Fist of the Brotherhood Report


Fist of the Brotherhood Report

<small>Report #26</small>

Report time!

Much love to Jac and happy JacDay!

This month brings a new change to the Rites of Combat. The old 6 matches per platform is being increased to 12 per platform. This also will allow for the CF tables to be more balanced.

Arch has been spearheading a project looking into free to play games since some of us DB'ers are a bit on the not so well off side, and can't afford to pay for games on Steam or wherever. So far we've crossed out quite a few games from the chalk board with the help of Morotheri, Araxis, Jaek, and Amagon. Gratz on your Shinies boys. :P

Two polls out for this month: Would you like to see Hawken as a supported platform?" Would you like to see Path of Exile as a supported platform?"

Both of these games are free to play so you all can play them yourselves and make a decision. For Hawken:Download here For Path of Exile: Download here

We're also adding Heroic quests to the ToR CF Table. Thank you to Teylas for bringing that proposal to us and enjoy your Dark Cross for it! Major props to Araxis who compiled the list of Heroics and their minimum level requirements for them. Simple requirements for CF's, stay within the level and need someone of the same level with a DJB pin.

Valkas aka Vally promotes the DJB on twitter for us, and was approached by Corellian Run Radio for a guild spotlight. Vally forwarded me the questions they had for us, and told Arch about it. Arch being Mr. Awesome asked to spearhead it and answered everything as much as possible and even got Muz to answer several of the questions. Check out our spotlight!

A couple of announcements from the ToR website: 1. My progression group is without a second tank, and we're looking for someone to fill the spot. If you want to join, let Arch and I know we'd like to get you geared. 2. Tiamath is heading up our PvP sector and wants to get a team going. With 1.7 on the horizon, we'll be venturing back into Illum for missions and would be great to get geared up. 3. Contract: Kurloz was collected by Yuriko who earned 250,000 credits from Oberst and myself. Congrats to her! 4. We have a decent crafting department with several members crafting level 61 mods and enhancements, and even one able to craft Commando armoring 27. If you have anything thats of this level message Kalia who will add it to the list. 5. We have an European Raid time of 8-9pm GMT on Saturdays. Sign up for the raid on James kinda took this thunder but go look at his post below. :P

I've been watching a lot of the other unit's reports or email lists and thought this might be helpful for me, and helpful for you as well. If you guys have any suggestions or thoughts that you want the staff to hear anonymously, Click here and put in your thoughts. Alternatively to that if you just want to email the staff, email [Log in to view e-mail addresses] _

GMRG Breakdown for January Total Members: 189 Rank 1: 148 Rank 2: 3 Rank 3: 3 Rank 4: 21 Rank 5: 0 Rank 6: 0 Rank 7: 9 Rank 8: 0 Rank 9: 1 Rank 10: 3 Rank 11: 0 Rank 12: 1

For full stats go here.

For a list of the commands in #dbgaming either do !help, or click here.

Like always, hit me up in an email ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]), here, or on IRC for any questions, comments or concerns. ( I don't bite guys!)

-Primarch Fremoc Pepoi Fist of the Brotherhood Son of Sadow

I'm convinced I will utterly suck at Hawken. But that's not stopping me from being stupidly giddy about loading that game up this weekend and taking a crack at quicker-than-MechWarrior mech combat.

Hawken and Path of Exile both look awesome, but I don't know if they'll run on my system. I have a single core processor, 2GB of Ram, Windows Vista, and I don't know any other relevant specs. It's an old, crappy laptop.

Needs more free games that run on ancient hardware!

I agree with Locke.

I've still not seen a compelling argument for why two DJBers can't play a game of draughts and get it counted as DJB gaming.

Way to represent guys. I'll check out the games this weekend and see what they are like.

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