Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

Good Day Everyone,

I hope this lovely edition of a Quaestor Report finds you well. You may note that each of you have received this individually. It seems that there might be some trouble receiving the emails when they are sent over the Google Groups. So, please check your spam filters.

Unfortunately, Tarentum did not fare very well in the last round of the Dark Crusade. We finished in last, with lower participation than I had hoped. We really need to turn this around! I know we are capable of doing better- I have seen you guys and gals do better.

I would like to thank the following members for their participation: Oberst, Jason, Kalmah, Levathan, Hades, and Scion. Oberst placed in the TOR gaming events!

I've said this time and time again, but it bears repeating. If you don't like the events that are offered, you need to speak up. Not participating is like not voting: nobody gives a shit and they hate it when you complain. On the flip side of that coin, the only way to get into a position to really effect change is to be active. Jason and I cannot promote people who are not active.

Solas was promoted to Acolyte! Kaden joined the House and was promoted to Apprentice upon passing his Test of Lore

Oberst received a Bronze Nova for Dark Crusade Chapter 2 gaming, and a Silver Nova for his fiction entry in Chapter 1.

Specialized ribbons are being made for activity in the Dark Crusade, though none have been given out at this time. They will be coming, though.

The Independence Games are coming! There will be a large variety of events to participate in, hosted by the leadership of the Brotherhood as well as some regular members.

Tarentum picked up 3 new ships in the Horizons feud. As noted in my last report, they are the _ Gladius, Tridens, _ and Cestus. They are named after the three houses that made up Clan Tarentum and numerous members suggested these names. You can find them on the wiki (linked in their names). I hope to be adding more to these ships, and the rest, as time goes on and we use them in our fiction. Of course, the Gladius already has a special role: it is the special operations ship for the Jen Kaari, Tarentum's battleteam. Levathan has created a wiki article and is actively seeking members.

I don't want to repeat myself to much here, so I'll keep this part brief. The Brotherhood belongs to you the members. Raken, our Deputy Grand Master, has compared the Brotherhood to a company offering a service to its customers (you the membership). Ultimately, I agree with this. The Brotherhood exists to provide a fun, engaging atmosphere to its membership. If you are not getting this, then you have two options: go somewhere else or, much preferably, work to change it.

I've put in almost 14 years in the Brotherhood and I stay because I find it fun. I want you to have this same experience.

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