and happy here. We are not mind readers. Communication is the MOST important thing we have in the Brotherhood. There is no reason in this day and age that information should not be readily available. There is NEVER a reason you cannot contact or find a member of the Summit to talk to if you have an issue. We have a mix of time zones on the Summit and generally at least one of us can be found on IRC at any given time. We are also available by e-mail at any notice, most of us having phones or laptops or tablets so we can answer questions even while at work or away from our computers. If you have a question, problem, or even just want to get something off your chest that's been bothering you, or share an idea you've had, or even if you have a competition you want to run - TALK to us. We can't do anything if you don't communicate, though.

Yes, that can sound a bit hypocrytical considering our last report from the upper Summit was back in February. I believe our team has done more than adequate of a job, though, in making sure everyone was kept in the loop with projects and the going ons in the Clan and the Brotherhood. Again, we are truly sorry this is so long overdue, it just has seemed that everytime we've sat down to write one of these, something has come up that required our attention. I promise, however, that going forward there will be a very defined schedule going forward for reports being released. More on that below.

Finally, we'd like to clarify something that seems to have been floating around the DB in terms of Arcona's "reputation". It is true, that in the past, rivalries between the Clans and Houses could get bitter, ugly, and even spiteful. However, Arcona, and the Arconan summit, have worked tirelessly to erase the grudges and hatred of the past in an attempt to create a more healthy, fun environment not just for our Clan, but for the Brotherhood as a whole. Don't get us wrong, Taldryan are still our enemies. But that does not mean that if a member from Tal asks us for help with how to log on to the site, or a generic question that we happen to be around for, that we will spit in their face, sweep their leg and kick them while they are down. We are ONE Brotherhood, and there is a very, very, fine line between healthy competition, and malice. Sometimes we forget that line exists. Sometimes, we call out another House that may not be in the same position as us, may not have the same active member base or leadership team as us, and earnestly reports dissapointment in their numbers from a past event. That is never, NEVER an excuse to say that they "sucked in their feud this time." Especially over the Clan mailing list, which members of our esteemed Dark Council happen to sit on. Not only does it make us sound childish or petty, it's an insult to the hard work that the other leaders of the DB put in. Both of us, as Consul and Proconsul, happen to speak on a regular basis with most of them, and can safely say they are all very nice people who all care deeply for their respective units, the same we love ours.

Some of you may be too new to remember, but Arcona used to be at the bottom of the totem pole. We must never forget what it was like to be at the bottom.

EDIT: It turns out that we've collated our data wrong as of the latest figures! Arcona actually had 38 out of a possible 90 novae. This leaves a higher than previous 42% of all Horizons novae went to Arconans. The next highest was Plagueis with 20, leaving them with 20% of the overall novae. This means we're dead on 20% above the next best-performing unit! Great work, guys!


A lot has happened since the last big report. We trust that you've read the House Reports that have been put out, so, here is what has been going on recently. As usual, if there are any questions, please e-mail [Log in to view e-mail addresses] and [Log in to view e-mail addresses].

  • As most of you know, or have figured out by now, Battleteam Leader of Soulfire Strike Team, Teroch Erinos, has stepped down from his position, and has taken his leave of Clan Arcona as a member of the Rogues. Teroch has his own reasons for doing this, but assures us that he still loves Arcona, and just needs some time to sort out some things in his real life, and to be able to focus on his job as P:MAA and Combat Master. It's easy for forget, sometimes, just how much someone can give to a Clan. Teroch, or Dash as some have come to know him as, is nothing short of a walking legend in Arcona. His sacrafice, dedication, and commitment to Arcona has helped drive it from the ground up. He has made moves behind the scenes that have greatly strengthened Arcona and helped build it up towards what it is now. We don't think anyone will every truly understand what he has done for Arcona, and for that alone, we'd like you all to join us in thanking Dash for everything he has done. It is with very heavy hearts we move forward without him.

  • Speaking of Soulfire Striketeam - the infamous elite Battleteam of Clan Arcona has been closed. That is not to say the team is disbaned - members of the BT will still fictionally be able to list themselves as members of the Striketeam. It will continue to exist, fictionally, in Clan Arcona operations as the bad ass special forces unit. It simply is no longer an active BT in the way of the Clan Arcona roster. All members of SF are welcome to either join a new Battleteam if they plan to be active, or are more than welcome to remain as regular members of a House of their chosing. If you need any clarification on this, please contact your Summit.

  • With the closing of SF, we have an opening for a brand new Battleteam, and Battleteam Leader! We've already gotten a few awesome proposals. We will be reviewing the submissions shortly, and organising a replacement battleteam in line with what was discussed in the previous paragraph.

  • Trials of Loyalty (ToL) has concluded. Congratulations to Team Expendables (Sarin, Raken, Valhavoc) for coming in First Place! Team [REDACTED] Awesome (Legorii, Etah, Celevon) took up Second Place, and Team Home Affair (Andrelious, Incendus) snuck in to steal Third Place! Here are the results! Crescents have been distributed, Awards have gone out (more on that later), and Clusters of Ice are in the works for all the Run-On participants and the winning teams. Congratulations also are due to Legorii for taking First Place Individually! For that he has won one of the his very own Cythraul, as well as a promotion to EQ3! Thank you guys for making ToL such a success! Without you, the membership, we wouldn't be able to run awesome events like ToL, or see success on the level of the Family Feud. Give yourselves a pat on the back.

  • Oh yea. There was this whole "5th Championship Ladder" thing the Combat Master ran. You know, nothing special, just a competition of all the best fighters in the Brotherhood competing for supremacy. In the end, it came down to a rematch of two of the best writers in the entire Dark Jedi Brotherhood - Teroch and Timeros. If you have an interest in writing in the ACC, learning it, or one day mastering it, you need to read this fight. It's pure and simple art and is at a level we should all strive for and hope to one day achieve. Check out the match here.

  • Horizons has also concluded. This was a massive event, and Arcona really shone through as the most prominent activity centre in the entire Brotherhood. Here's a nice little statistic for you: Clan Arcona achieved 23 novae in Horizons. The next closest was Plagueis with 15. The total number of novae available was 58. So Arcona, one unit, took home 40% of all the possible novae in this Vendetta. This is quite a remarkable figure. No, scrap that. This is an unbelievable figure. We are both so impressed. All of you have been phenomenal. A special thanks goes out to all of the members of the Summit, especially Wally, for representing Arcona the way a Proconsul should - by kicking absolute ass; to Socorra, for being a stellar Quaestor and writing something close to 45 ACC posts, all the while supporting her members with their own submissions; Timeros, for his ridiculous activity in the ACC; Legorii, for his phenomenal work in the ACC, and for coming close to 100% participation; Lenzar, for being one of the most active, supporting administrators I have ever seen, working tirelessly with his own submissions; Cethgus, for being a powerhouse in gaming; to Sang, for being the biggest proofer that ever did proof, as well as an amazingly supportive Quaestor; and, finally, Scelestus, for being one of the most astounding supporting Aediles ever to grace Arcona with their presence, working tirelessly with Socorra to ensure the House ran smoothly, whilst also taking the time to participate himself. Then we get to the membership. All of you have shown what it really takes to be Arconan. What dedication and hard work brings. Sarin, Raken, Valhavoc, Graus and Etah are five names that spring to mind when I think of those who have gone above and beyond what we expect from representatives of Arcona. These individuals, along with the aforementioned summit members, have shown what 'Duh, Winning!' really means. A sincere thank you to all of you. And to the other Arconan participants. All of you have been fantastic. We can't quite put into words how proud we are of each and every one of you. Of course, next month's report will cover everything regarding Horizons, as well as another event we have planned. But we need to know exact figures and placements before we can give you a diatribe. Arconans, you have created your own success. Now revel in the spoils of war.


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Of course, there are plenty more awards on their way. Think of this as an appetiser. An hors d'oeuvre.

Invictus got awarded a Dark Cross on 10/22/2012 10:40:05 PM (<small>_I am honoured to be awarding Invictas this Dark Cross for all his activity and hard work since his last medal. Over the past few weeks a staggering amount of CFâ??s have been coming in from Invictus. He was earning them one after another by playing Diablo 3. They came in by groups of 40 and counted up to 416 Clusters! This constant level of activity has been a major influence into Void Squadron as a team prompting other members to achieve a similar level of gaming . But to continue on, not only has Invictus done this, but he also rightfully earned two Pendants of Blood for getting the wins on gaming nights. Though not only has Invictus done gaming, he also fought a match in the ACC and won, earning him a Cluster of Ice. All these rewards together add up to an impressive amount of activity in the past few weeks. This will set the standard for other members, especially in the gaming sector. I am very proud to be working with Invictus, and think that he really earned this merit medal. I hope that this level of activity continues and I wait to have my inbox flooded with more Clusters. I cannot think of a more fitting member than Invictus to receive this Dark Cross.

Snabbie Flight Leader of Battleteam Void Squadron


Invictus is deserving of a Dark Cross for his dedication towards gaming, since his last award he has racked in an impressive amount of Clusters of Fire and has been constantly active. Going all out and showing his dedication to clan and house through participation, if anyone is deserving of this merit medal it will be Invictus. Nice work man, keep up the hard work in gaming.

Cethgus Tiberus Entar Battle Team Leader of Void Squadron_</small>)

Celevon Edraven got awarded a Scroll of Foundation on 10/21/2012 6:47:54 PM (<small>For mentoring Snabbie (#12913) to the rank of Dark Jedi Knight. Well done.</small>)

Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar got awarded a Silver Nova on 10/15/2012 11:22:20 PM (<small>For achieving second place in the [Horizons] Trivia-Week 1 competition.</small>)

Tirano Yamayura got awarded a Silver Nova on 10/12/2012 9:54:22 PM (<small>For achieving second place in the [Horizons] Gaming (L4D) competition.</small>)

Darth Pravus got awarded a Silver Nova on 10/12/2012 9:54:21 PM (<small>For achieving second place in the [Horizons] Gaming (L4D) competition.</small>)

Valhavoc got awarded a Bronze Nova on 10/12/2012 9:54:20 PM (<small>For achieving third place in the [Horizons] Gaming (1 v 1) competition.</small>)

Andrelious J. Inahj got awarded a Silver Nova on 10/12/2012 9:54:20 PM (<small>For achieving second place in the [Horizons] Gaming (1 v 1) competition.</small>)

Cethgus Tiberus Entar got awarded a Gold Nova on 10/12/2012 9:54:19 PM (<small>For achieving first place in the [Horizons] Gaming (1 v 1) competition.</small>)

Socorra Erinos got awarded a Silver Nova on 10/11/2012 10:29:08 PM (<small>For achieving second place in the [Horizons] ID Scan-Week 1 competition.</small>)

Marick Arconae got awarded a Silver Nova on 10/11/2012 10:29:07 PM (<small>For achieving second place in the [Horizons] Multimedia (Report) competition.</small>)

Darth Pravus got awarded a Gold Nova on 10/10/2012 9:45:00 PM (<small>For achieving first place in the [Horizons] Poetry (The Force) competition.</small>)

Wuntila Zratian Entar Arconae got awarded a Bronze Nova on 10/10/2012 9:44:59 PM (<small>For achieving third place in the [Horizons] Fiction (The Game) competition.</small>)

Raken got awarded a Gold Nova on 10/10/2012 9:44:58 PM (<small>For achieving first place in the [Horizons] Fiction (Taking Over) competition.</small>)



<table border="0" width="100%"><tr><td width="30" /><td> Legorii Kryotek Entar got promoted to Epis on 10/3/2012 6:32:00 AM

Dea'mond Rexus got promoted to Acolyte on 10/2/2012 7:43:00 AM

Snabbie got promoted to Dark Jedi Knight on 10/21/2012 5:05:00 PM

Khorde Drayson got promoted to Acolyte on 10/2/2012 7:43:00 AM

kool morro got promoted to Apprentice on 10/6/2012 2:02:00 PM

Kaytanah Otarae got promoted to Apprentice on 10/13/2012 9:41:00 PM



Obviously we have just finished Horizons. We don't expect you to put that much effort in all year round. If we did, you'd end up a quivering mess. We understand that. So don't worry too much about the lack of competitions right now. Take a few days rest, make sure you're well-rested... You're going to need it for what we have planned in a couple of weeks time. ;)

-> Competitions:

DJB Chess! | Sentence Run-On | DO ALL THE RAGE!!!!


Closing Thoughts

Well, I think we've pretty much covered everything in this massive-stupid-long report... Which brings us to something we mentioned earlier. Reports. We can only apologise for our recent lack of report-posting. Its one of the key responsibilities for summit members, and neither of us have been keeping on top of it. That changes today. Both of us will release reports every month. Consul reports will be posted in the first week of every month, and Proconsul reports will be posted in the third week of every month. That way we can keep on top of everything that happens within Arcona.

Similarly, we have confirmed a post-Vendetta event with Plagueis. This will be going live in a few week's time. WE're planning on a launch date of the 25th of November, meaning that all of you who celebrate Thanksgiving (you weird, weird Americans) will be out of your Turkey comas and should be back into activity. It also gives everyone just shy of a month to recover from Horizons. This will be a follow-up from Horizons, so familiarise yourselves with the plotline. More on this event to come in the next report, however.

That's it for now, Arcona. I bet you're thinking 'finally.....'. Still, I hope you enjoy the report. A lot of effort went into this masterpiece! Until next time.

Keep Winning!


Go and read it you lazy bastard.

In Darkness, ~Wuntila Zratian Entar Arconae, Consul of Clan Arcona/Marick Arconae, Proconsul of Clan Arcona.

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