Aedile Report #3


Aedile Report #3


Greetings, Tarenti! It's time for another report from your friendly, neighborhood Aedile. We'll be reviewing promotions, courses passed, shinies awarded, and the Crusade. First there's two things I'd like to bring to your attention. The first is we Scion and I are completing an AWOL check and this will be over this weekend. If you happen to be a member who hasn't shown activity, contacted us, or replied to us you will be moved into the Rogues. There is no problem being in the Rogues; it's only a place to go when you don't have enough spare time to contribute to the Brotherhood. When you have more time you are more than welcome to join us again in Tarentum. The second piece of news is a new battleteam is being opened by Frosty Tarentae. This battleteam will focus on gaming, specifically Jedi Academy and The Old Republic. If you have any interest in joining this new battleteam please reply to his e-mail or let Scion or I know. Don't forget to vote to Get to know your Tarenti! Leadership is action, not position. ~Donald H. McGannon



  • Intoxication changed his name to Ry'son Rian and was promoted to Acolyte
  • Rudoja Walstone joined our ranks as an Apprentice and was promoted to Novice

    Shadow Academy

  • Rax Von-Klug passed TOR Basics

  • Scion passed Markdown 101

  • Ernordeth passed Markdown 101 (and used it in this report)

  • Malfurion passed Leadership Fundamentals

  • Rudoja Walstone passed the Test of Lore and Dark Brotherhood Basics



  • Anshar was awarded a Dark Cross
  • Oberst earned 99 Clusters of Fire from TOR
  • Frosty earned 32 Clusters of Fire from JA
  • Archean was awarded a Dark Cross
  • Scion earned an Anteian Cross
  • Dox earned 96 Clusters of Fire from JA
  • Levathan raked in 7 Clusters of Fire, a Legion of the Scholar, and an Anteian Cross
  • Saronyx earned herself an Amethyst Crescent, Legion of the Scholar, and an Anteian Cross
  • Ernordeth earned a Steel Cross, Dark Cross, and 139 Clusters of Fire
  • Seren Dipity was awarded 7 Clusters of Fire from JA
  • Aventined earned an Anteian Cross and a Legion of the Scholar
  • Travicor earned 1 Cluster of Fire from JA


The Dark Crusade Phase Two

Chapter One: Ashas Ree

Thank you Tarenti for all of your hard work! The Dark Council is working hard to judge your entries. I do have raw numbers of our participation and the results show the hard work we put forth to grow our House's flame. Tarentum achieved 0.88 participation, which breaks down to 38 entries. We didn't achieve our 1.5 participation goal, but we still should be proud. In both participation percentage and entries we had the fourth highest numbers against all Clans and Independent Houses within the Brotherhood. We cannot slow down or become complacent. We need to surpass this participation by far next chapter, especially considering with an AWOL check ending this week.

Chapter Two: ?

I hope you're enjoying your short break after Chapter One ended. Please check out the House competitions we're running before Chapter Two begins. Dates have not been confirmed yet, but Chapter Two will begin in August. It's important that we all come out and reach 1.5 participation. Once dates are announced we will soon be selecting Special Forces for our next destination.


Anything Else?

I have an open door policy so big that my door has been removed. If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, comments, jokes, complaints, or just need someone to talk to I am always here for you. I will personally be contacting all of you on a weekly basis to maintain open lines of communication, to ensure your goals are being reached, and to listen to your voice. Feel free to contact me on IRC or send an e-mail to [Log in to view e-mail addresses] , because I'm only a keyboard away.


  • AWOL Check
  • New BT
  • Vote what Tarenti you wanna know more about
  • Ry'son=ACO, Rudoja=NOV
  • Meesa tinks there's lotsa medals
  • Thanks for working hard on Ashas Ree
  • Chapter Two starts in August
  • I'm here for you

Leadership is action, not position. ~Donald H. McGannon

Imgur Check out this picture filming the opening scroll of Episode V

His Honor,
GRD Ernordeth Puer-Irae (Sith)/AED/Tarentum [TOR] [GMRG: II] [ACC: CAN]
SC / AC / DC-CP / Cr-1S-1E-2T-4Q / CF-SF / SI / LS-BL / S:-16Rn
Aedile of Tarentum

Get to Know a Tarenti, eh? ;) Great report Ernor. I'm sure Tarentum's rise in fortunes is entirely down to having you and Firebird on the helm, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys can do with the place.

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